• Ok, well, currently I've been working at the local Junior High School, you know, just to earn a few extra bucks after school. I mean, it's not a glamorus job or anything, but it's good enough for now.
    Well, for some reason, the fact that I clean these kids school makes them better than me or something! Nearly every day I go down there, someone makes some kind of degrading remark about me cleaning their school. I'd like to see how they pay for all the stuff they want to do, without a doubt it's a handout from their parents. I'm not saying that 12-13 year old kids need to work, but I just don't feel that it's right for them to treat me like I'm crap, just because I choose to earn my keep. Well, sorry for the rant, just had to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening all.

    Later all,
  • The best way to deal with it is to not let it get to you or if it does not to show that to them. To get them off your back all you have to do is thank them a couple times and you'll stun them into remission and eventually will shut their traps. It's really the only way you can react to this type of actions from people that aren't mature enough to see that you're getting money to clean....while they have to go home and clean their own houses while getting in trouble for not cleaning their rooms.....(not that you don't have that problem every now and then....heh, heh). Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Hey, thanks for the advice, I'll try doing that tomorrow. Your probably right, they will be stunned.

    Later all,
  • Rude little s***s is all I have to say. At least you've got a job. Good for you mate :)

    This reminds me of the time one of my workmates was informing a couple of customers about a logitech steering wheel. One of them called him an arrogant bas**** for no reason whatsoever. Apparently the best way to deal with these kind of people is to be overly nice/polite, that way they don't really get any satisfaction out of it.

    If you get sick of them, you can always take that big broomstick and - ... well use your imagination ;)
  • KiLLa and Mad have hit the nails on the head.

    The best way to deal with it is to Thank them and be ovverly nice and polite. Not hing pees someone off more when they are like that then someone being overly polite.

    I have had to deal with these people in my time when I used to deliver papers & leaflets. Hold your head high and be proud that you are making a living which ever way you can and this will also pee them off more.
  • My brats are a little older. When I have a drunk person flick me crap about being nothing more than part of the service sector I do one of two things. I either count my tips in the open and comment to a co-worker that I'm on a15-20 dollar an hour pace. Or remind them how arid a desert the other side of the bar can become at my whim.

    I realize you can't do that with children, but disrespect can get under your skin. I agree in your case be very nice, and casuually remind them that the more mess they make means more hours and cash for you, to buy the things (games) you want. Remember, someday they'll be in your shoes to buy that first car. :P
  • For fellow APi
  • I remember how I had to lecture my fellow students back in highschool about the importance of being nice an polite to all and everyone. Especially service and maintanence personal.
    Some people just don't realise what crap we all be in if nobody did the "bad" jobs.
    Unfortunatly the turnout was only me getting stupid nicknames that I had to live with for a while.
    Well, not that it mattered much to me, I got what I asked for (beer and p*ss* that was at the time :lol: )

    Just remember the feeling those actins against you produced so that you don't go do the same stupid thing to someone else.
  • I don't think I'd do anything like these kids are doing to me, to anyone else manne, but thanks anyways.

    Well, went to work after school, and was washing some windows, a 'lil kid came up and spit right on one of them. I just looked at him, tipped my hat down, and sincerely thanked him. :D He just stared at me as if I had grown wings, and horns. Thanks for the advice, worked like a charm everyone.

    Oh, but Gid, your way sounds like it'd be just a lil more fun, how much do you say, oh, about 400 kids would cost for a counciling session. :P
    Later all,
  • That must have been funny to watch! Did you ever think of just telling the principal or someone like that

  • I just don't understand the thought process of little twerps like that!!! :angry: As though they've never done any work in their lives, or will never have to. What's wrong with cleaning in a school anyhow!?!?! These kids have no idea of how important your job is!!! Just imagine what that place would be like if you didn't do that job there!!!!! :ph34r: Well, ok, don't imagine it!! It'd be horrific!!!!! That really bugs me to no end!!! I remember when I was in grammar school, the best friends I had were Jennifer Kinney, my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Salutakoff and the two cleaning ladies, Janice and Mary. (yes, I do remember their names, they were some AWESOME ladies!! Smart and funny, fun to be around. I used to hang out with them in 5th and sixth grade after school and help 'em out while waiting for my Mom to come pick me up.)

    Well, while tipping your hat and thanking them for your job security you may also remember that they'll figure it out somewhere along the line, and if not, then so much the better for YOU that you have figured it out!! (by the way, you may want to add that little bit in there, the next time you thank them: "Thanks for the job security kid!" with a big :D along with it!!) :P See if they're sharp enough to figure that one out!! :lol:
  • Personally I'd go for Gid's counselling sessions but failing that the best thing to do is just totallly ignore the little b@$t@rds and get on with your job. Cause I know what it's like since I was never the thinnest person at school (though niether was I the fattest) I was picked upon quite a bit since I also wore glasses and I found that the best way to get rid of them is to ignore them since all they're after is attention and if they don't get it from you then they'll most likely go somewhere else to get it though one or two of the more stubborn (i.e. thick) ones will keep at it but just keep ignoring them unless it get's physical but whatever you do DO NOT [I]START[I] A FIGHT as if you do then (a) you'll get in deep s**t from the police and your employer after the fight and (B) when the fight starts several others may join in also so the best way to stop the fight quickly is to punch them as hard as you can in the space just below the rib cage this will knock all of their breath out allowing you to get at their face and most especially the nose. Those of you who have had a broken nose in the past will know just how sore that is. If they still refuse to stay down after that then break one of their legs and they will most definately not be getting up after that. Hope that helps.