Sony S-Video cable
  • I am considering buying a sony S-video cable made for the ps2. Will it improve the quality of the picture greatly or not? is it worth it?

    Also, i read somewhere that you can't play dvd's with the s-video cable, you just get a blank green screen. does anyone know if this is true?


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  • It will raise the quality of the picture some but not all that much. The PS2 was made with the Scart connection disabled so that movies couldn't be seen at the best quality. Currently the best picture quality is given to you via the composite video connection which breaks the colors up. I hope that this bit of info is of any help to you. Well, hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • but will DVD's play when using the s-video cable?

    i think that the dvd player in the ps2 lookes as good as my other sony dvd player (which i payed $400 some odd dollars canadian) so i don't think that the picture is any worse when using the ps2 dvd player than a regular stand alone dvd player.
  • Yes, it will play DVD movies with the S-vid connection. I hope that this helps you out. Well, enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:

  • mavm, i don't know much about the S-video cable so i can't tell you what has already be said by madhtr but i did find alot of info about the S-video cable from the absolute-playstation website, click the link to find out all you need to know about S-video cables....

    S-Video Cable Information < - - - LINK :thumbsup:

    Hope the link helps you :)

  • I just checked out a site that had the monster s-video cable and ouch they are expensive ($35 US) :cry:

    oh well i will probably buy one anyway, because the review on the main api site said that it was so good:cry: