What Is Going On In Your Life?
  • On Wednesday my family had kind of a busy day at the hospital. My Mom was in to get a lump removed from her breast. No need to worry because her Doctor didn't feel it was anything too serious since it didn't show up on a mammogram or an ultrasound but it was definitely there. So for safeties sake they had it removed. Everything is fine.

    Also on Wednesday my wife had an ingrown toe-nail removed. It had been infected for quite some time.

    And for myself on Wednesday I was at the hospital for an ultrasound. I have had some swelling on the side of my neck (just behind my jaw under my ear) for quite a while. I had the ultrasound and I think it is a lymph gland that is swollen. Now I just have to wait and see if I will need to have surgery.

    So what is going on in your life right now?
  • Boy! You guy's have been run through the 'mill' a bit of late. I hope your wife's resting that foot......nasty thing's those. I had one removed (fixed?) a few year's back, hard to believe something so small can cause such excruciating pain!
    I'm also glad to hear that your mother's "lump" turned out to be benign. Must of been tense for you all, until the doctor came back with the all clear?

    Years ago, I did a bit of training in the Sport's Med field, and as part of that we touched alot on the Lymphatic system. It's surprising just how often the node's get blocked. Hopefully they'll have it all sorted in no time for you, my thought's are with you.

    As for what's been happening in my neck of the wood's......well, quite a bit. Well a lot more out of the ordinary, anyway's.
    My eldest daughter was approached to model, for an agency here.
    She's only ten, but have decided to let her try her hand at it. Basically, so long as she's happy, and is interested in pursuing it, that's fine with us.
    We were at the inter-school's Triathelon with her, when we were asked. Strange I know, seem's a rather odd place to recruit from?
    Turn's out, (the lady who approached us) was there supporting her son, saw Jordyn, and once the race was over, followed her back to where we were waiting. We have an appointment with her this Thursday.
    But appart from that, everything is realtively normal. Still showing the dog's, busy with my studies, the horses and the kid's.....especially the youngest! There is not a "kiddie-latch" safety device, that he hasn't managed to figure out, he drives me nut's! I've resorted to tying up all the cupboard's and drawer's. But feel, it won't be long before he works those out? :blink: Maybe a small straight jacket? Anyone got one....bout a size 2 would do? ;)
  • Maybe a small straight jacket? Anyone got one....bout a size 2 would do? [/b]
    I am sure that Fat Jiffy has several left over from his childhood. He should have all the sizes a growing boy needs. :D

    As for my Mom... the Doctor's weren't too concerned with it in the first place so none of us were either.

    The wife is trying her best to keep herself off of her feet but I always find more work for her to do! It's great to be me... just kidding. She is surprised at how well her foot is feeling. She isn't ready to do kickboxing or anything but she feels pretty good.
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Mar 10 2003, 11:00 AM
    I am sure that Fat Jiffy has several left over from his childhood. He should have all the sizes a growing boy needs. :D

    How did you know about my childhood Rex, or were you the one who constantly flooded his own padded room. :D

    Concidently, there were a few times I was restrained in my childhood due to seizures.

    Had the same problems with the Lymphs swelling on the side of my face Rex. Was just an infection and cleared and disappered with some antibiotics.

    Hope all goes well and my mother had a similar scare a few years ago with Breast Cancer and my grandmother had to have breasts removed.

    Scary Stuff
  • Originally posted by Fat_Jiffy@Mar 9 2003, 07:36 PM
    were you the one who constantly flooded his own padded room.

    Well they wouldn't the door so I had to go somewhere! That got smelly after a while.

    I thought you weren't supposed to restrain someone while having a seizure? I know your supposed to keep them from getting hurt by keeping them away from anything dangerous, but not restrain them.

    The weird thing is that I was never worried or concerned. I usually don't get worried or concerned about anything until I know exactly what is going on.

    Oh well... I'm a man, were not supposed to get worried. :D
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Mar 10 2003, 01:13 PM
    I thought you weren't supposed to restrain someone while having a seizure? I know your supposed to keep them from getting hurt by keeping them away from anything dangerous, but not restrain them.

    I was only about 3 or 4 and mum told me they strapped to the bed in the ambulance probably so I wouldn't convulse into something.

    Just one of my many lifetime medical exploits. :D

    Hopefully all is on the mned for you as I said my lump just turned out to be an infection and hopefully yours is too.

    I have to agree though. No point worrying unless you know the facts. We leave that to the women they have it in their genes. :D
  • If you had asked me that just about four days ago I would have posted a huge rant here...but to sum it all up, I'm stressed out.

    I took a Geometry test on Monday and out of twelve problems I was able to do a whole one. I gave it to my teacher who said right away that I should have come for tutoring a week ago(which didn't make sense...cuz I had been gone the past week). I was sooo depressed and disappointed with myself. In fact, when I finally found out I was not able to any others I drew a picture of a girl with a Geometry test who was crying and thinking "x+2=4...I remember when it was easy". I kept ahold of myself throughout the whole time although it was not easy.

    I returned home that day and I forewarned my parents that I was not clear on my Geometry and that I completely bombed a test and both sides flipped. Usually it's just my father (since he is so good in math)..but no...my mother flipped too. They gave me the college lecture which I have heard so many times that I have created an outline for it.
    1. Junior year grades are your first transcript years.
    2. If you can't do Geometry, then you won't graduate academically.
    3. How does one plan to get into college (much less, anywhere in life) with lack of math knowledge and good grades to show for it?

    To make my days better I awoke on Tuesday with the stress of my parents and stress of my other classes weighing down on my shoulders and I was in a rotten mood. So much of a rotten mood that I completely avoided DL(whoops). After school, I went to piano lessons where I found out I am very "shaky" on memorizing my songs. I have two weeks before evaluation..and this isn't just a plain move to the next level sort of thing...it's my SR. madallion year if I pass. My technique sucked and my pieces stunk(spelling?). I went home and that burden of piano was added to my shoulders.

    Wensday, bloody Wensday. I was woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I needed a shower and my sister hogged the frigging shower and I told her I needed the shower a half hour before she got out.(which was the time I had to leave for school). Then, also, DL found out part of the reason behind my "dark mood" and was trying to cheer me up...yet...the wrong words came out. "Who cares?" I flipped out on him and scared him. Obviously, my parents care since they flipped out. I felt really bad afterwards. Then on Wensday night, I told my mom that I was stressed out, yet I didn't end up saying the end of my stress that included her...since I wasn't in any mood to point fingers.

