• Does anyone know any cheats for DC2 I have looked all over the place and can not find one. Please Help
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    I see you've been playing Dark Cloud 2, have you also played the 1st Dark Cloud?

    If so please let me know cuz I need help cutting thru the Dark Air with my new ally in the Sun & Moon Temple.

    Get back to me, please!!! Thank You!!!

    :wub: I just love this game!!!
  • As far as I know, Dark Cloud 2 doesn't have any cheats (things that you enter using a password screen or by pushing buttons). Most RPGs tend not to have these kind of secrets. I can however, offer a few tips to enhance your gameplay (see, I'm using big words like enhance all by myself now! :))

    Easy level up:
    Take one of your strong characters (i.e., most health, strongest weapon) but not the Ridepod, and go to a dungeon that you can get minimal damage done to you. Kill the enemy with your strong person, and immediately afterwards, press L3 to switch characters or R3 to switch to the Ridepod. This is especially useful when trying to build up the Ridepod since he loses fuel easily. This makes it so he does not move or get hurt.

    Borneo and Erik:
    Borneo and Erik become available to move into the houses you build in the Georama area in chapter 5.

    As the game progresses, Cedric begins to get more parts for the Ridepod in every new chapter.

    Easy Money:
    When you get Erik in Chapter 2, go up to him and add him to your party. Press Triangle to go to the menu and select "Character". Select Erik and use his ability to make bombs. Then, send him back to the train and sell them. Keep going back to him when his skill points increase. Do this repeatedly. Each of his bombs cost 150 Gilda.

    Good luck :)
  • can someone tel me where can i find Adel, and Milane??? i've been ooking all over the town and i never find them, i don't even know how they look like.
  • okay well hers adel:

    Required for: Chapter 2 Georama

    Rune is the maid all the way in the back of your house, in the bedroom
    beyond the kitchen. To recruit her, talk to twice as Yuris, then bring her
    Thick Leather, a Copper Lump, and Durable Linen to be worked into
    Western-style clothing. Talk to her a third time when you have those
    things, select the first choice, then leave the room and come back in.
    She'll give you new clothes, depending on what you chose originally back at
    the beginning of the game.

    With Yuris's initial clothings being his blue denim overalls, I receieved
    the Green Overalls.

    Ability Points: 48 - NO COMMAND ABILITIES
    While with you: Slowly repairs unequipped weapons.
    While not with you: Sells fruits.

    and here's Milane:

    Required for: Chapter 2 Georama

    How to get her: Milane, who you may have seen at the beginning of the game
    as the lady in the circus, as a part time job in the weapon's shop next
    door to Cedric's. Talk to her as Monica, and she will give you a Gladius.
    Evolve the Gladius two times (it doesn't matter into what), then bring it
    back to her and talk to her as Monica to get her to join you.

    Ability Points: 0
    While with you: Bonus Synth Points for Monica's sword upon level up.
    While not with you: Sells weapons/tools.

    P.S. If anyone has anymore questions about DC2 I will be shure to help