• I know that it isn't the end of school but, o well! My school ends at the end of June. It usually ends around the 25th! When does your school end? If your not in school, you can say when your work ends! :D
  • I get out early May, its a privelege us College kids have to go through...you know free time and all :P
  • My work never ends.....yeah, it ends when my insomnia gives into utter tiredness. You'll get used to it though, work will never end no matter how far you go in life. Even if you were to be retired, there's still plenty to do.....Anway, back on subject. I hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I get out of school late November, two weeks earlier then everyone else except grade 12's.
  • My school winter/ spring term ends in three or four weeks, and then we get two (or is it three?) weeks of holiday into the summer term.

    Times goes by so fast!!!

  • I really dont want school to end, I know this sounds crazy but the school year is going by so fast.
    Im a junior and I still cant grasp the fact that next year ill be a senior, I just dont feel like im ready for that.
    I dont know mabey I just want to be a kid my hole life.

    But we end in June.... :unsure:
  • School, the gathering of peers in a common environment, learning about a common subject does eventually come to an end. However being schooled never does. Your whole life is a schooling. It's whether or not you pay attention to the lesson. As far as when does work end, due to what they're doing to the social security I've invested in for all these years. Work will be done when I take the dirt nap. :)