    Thursday was better, but not exactly completely healthy because I still had some remnant of stress. DL said he had a track meet and he wanted me to go. Yet after school I didn't feel good...and didn't want to stay after school in the sun so I didn't go and he got upset. Which led to a fight...or as some psychs say "a spoken conflict of interest". The fight didn't last very long...and we resolved it with a lot of apologies coming from my side...and agreed to stop letting such bad things get in the way of new days...and started of Friday on a "new leaf".

    Friday was a nice day. I had never thought my attitude completely changing 180 degrees would change my day's end. Aside from some small conflict. My friend said DL and I would probably be able to avoid having fights if we were to act like we're together more often...yet...that morning was a perfect opportunity and some other guy was summoning the attention of him. I don't mind the fact that he was around his friends, heck, I like being around my friends...but it was the fact that the friend of his kept keeping his attention. Every turn of his head that was anywhere near looking at my this guy called his attention. So I felt ignored and went down to where they were playing cards and stole the middle deck and took it up to where I was sitting. The friend protested and told DL to stay there and this friend came up to me and asked that he have his cards back and I said no and let him know that I was mad at him. He wanted to know why and so I told him "you're hogging all the attention of my boyfriend". DL heard this and came up to where his friend was and informed me that he was having fun playing cards. So, I gave up fighting them and gave the cards back and said "Go ahead and play cards. I don't care anymore." DL came up and sat with me and said I was manipulative when I'm not angry and vengeful and I got his attention for the rest of the class period. :P My Megatokyo book came in. It was supposed to take only 6-8 weeks, yet it took twice as long. So I was a little mad, but I got over it. My day was much better.

    Saturday was boring. Just sat at home on the computer all day.

    Today was chaotic...but I enjoyed the day. I got help with Geometry...kind of.

    That's basically what's going on in my life right now. School days are boring...but sometimes they make life so much more interesting. :D
  • Basically it's the same as it always is.

    People have problems
    People come to me
    /me tries to take the stress away
    People feel better
    /me takes stress out on boxes
    /me bandages hands
    /me helps people some more
    Insomnia kicks in
    /me thinks about how tired he feels yet can't sleep
    Finally SLEEP
    --Rinse, repeat--

    And last night i found out that people actually think i sing good.....Very interesting.

    Oh, and on days that i'm depressed then throw in more boxes and maybe a couple accidents with depression mixed in during the slow times of the day(*cough*STUPID INSOMNIA*cough*). That's madhtr's life in a nutshell......in case you find it boring, maybe to those outside but i gues it does become monotonous at times...Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • With me it's the "same ol', same ol'". Two days of school, four days of work, sunday off.

    Not too much to go into on the medical front, though I do have some experience with those pesky ingrown toenails. I bore one for better than a year once (I was refused treatment while incarcerated, and couldn't afford it for a while upon release), and I was absolutely amazed at how big those rascals can get. (after it was cut out, I used it as a visor on my motorcycle headlight :D ) It's no wonder it hurt as much as it did.
  • [quote]Originally posted by RedKennypup2004@Mar 10 2003, 12:54 AM
    [b] [b]Ummm... Kenny's post should be here but it is far too friggin' long...
  • [quote]Originally posted by Rex77+Mar 10 2003, 03:17 PM-->QUOTE(Rex77 @ Mar 10 2003, 03:17 PM)[quote] <!--QuoteBegin-RedKennypup2004</i>@Mar 10 2003, 12:54 AM
    [b] [b]Ummm... Kenny's post should be here but it is far too friggin' long...
  • Originally posted by RedKennypup2004@Mar 10 2003, 06:28 PM
    [b]Why are you putting words in my mouth if you don't mind me asking? [/b]

    I'm sorry, what do you mean I put words in your mouth? Like I said men are stupid so you'll have to bear with me.
  • gee when was I going to be included in this conversation B) Men arent stupid we just say the wrong things at the wrong time;) So hows my life?? well theres me, Redkennypup,School,homework,APi,track,ETC.,sleep. Thats my life;)
  • Well, its been one of those weeks, or, if I want to be truthful, its been one of those month and two weeks, had a good week, and then it went back to, around January 18th where everything started.
    My last week, well, I've played really pathetic cricket (trust me, thats never going to leave my brain for a long time). I bombed a Physics exam, High, but i still bombed it. Asked a girl i really liked out, but, big surprise, the answer was a no, hell, it was what I expected, so it wasn't that bad, but still :( . Half of my classes have been changed around, so I've gotta fit in with what the class has been doing and catch up. Not something I looked forward to when I'm in Year 11. I've stabbed myself in the leg with spiked shoes when diving, came very close to the area where it really would of hurt :o
    On the medical area. I've been a bit light-headed for a while, I've pulled a lot of muscles (my calf muscles have been doing me some problems, along with my right arm [yeah, there goes my bowling accuracy and speed]), and thats pretty much it.
    I'm either getting more high-strung, and getting ticked much easier, or people are getting more and more annoying.
    As you can tell, I've been going great these past few days.
  • Woah, consider yourselves lucky. My day/week/month/year/life is as follows:

    APi (only recently been logging on in the morning)

    And the work gets thrown in every Saturday so that I get out and talk to people. Ah, what fun it is to be me <_<
  • well i turned 21 on sunday and had a huge great big party on saturday. It was the best birthday ever all thanx to the main man in my life stey. And big big thanx to my mum who paid for the whole thing.

    Having all my family and friends all under one roof made me appreciate just how lucky i am!!!!!

    that and im back to work tomorrow after a week off and ive started my driving lessons again
  • My life at the moment is leading me to believe that it
  • OK! This is kind of my day!
    wake up
    get ready to go to school
    go to schhol
    spend 5 1/2 boring hours in school
    come home from school
    do homework(I only had homework like 5 times this year)
    internet(usually api)
    outside with friends
    eat supper
    outside with friends
    outside with friends
    Then I just repeat everthing again, but since it is March Break!
    eat inernet
    silent time
    I don't go out with my friends because I am sIcK! When I get better this will be changed for sure!

