Flying moments..
  • Have you ever suddenly found yourself flying through the air on its side or something? Also, have you ever flipped your car and what happened next, because unlike most racing games, in GT1&2, you can't seem to flip your cars!!!! Here are my closest:

    1) I was driving the Taevion Trampio FTO at Laguna Seca when I reached the Corkscrew with a bunch of cars. i clipped the kerb on the right, then smacked the wall on the left and then hit another car, launching myself vertial and then skidded down to the bottom of the corner, hit another wall and bounced onto another car in LAST place!

    2) Another FTO incident: I was tying in first place in Route 11 or one of the night courses. On the last corner, I clipped the wall and flew OVER the other car and regained first place!

    3) I was in a bunch of cars approaching the last corner at High Speed Ring ( the U-turn ). I squeesed the car on my right into the wall and he nearly flew OVER the wall and then landed nearly on top of me. In the replay, when I swithed into the In-car view of his car, I saw what was over the wall ( Detail!!!!!) it was a load of houses and grass!

    4) I was driving the Special model MR engine NSX which was VERY hard to control. I was ar the Test course. I slammed straight into the wall, launched straight into the air near vertical, spun around a few times and landed on the ground.

    If you have had any incidents like that or other funny moments, send them in!:)
  • Mate I've tried and tried but do you think I can get a car on it's lid.
  • I've been wondering, can you flip a car in GT3 and if you can't, is it easier to make a car 'fly'?
  • Sorry I haven't made it I tried hundreds of times but can't make it..

    But I haven't started to get warmmmm:angry:

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  • i nearly did by going really fast up against a barrier and then turning in to it
  • i have never tryed that i have done it on driver flip a car over and hit the windshild u can do flips and get some high air and i mean high in the sky
  • Other things have often happened in the test course, and when i'm driving the Speed 12.When u go around the course full throttle without letting off the accelerator you can spin a hundred times when ur going round the bends.Also the Laguna Seca corkscrew is a B!T$# at jumping in the air and then landing , eventually spinning ou t of control.
  • sorry crashkart, you can't flip cars in gt3. it is the same as gt 1 and 2, you can get them on their sides, but you can't flip them
  • i had a gt40 tumbling on it's side (like this :happy2: ), but it is impossible to flip a car upside down
  • There is car that i think suzuki sells and it weighs 800 pounds.
  • i have got a Toms Supra to summersault on the test track and have often gotten mid engined cars to summersault on red rock valley

    but i have never managed to put a car on its roof :(
  • i have never flipped a car over yet. the closest i have come was when i was on my side riding the wall.
  • In the track (rally race) where there is a section of jumps I made one jump at 245 km per hour and the car got in a vertical position like a post....The car was the Suzuki Escudo... I think it was Smookey Island...