  • The only exciting thing going on in my life these days is when I can go an entire 15 minutes without sneezing/coughing/having to blow my nose! :blink:

    This past weekend my body decided to catch this flu-type crap that's been roaming around my area and it's got me in its clutches BIG TIME!! Can't breathe, don't feel like eating (and that is NOT NORMAL for me!!), nothing tastes good, my whole body hurts from eyelash line to toenail bed!! :( I went to work on Monday and snuffled and shuffled through that miserably, but puking 'til I lost my voice yesterday morning left me deciding to stay home, yesterday and today!! Good golly, I hope I can make it tomorrow!!!!!!

    That is all the excitement in my life right now, and all I need!
  • Well, actually, some pretty creepy stuff just happened to me at school today. Some dumb @ss kids decided it would be a good idea to set off some mace canisters in one of the hallways when everyone was getting ready to change classes. Well, they set off a TON of the stuff, it flooded two hallways, and made us evacuate the school. I was exposed to it for a couple min. but luckily I seem to have a high resilience to it, as I came out with only a headache, and some slight chest pain, thank God. Some other people weren't so lucky, and had to go to the hospital. That's about the most exciting thing that's gone on in my life lately.

    Later all,
  • It's a chaotic mess as usual, got my first little young'en on the way(wrap them suckers up fellas) :ph34r:.......other than that it's the usual 50-60 hour work weeks and any time off I have I've been trying to get some recording done, I went through an old poem journal I had and there's lots of stuff in there I've been putting some music too and "trying" to sing(for lack of someone who actually wants to sing) the emotion is there, I can keep a harmony, I just hate my own voice, and if I dont want to sing I won't do a good job of it, the music industry is full of great singers who have sorry voices, they just take themselves seriously and put an outpouring of emotion into their lyrics.

    The 2 friends I usually jam out with and I have decided(mutually)to go our seperate ways we're not working out, the 3 of us over the past few years have went completely different directions with our creativity, so I'm taking this opportunity to try the one man band thing with all the stuff I've written over the years that was too personal for me to share with anyone else...I figure why not if there's no emotion in the music it's not music, so I dunno we'll see what comes of it......it's funny, I like the stuff, I think it's good, I would buy it, but of course it hits me on a very personal level, I just have a hard time letting anyone else hear it :huh:
  • Wednesday morning my wife and two kids left for Florida. It is Friday night and I am sitting at home by myself with a pot of coffee and nothing to do, I am bored. They will be back on Thursday and I can't wait. I miss them already. :(

    I thought that it would be at least a little fun being by myself for a week but I really can't find anything to keep myself entertained.

    I don't know how you single people do it. :huh:
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Mar 14 2003, 12:50 PM
    I don't know how you single people do it. :huh:

    Sorry to hear that Rex, but I say most of the "single" people usually are used to entertaining themselves.

    Tonight I got mauled by a bunch of little nine year old girls. I assisted at my little cousins birthday party and figured I wouldn't be as popular with them as I seemed to be. They climbed all over me to the point of where I lost my balence and hurt myself on the trampoline.

    Geometry is still going bad. Now we're off all the sine cosine stuff, but now we're onto circles. I'm so tired of math and I can't believe I have another year of it to go. <_< <br />
    I am also not enjoying Science very much since we moved on to Chemistry. I can't seem to grasp stuff having to do with atoms when I can't see it and I have never actually cared about it either...and I've been trying my best, yet that grade is slipping too.

    I'm in trouble. :(
  • Hey Red, doesn't look that bad to me at all.
    I did prctically nothing but sleep in class when I was your age.
    Maybe you should try to get a new teacher, sometimes an entuastic teacher can make all the difference.

    My life is at the moment a bit upset in the gut area.
    Yeasterday me and an old bubby of mine got together for a good old sauna showdown.
    As some of you know, saunas tend to get very hot so it is important to supply your body with liquids continously, by liquids I mean beer and by continously I mean uninterruptedly.
    We got the heat up to about 70 celsius and then the battle begun.
    Half an hour and 4 cans later I hade to "relief" my self and chose not to do so on the sauna aggregate, and therefor I had to leave the sauna and was declared LOOOOOOOSEEEEEER.

    Then we spend yet another 3 hours drinking, swetting and talking until we decided that it was time to play some tabletennis.
    I was declared loser at that too, since I was unable to complete my first serve after 15 stumbling attempts.

    Today I have been feeling rather dehydrated and, as I said, my stomach is not quite what it should. I blame the later on my brother in laws "Riga Black Balsam", a cure for almost anything that he offered me this morning.

    We'll see what tomorrow brings.
  • If I had me doubt's before? That whole Sauna episode confirm's it! You are a "Masochist"!!!! :P LOL.

    Hope you're feeling better soon Manne.

    And don't frett too much Red, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon. I don't profess to know all the in's and out's of your schedule? But could you, prehaps pick up some extra tutelage from your teacher, or mayhap a friend who is in the same subject?
    Just a suggestion, hope it all works out for you anyway :)

    Ain't nothing like the absense of "Family Noise", to make a house appear void of life? I can certainly sympathize with you Rex. On those rare occasion's when I'm without my family (it's only happened twice!). I, to had looked forward to just "kicking back", and doing virtually nothing for the entire weekend. Lord! I could even go to the bathroom all by myself, without anyone barging in!!! Even if I locked the door, they'd only be on the other side of it, crying and banging on it.......no privacy what-so-ever, if you're a mum! Have noted, that if you're a dad, this rule does not seem to apply quite so much???? My kid's think nothing of, flinging open the door while I'm in the bath or shower, and asking for stuff!
    <_< Can't possibly wait, no, need it right there and then!<br />But anyway, even with all that, I did however miss them all like crazy.........it was so quiet and dull without them.
    This all changed however, once they got back, and the arguement's started and the "Can I have", "That's not fair! She/He alway's..........blah, blah"! The house was trashed and re-fingerprinted within min's!!!! The stero was once again "thumping" in the eldest one's room, the phone was occupied and the cat was enjoying it 's 9th meal of the day, with a little help from Josh, who can untie the pantry door's, just to get at the cat's bickie's....yucky-poo!
    Just for a split second, I actually thought I'd gone insane for missing them all? But to tell you the truth, as much as it was nice for a bit not having to be responsible for anyone, but me. I wouldn't have it any other way!!!! :D
  • I find myself talking to the cat a lot. :blink: Today I washed both vehicles, went to Wendy's for lunch and did some cruisin' around town.

    I talked to the wife on the phone tonight and I guess my daughter was in the pool for 3 straight hours! No wonder she was asleep at 7:30 when I called.

    Yeah the barging in on Dad in the bathroom really is not a good idea, nothing quite like seeing me in all my nakedness bent over the side of the tub. :o

    Things will definetly change once they get back, trust me there will be a lot of special alone time with the wife after the kids are in bed. :wub: :D

    My sister has invited me over to have supper with her family tomorrow night, it will be almost the same as having the family back!
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Mar 16 2003, 05:15 PM
    Yeah the barging in on Dad in the bathroom really is not a good idea, nothing quite like seeing me in all my nakedness bent over the side of the tub.

    If you hold on just a moment i'll just gouge my brain out of my head so i no longer have images in there...... Heh, heh..... I must say that was the most disturbing thing i have heard in at least an hour. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well right now I'm at the end of the busiest work week of the year. We're an Irish pub so since Thursday it's been balls to the wall. 3 double shifts thus far. Tips are worth it though. The owners being understanding folks always close the place on the 18th to give the help a much deserved break. Also, if you don't show up during crunch week you're terminated. We've fired two all ready. Only 16 more hours to a much needed rest.
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Mar 14 2003, 09:50 PM
    I don't know how you single people do it. :huh:

    Mastrbation provides you with hours of joy.
    Enuff said?
  • Originally posted by madhtr+Mar 16 2003, 06:37 PM-->QUOTE(madhtr @ Mar 16 2003, 06:37 PM)
    [quote] [quote][i]Originally posted by Rex77
    @Mar 16 2003, 05:15 PM
    Yeah the barging in on Dad in the bathroom really is not a good idea, nothing quite like seeing me in all my nakedness bent over the side of the tub.

    If you hold on just a moment i'll just gouge my brain out of my head so i no longer have images in there...... Heh, heh..... I must say that was the most disturbing thing i have heard in at least an hour. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. [/b][/quote]
    Glad you enjoyed it, Mad. :D

    <!--QuoteBegin-Gabe[/i]<br />Mastrbation provides you with hours of joy.
    Enuff said?

    Umm... too much said there, Gabe. :o ;)
  • If you ever happen to visit Helsinki and end up at a restaurant in wich a 2 meter long chef by the name of Gabriel works, be sure to order "Clean Food" :lol:
  • My first time posting in this topic.

    Well I recently broke up with my girlfriend, wich we were almos going out for 6 months. Also I havent been getting very much sleep since I got some new games.
    Kingdom Hearts
    Dark cloud 2

    Thats why under my avatar it says "ahhhhh sleeep, neeed sleeep"
    Also I need to draw for my art class, I am about 5 homeworks behind.
    All of this because of videogames! Damn them, just kidding....heh heh, yeah right, I cant blame them for my procrastition and lazyness.....or can I? <_<
  • Hey Suze, I got that perma-smile back. :D
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Mar 22 2003, 09:11 AM

    Hey Suze, I got that perma-smile back. :D

    Guess now I can tell Hubby Pooh to put his shirt back on then huh? :lol:

    What's up with me lately!?

    Well, had an endoscopy yesterday. That's the test where they put the tube down your throat to view all the way down to the beginning of your small intestines. Turns out I've got errosive esophagitis. Yippee. Oh well, it was all in the name of science! HA! I'd been having heartburn for a while, so when I asked the Dr. about it, he told me that there is a study going on to compare two drugs for just that thing. They're well-known meds, currently on the market, and the idea of this study is to compare the two. So, phase-one was to find out if I actually have 'anything'. Now I'm into phase two, the 'healing phase'. The good news is that I get paid for this, and I do my appointments on my days off so I'm not losing any pay! :D
    Of course, there is also the + of getting this annoyance taken care of! heh heh heh..... don't want to forget that little bennie!

    Otherwise, my every waking moment seems to be taken up with Dark Cloud!! Man what a good game!!!!!!!! :wub:
  • I finished my piano evaluation today and boy was it hard. All in all I did well considering the songs that I was playing were really hard. I went out to the track where I won a good amount of money...and I also beat Garai. One of the bosses I said was the most frustrating in the Most Frustrating Boss thread. On Monday my boyfriend and I's 4 month comes up..life started out terrible..but after waiting for a long time...it finally flipped the cards to the good side.
  • I'm trying to pick up my life after the death of my father a month ago, but there seems to be a lot of people, especially ones who are closest to me just pissing me off by just existing in life and there actions just don't add up to anything. At the moment I'd rather be taking a lot of unnecessary medication & drink lots of alcohol which infact I'm just about to start to do & it's just gone 12.34pm & I want to do nothing but take tablets, drink & sleep. Nothing appeals to me, even getting up in the morning to go to work has no meaning to me. I'm also sick to f**king death of people trying to give me religious solution to helping me so all of you who have a faith please take & stick it up your backside. It doesn't work!

    If this post offends anyone - tough! I don't care at the moment.
  • Hey there Chris, not that I know you or you me but I think I'll go ahead and adress you anyway since you so obviously are "reaching out".
    Having a parent die on you is one of the top three depressing things that can happen to you.
    You seem to be reacting in a perfectly normal way to me.
    As long as you decide not to end the pain post haste you WILL get over it, eventualy.
    It might take years, but gradually you will be comming back to your old self.
    Having persons you love die is hard, so don't inflict the people that loves you the pain you feel at the moment.
    Talk about your feelings that will help you understand them.

    As for how my days been..... doesn't really matter huh!?! :mellow:
  • I'm very sorry to hear about your Father's recent passing, Chris. You have my deepest condolence's.

    I too felt a bit like yourself, when my father passed on Christmas day 3yrs ago. I have wonderful friend's and family, who tried very hard to be supportive of me, while I was dealing with my loss. I think at time's, I forgot that they too were coming to term's with their own grief and it is with some shame, that I must confess that I was not alway's very receptive to them. Although at the time, I could not see this.

    It's hard to find a semblance of normalcy, when your whole world seem's to be tipped upside down. I can but only speak for myself, as I don't pretend to know the full scale of your grief. And nor do I wish to imply that I do, it is something that we all share, but deal with in different way's.
    I won't offer you too much in the way of advice, except for one wee tiny, little bit that helped me.
    Whenever I felt at my lowest , I would try to put myself into the role of my father......strange though it may seem, but I would think, now if I were Dad and it was one of us who had passed on, how would he be dealing with it, besides the obvious pain of loss?
    There would be of course similarities, but I knew whatever his method, it wouldn't come in the form of a Rum bottle, although I had my fair share, before I realized that!!!
    Well, as I said, we each grieve differently, that is what aided me in the begining, strange though it was.

    My deepest and sincerest blessing's
  • Well, I i only got time to make this post so i'll make it snapy... Well my live ain't good... Well, I can't get my computer fixed, my brother is driving me crazy and all that type of stuff. On the other hand I got a Dreamcast (not a brand new a used one), I got also some games, Grandia 2, Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories and i'm gonna buy Devil May Cry 2 later this month.... So behave guys all see ya all!

    (If you guys wanna see me have a Dreamcast a PSO game and a Phone Connectiom to the Dreamcast...)
  • [b]Some of you may have noticed I haven't been here for a while....truth is that the medication I am on for my migraines is totally f***ing with my head, resulting in me having constant nausea and severe depression. I cannot sleep, I haven't been able to eat anything except half a slice of toast since Friday and I feel like death.

    To top it all, I had the chance to go to Ireland at the weekend, which I took, thinking I could do with the break. It was the worst time of my life because I got molested while I was there. I was so scared.
    I took the first available flight home (which cost me an extra

  • Ooooooohhhhhh, my Dearest Niki!!!
    Words cannot express my deepest and most heartfelt horror at this attrocity!!!!! I just don't know what to say.....

    My prayers fervently go out to you Love!!!!!

    If you should feel the desire to talk, you know where to find me!!
  • Lola- I'm sure it's no consolation, but I truly feel for you........I can't begin to imagine

    it's f7cked up but the worst things always happen to the best people..............
  • Lola- I cannot express how I feel, but my deepest sympathies and condolences go out to you. I know this is no consolation though.

    This seems out of place but:
    For me, nothing is looking up. Think I totally bombed an IPT exam, and I tried really hard. My team is out of the grand final, by 0.4 of a point. I for the first time in my life, think I may not have not gotten a VHA for an Indonesian exam, which I am really disappointed in. That may not seem like that big a deal, but this is my best class, along with chemistry and Maths B... so... im very disappointed. Heh, girls no like me, I guess I'm one of those loser types, haha. Laughing at this point is wrong. Maybe I'll go do well in my Chemistry test and next two indo tests, yeah, that'd be better.
  • Lola & myself are in the same boat together, well we are in sickness & in health. Richer or poorer till death do us part. Hell I'm getting ahead of myself there.

    From today she's a bit better, had a little bit to eat & her daughter dragged her out for a bit of retail therapy & I got a phone call while she was out & sounded a little bit better. One of her friends is taking her out to the theater for a bit of cheering up & come Friday She's back up at mine for lots of big hugs & helping Mum to decorate!! (fool! she's doesn't know that yet!)

    Life's a bit better for myself, gonna cheer myself up at the weekend when the 'old girl is up & we'll go out to get Mum a mother's day present & I'm shopping for a new contract mobile phone so I'll be asking a sh!t load of questions to the assistant to get the best bargin. They always get sick of me as I can wrangle free stuff out of them for being a persistant bugger & they bung the gear to me to get the sale & get rid of me!! (evil bugger!!!) Drinking is out, well for the moment as it's my birthday on Tuesday & may have a few lemon sherberts on the night. Still could do with a different approach to tablets, but they take the pain away for now. I'll do a full detox after Easter (visions of things up the bum don't go too well at the moment)

    I've got a good goal to look forward to now. SUMMER HOLIDAY!!!!!! goning to stay at Nikki's friends for 2 weeks looking after the place while they are away with the kids in Spain & I've got there mental pets which are so lovely except the EVIL BUNNY!!!!

    OH BTW - Work still SUCKS, but what's new in life?

    (thanks for the PM Suze, will get around for a chat later after I've got things sorted)
  • That's good to hear :)

    Hey, do you guy's get "Friend's & Family" discounts with your local Phone server? We have it here with Telecom. As we have several family member's living in Aussie and the UK....in fact most of Ma's realitives still reside in Manchester, where she originally hails from.
    And all it costs is $5.00 for the entire call, for as long as you wish!
    Might be worth a look at? ;)
  • My heart goes out to both Chris and Lola, I have not been around much and I come back to read that and I felt like two members of my family are hurting, My thoughts and best wishes are with you both. Ya'll know my email if ya need an ear to rant in, I am always willing to listen.

    My life is hectic at the moment, Me and the lil women are movin' to Raleigh, NC on May 13th we are gonna make it a road trip so it should be fun.

    Just tryin to tie up loose ends here before I go. I am scared and excited all at once. I have never felt like this before, it is amazing to me that at my lowest point someone comes into my life and all has done a complete 180.

  • Before I answer this thread, just wanted to say that there are a couple of people out there who seem to be having a tough time at present, people who I've known for a few years now. I'm thinking of you both and send you lots of positive vibes, sunny thoughts and the biggest hugs.

    So anyway. Me? We are very well settled into our house now, it's been nearly 8 months now and I am very happy. Still at the same job and still working r-e-a-l-l-y hard. All the time. No breaks. At all. Honest. OK, I'm logged on from work because I've got nothing to do again :D

    We should be decorating like mad things and laying new floors but the other half is on nasty 12 hour shifts at the mo, so the motivation isn't there at the moment. Still at least we have the essentials. The first "major appliance" we bought was a PS2. :P

    I'm off in about an hour to meet up with friends and get roaringly drunk and no doubt, come home and play the oodles of games I have on the go at the moment while the other half shoots people. On the PC, that is. ;)
  • Chris & Lola, you have no idea who I really am, but as a family member of API I hope and pray for both of you. Hang in there and I am sure things will get better. Good people are rewarded in time.

    As for me, Bowling is coming to an end so I guess I will get out the golf clubs. My nephew is somewhere in or near Iraq in the marines. I pray for Everyone over there that this is settled quickly.
  • Originally posted by Devilchild@Mar 26 2003, 05:26 PM
    [b]My life is hectic at the moment, Me and the lil women are movin' to Raleigh, NC on May 13th we are gonna make it a road trip so it should be fun. [/b]

    Your giving up the farm?

    My condolences go to you Chris and Lola for your loss. Losing someone as close as your father is a hard blow to take.

    You have friends here if you need an ear.

  • I have had a most enjoyable morning!!! (yes, it was many hours ago, but Hey, I've had things to do! :P )

    The practice that I work for sponsored us employees to participate in a "Run for Hospice" which took place this morning and I had a great time!!! Granted, I do not run, but the options were to:
    Run 5K
    Run 10K
    Walk 5K.

    I opted for the walking 5K. (that's three miles, BTW).
    It was excellent!!!!! 'been there, done that, got the T-Shirt!' :D I am very very glad to have taken part in such an important 'task', as it were, which will help to benefit people who suffer from incurable disease processes, and their families.
    There was quite a huge croud this morning, I was happy to see! As I was one of the walkers, I 'finished' toward the back of the crowd (being an 'unfit' and 'unexperienced' walker at that!), but I still did pretty decent time: 56 minutes for three miles, not too bad!

    All in all it was an excellent time and I'm happy to have been a part of it! :D
  • My thanks to all of you that have been sending me PMs and emails - an my apologies if I haven't got back to you yet.

    Thank you all for the support you have all shown to Chris and I - this truly is a wonderful family of friends we have here.

    Things are evening out a bit here - as Chris said, I spent the weekend with him and Ma....'twas wonderful but now I am back here, it is difficult again.

    My doctor will not let me go back to work (I reckon he thinks I will scare my pupils!) - he says I need a rest and a break from ALL stress! Has he ever been to my house??!!!

    My kids are being pretty damn groovy - esp. the Zigmeister who is falling over himself to make sure I am ok!

    I feel better now today than I did last week but not as good as I will feel next week....
    this is my mantra!

    It helps!

    Will catch up with you all soon - I promise!
    Once again...thank you all.
  • Good to hear Lola, glad to see things seem to be looking brighter

    times are tough
    life is rough
    stay strong
    it wont be long
    and you'll see
    like this bad poetry
    it all works out in the end


    how's that for some cheesy make ya feel good crap

  • That is some mighty beautiful cheesy make-ya-feel-good crap, if ya ask me!! It's obviously straight from the heart, and that's the best kind!! :D
  • Originally posted by LolaNicolina@Mar 31 2003, 01:10 PM
    [b]esp. the Zigmeister who is falling over himself to make sure I am ok! [/b]

    Ahhhh, he'd better be careful......don't need anymore broken bones....heh, heh. Oh, and glad things are getting better Sis.
  • My life has gotten better since I last posted. I went to my piano evaluation two weeks ago and I found out what I got on my tests were better than I've had since I started.

    Technique: Excellent

    Sight Reading: Good

    Theory: 86%

    Songs:??? Not sure yet...but I am very happy I got those three ratings above. I haven't gotten that good...ever!

    EDIT: I also made a complete 180 degree turn over from what I was getting in math. I took my test today on Circles and I was soooo confident. I did everything and all the problems were really really easy.
  • well my car window got smashed and my workbag with my GBA about 25 games for it, and my checkbook were stolen and they cleaned out my checking account. So not bad.
  • Ouch Lola and Chris both, that's pretty terrible. *sigh* My heart goes to to ya both.

    Chris - I'd reccomend you take your time and get over it at your own pace, don't hurry yourself.

    Lola - I've been dealing with a friend who was recently molested, all I can suggest is that you try to move on with your life and think of things to come. :)


    I'm good...droning on with the same exact schedule every day, completely addicted to an online RPG.

    (Not to mention working on my psychological studies.)

    Having fun though. ^_^
  • I am one happy bunny :D

    Some of you know that I spent a long while without a PC. Some of you also know that once I moved house, I again had a PC which promptly blew up. It was repaired and blew up again 3 months later. The very old back up PC was hauled out again and it promptly blew up (do you see a pattern occuring here?). A brand new PC was ordered and, you guessed it, it ate itself. It is now working fully and my other half and a friend have become a two man Salvage Squad and I am now the proud owner of a big 80gb, 64 bit graphics, all singing all dancing PC! My very own! So once we get broadband sorted, watch me gooooooooooo! :lol:

    Just felt the urge to tell you all. ^_^
  • Well, nothing wrong with the "puter"!! But I've been having a real cow of a job getting on here of late!!! <_< <br />
    Guess I became a"APi Junkie", without my knowledge??? :blink:
    As I've been suffering the "Dee-Tee's" off and on, now for the past 5 days!!!!

    Hopefully, its all fixed. Had no problems today (& even managed a little time on here yesterday.......only took 6hrs though :( )

    Other than that, life is pretty peachy at present! Just got back from an all expenses paid weekend, in Auckland (Nth Island of NZ), footed by my partner's company :)
    Just love spending other peoples cash...hehehehe :D
  • Paid a visit to the gym for the first time in a month yesterday (been sick and ouit of town and lazy and stuff).
    Today my upper torso (the whole of it) is really soar.
    It wouldn't be so bad if the daughter could stop demanding that we play the airplane game all the time. That's the one when you benchpress the kid and wave her all over the place and duck for drool.
  • I have been busy with school... really busy! ( I know you hear me CR! and all the other schoolies out there!) I have also been getting really serious with my bowhunting, I am a pretty good shot now, even if I do say myself! Other than that it has been my usual Swirve.com Utopia and Netdragons (vagabonds quest) exploits that have held me back from APi!

    Bout it. :rolleyes:
  • Things are starting to change again, and I'm not a big fan of lifestyle changes.

    In two days my applications for this falls courses must be in, and up until this morning I had no idea what it was I was gonna read or were I was going to apply.

    But it doesn't start there.
    Sunday, my two sisters came for a one week visit and I thought that I'd accomany my dad when he whent to pick 'em up at the airport. This was at about 11 PM and I had been attending two birthdayparties during the day and was feeling rather tierd.
    For some reason my faher had the heat on max in the car and I got to feel rather nauseous and told him to pull over.
    After having thrown up all over the side of the road I got back and explained that I probably had to much candy for one day, totally ignoring that three persons I had met during the week were in fact infested with stomach illness.

    After greeting my sisters with casquades of vomits and farts and moans I finnaly got back to my place.
    Luckely I only puked the whole night through and in the morning, though a bit tierd, I was feeling better.

    Then I had to deal with theese applications.
    Some how the system waorks well as long as you have a clue on what you're doing. But since I didn't I had to go to the university and be missguided by three clerks before finnaly getting some help.
    It turned out that, just to make things more confusing for me, someone had decided to change the way you read your courses this year. So I had to sit though an hour of explainations on what courses I had all ready taken and wich I hadn't and wich I needed to take in order to understand the courses I had all ready taken.
    It was all very informative.

    Finally I told the lady to just simply write down on a paper, step by step, what I was supposed to do and hoped for things to work out.

    And indeed they did.
    Not only am I now going to read all the full 20 points, I'm also going to read extra math and a 5 p. complement course in wave mechanics. Luckely enough I havn't opened a book for 15 months so I should be rested enough to have the energy recuired.

    Summa sumarum: You guys won't be seeing me much next year. ;)
  • Originally posted by manneman@Apr 15 2003, 08:44 PM
    Summa sumarum: You guys won't be seeing me much next year. ;)

    That's not a good thing.

    Big news for the Mr & Mrs Fat,

    Finally after nearly 18 months of buying off the plan our brand new apartment will be ready for us to move into on the 29th April, the mortgage is coming. ;)

    We are so excited and after over 2 years of living with the parents after getting married it will be great to finally get out and be living on or own(even though we were seperate from the parents anyway.) :D
  • Manneman,

    I am sorry to hear that you'll be missing out on the Forum. Although I am happy for you that you are continuing your education which I am sure that it is something that you will enjoy equally if not more so.


    Congratulations! Great feeling isn't it! I have a truck and have always wanted to go to Australia, so if you need help moving you know where to find me.

    You'll have beer right?
  • There will be plenty of beer and Wild Turkey available for those prepared to help. I will even be cracking a bottle of the Rare Breed for such an auspicious occasion. If any of you ladies want to help there are a few bottles of Dom and La Grande lying round waiting for this occassion as well. :D

    Can you stick yourself and your truck on the next vechile carrier over here Rex?? :D
  • That's fantastic news FJ!!!! :D
    Please pass on my congrat's to your wife also!!!!!

    Nothing quite like having your own place......even if you have a mortgage.
  • Great news Fat Jiffy. I hope you have fun. :)

    As for me, I've got Spanish teachers who think it's funny to pile tonnes of homework on students at the end of each day. Because of the vast increase in homework (*throws a dirty look at teachers* <_< ), I won't be on a lot for the next few months. <br />
    Talk to you guys soon
  • [quote]Originally posted by Fat_Jiffy@Apr 15 2003, 09:10 PM
    [b] Can you stick yourself and your truck on the next vechile carrier over here Rex??
  • My Life is gettin better as each day flies...

    1st - I got really good marks at school.

    2nd - Finnaly managed to finish Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories game

    3rd - I'm getting DMC2.

    So i can say my life is getting better... I just hope my PC gets fixed...
  • Im beginning to grow a strong dislike for floors.Trust me, you will too if you ever need to rebuild one.

  • Congrats FJ on the new acquisition!! It is a wonderful feeling indeed!!!
    I also have a truck with a nice bedliner, so you can count me in on the help as well! :D (no Dom for me though, thanks, as long as you have water I'll be good to go!)

    I just got back from my follow-up endoscopy and it turns out that the erosion in my esophagus is all healed now, so I'm moved into the 'maintenance phase' now, which means six months of FREE medicine!! :D It also means that I'm here under the influence of some pretty potent drugs, so I'll have to be going now before I slip off my chair and under my desk! :blink: Will go enjoy some oatmeal and fresh orange/strawberry juice that the son is so lovingly preparing for me as we speak, then hit the sack!!
    See y'all later!
  • Oh boy did I have a busy day today.
    Last night I desided that I was gonna replace the boring tapestry by my daughters bed with a big drawing.
    This morning, after some sketches, I started to make the preliminary lines on the wall. An hour later I got me my crayons and filter-pencils.

    I forgot but one thing, to lock up the daughter.
    Right in the middle of shading the clouds she came bursting through my carefully built barricade (a chair placed in the doorway), more then willing to help me out.

    The picture turned out quite nice, featuring a savanna with lots of animals and a big, rather straight, blue thunderflash that goes right across the scenery and a continues onto the floor. :lol:
  • Well I'm sitting the Junior Cert in school in June.
    At war with mother our my not wanting to to a christian no more.
    I'm in love with a girl who I don't see that often but since my fone been out of action I haven't talked to her.

  • Thank you all for the good wishes. Finaally got to walk through for final inspection and its fantastic.

    Hey Rex, Speedie bring the families :D

    The more help the better, we are lucky we do not have that much stuff to buy and can afford to have a few things brand new and delivered.

    Speedie, I hope your feeling better nothing like getting a tube shoved down your throat, but it is good to here all is healed and going well.

    Manne, got to love children, always willing to help out and I am sure she feels the picture probably looks better now she has added her creative touch. :D

    The Game, things will get better, I hope you go well with the Junior Cert, as for the religion thing I believe each is entitled to their own beliefs. ;) Mothers always just want to look after what they think is the best interests of their child.

    As for the girl well Mr Fat here was barely lucky enough to get one of his own and married her before should could get away. Maybe try and e-mail her or wirte to her if the phones out of order.
  • Well, I have had a good few weeks. I just got my prom dress and I like it a lot! I'm gonna go to prom this weekend and boy am I ready for a good time. :D
  • i just graduated last march and now i have to start looking for a job :clap:
  • start a new job on thursday :cry: work sucks
  • Just started school after easter holidays, and i keep feeling paranoid. Thats just me I guess. The grass and pollen is really aggravating my hayfever, and i have red eyes now! :swear:
  • well my life is kinda busy right now :(

    but i have just got 3 weeks off work and i am going on holiday for one of them.

    But first i have a wedding to go to (not my own i hasten to add!) tho this time i am definitely not letting Daniel M Staff have the the keys to the Majik Mansion.

    i made that stupid mistake 18 months ago and i am still paying off the Court Award!! :bash:

    but the good news is that me and my girl :hug: are heading for the sun!

    so its a definite case of :punk:
  • well, my new job is going great, im really enjoying all this drug pushing :rolleyes:

    we keep making starts on decorating the house, the kitchen is my next victim :cunning:

    and i got my mock driving test tonite eep!! and got the real one in the not too distant future
  • I'm goner start sckool i 4 days :doh: :swear:.


    Oh well its only 4 WEEKS of school till the holidays! :woot:
  • I have a new roomate :hug: and boy can she cook mm mmm good :feedme: ....we were gonna move to NC, but we decided to stay here and just visit her family back there, so I have 2 week in the deep south of the US comin up starting the 13th, I am rather excited :woot:
  • Originally posted by Devilchild@Apr 26 2003, 11:35 AM
    [b]I have a new roomate :hug: and boy can she cook mm mmm good :feedme:


    that's always a prerequisite for my roomates...cause boy can I eat.......
  • [quote]Originally posted by dzdandcunfsd+Apr 26 2003, 12:36 PM-->QUOTE(dzdandcunfsd @ Apr 26 2003, 12:36 PM)[quote]<!--QuoteBegin-Devilchild</i>@Apr 26 2003, 11:35 AM
    [b] [b][i]I have a new roomate :hug:
  • that just made my mouth water........I havent had good chitlins in years

    and bring it :fight: I"m down to squab for some good cookin' anyday :angry: :D
  • Well I just had one weird last week. I went to Newcastle, for my uncle's wedding, and the other usual stuff. This holiday was funny AND weird.
    Weird part (to me), my mum does family tree, she started because we didn't know any of my Grandpa's side of the family (and when he died, she wanted to find out about them), only that he went to orphanage, and lived in Newcastle. Anyway, when we went down to Newcastle, we met second cousins, or something like that... first time we EVER met them...it was pretty good. Then, we were looking for my grandpa's brother and sister. Anyway, we only knew one thing, and that found us who they were. We met them, it was, i dunno a word to describe this. Anyway, it was pretty weird how that was found out.

    So all I've been doing is my holiday. And now I must do my Maths B Homework that i got over the holidays, the half a chapter of it, thats due in two days, that I haven't started :blink:
  • Life has been good lately. I went to prom last night without hardly any cares and came out of prom with a lot of money.(well...the Monopoly paper money). I enjoyed the whole dance...I figured it would be just like any other dance...but it was WAY different.

    I think I'm gonna go next year.
  • I...I never thought anyone really gave a shit what happens to me. but now :woot: look, you do care!! ;) anyhow...well, Clock Tower cares (i swear, if i find ANYONE who loves this game as much as i...beware...though I'd really love to meet you!) *sighs* I HATE people, but...ach, i'm complex, confusing, and, to quote the lovely Murderdolls: "i'm perfect, pissed off, beautiful, and GOD!". anyone a hardcore demonic sadistic gothic madgammer like me? well, i'd probably get real threatened if i DID meet someone like me *pulls out a knife* heh...anyhow. my life is shit. though i will be a successful novelist (once i find a fucking PUBLISHER!!)...ah, well. no one understands me, or even wants to, i love violence and blood and solitude, and X-MEN, how awesome is that movie, damn...i'm tired of having to serve society because if you do not serve them, you will consequently suffer...i hate the world...but...*sighs* oh, i dunno...time to go play Clock Tower! (hey, i'm REALLY disappointed that CT III is made by Capcom. what the hell? did they buy out ASCII or something?! i still want the game...) anyway. come see me again. *smirks evilly, disappears*
  • Started playing Star Wars Bounty Hunter...
  • I envy you Valen Bates!
    I want clock tower but I STILL don't have it :cry:

    anydoody, what's been going on in my life? to name few:
    - finished MGS2
    - trying to finish ZOE: 2nd Runner
    - frustrated! I bought RE: Code Veronica X which I can't finsih because it's japanese
    - my friends (guys and gals) are in my room right now. sleepover. It's 2:40am now ....first one to sleep is a dead ball! hyuk hyuk hyuk ..... :lol: We are having a Tekken 4 tournament and I'm up next sooo.... ..... peace :punk:


  • After about 4 weeks of my left eye watering like crazy (have had countless people ask me 'what's wrong?', thinking I'm crying), the stuff just fills up and pours down my face.... anyway, I finally had enough and went to the eye Dr. yesterday. After an exam, he says that my tear ducts in that eye are clogged. He suggested some warm compresses and a 'massaging' with a Q-Tip a few times a day..... but, if it's not cleared up in a couple of days, then I will need to see an opthamologist and probably get the darned thing probed!!! :blink: That does not sound pleasant to me AT ALL!!!!! Thankfully I'm off work today, so I'll be spending most of it just sitting with a warm wet towel on my eye, then rubbing away at my tear ducts with Q-Tips!! YEEESH!!!

    Here's to hoping I don't need to have that needle shoved in there!! :shy:
  • poor speedie :cry:

    my dads just found out he has the opposite problem, he isnt making any tears.
  • Hey look at it from he bright side, at least it isn't your Bu**ole that's leaking. :lol:

    There feeling better?!
  • Originally posted by manneman@May 2 2003, 11:09 AM
    [b]Hey look at it from he bright side, at least it isn't your Bu**ole that's leaking. :lol:

    There feeling better?!

    I've been probed there before and it's not as bad 'cause they knock your @ss out (no pun intended) totally so you don't know a thing!!! If they could do that to me for my eyes that'd be ok then!!!

    Update: the warm compresses aren't working!! :cry:
  • I am so sorry to hear that Suze, I hope all gets better for ya in a hurry.

    WooHoo!!! 1700 posts
  • Originally posted by Devilchild@May 4 2003, 05:01 AM
    [b]I am so sorry to hear that Suze, I hope all gets better for ya in a hurry.

    WooHoo!!! 1700 posts
    :flex: [/b]

    Now that was mean.
  • At least he's not the one with the big EYE for an av. heh, heh.

  • Great news!!! The compresses and scrubbing do seems to be working!! Only had about three leaks yesterday!!! :disco: :clap:
    None so far this morning!! :clap:

    (and Mad, my eye was looking like Gabes av for a while there!! Yeeeeesh!!)
  • Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@May 4 2003, 03:14 PM

    (and Mad, my eye was looking like Gabes av for a while there!! Yeeeeesh!!)

    PH34R M4I-I D34DI_Y P1I\IK3Y3.
  • Hope you're feeling better, Sus and you can see straight again :blink:

    Have spent a most productive few days. Both PCs are up and running - yay! We are networked together, have sound and webcams and broadband as of Tuesday. Could life get any more sweet? :disco:

    Which means that I can go online whenever I want, without having to fight for internet over online gaming.

    And last night, I got really drunk for the first time in a long time - on three lager shandies made from just one can of Stella.

    Welcome to old age... hehehehe :drool:
  • [quote]Originally posted by gabriel knight+May 4 2003, 09:17 AM-->QUOTE(gabriel knight @ May 4 2003, 09:17 AM)[quote] <!--QuoteBegin-Susan B STAFF</i>@May 4 2003, 03:14 PM
    (and Mad, my eye was looking like Gabes av for a while there!!

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