Sorry Moments
  • You know you've played those kiddy games and you've liked them admit it come on.

    The games I've played I'll admit i've played pokemon and somewhat enjoyed playing it. Digimon,rugrats.
  • One day i visited my mom and little sister and it was a rather boring day and my little sister(Rachel) was having trouble with her game so i played it....and ended up beating the entire game myself in a little over 2 hours. Oh, the game was one of the Mary Kate and Ashley games for the PSX......Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well let see.....

    Pokemon (Red,Blue, Yellow) - GB
    Rugrats - PSX
    Rugrats - N64
    Monster Rancher - PSX

    Don't know if you'd count Disney's Treasure Planet as a kids game, but I played it (and enjoyed it).
  • Even through all my gaming experience I have made some pretty bad game-playing choices and that would have to be. Barney's Hide and Seek for Sgea Genesis please don't hate me
  • Yeah, my little brother got Rugrats for PSX, I thought it was cool, always played the mini golf mode in it.

    What else, well the first Rayman, I liked. Good platformer, dont know if I would consider it kiddy or not though?
  • Being how, I'm a mum. I'd have to say I've played my fair share of these title's, including Atlantis (SP?), Rugrat's, Stewart Little 2, Monster's Inc, and Croc to name but a few!

    If I really set my mind too it, I could probably come up with a some more? Lord know's there's plenty of them. I actually don't mind a few of them, as they offer a bit of extra escapism when I want something a little less "taxing" from my gaming <_<
  • This is a very interesting topic. All I can say is...

    Pokemon (Red and Yellow..though I lost Yellow :( )-GB

    Banjo Kazooie (became a fan of Capt. Blubber and Kazooie)-N64

    Monster Rancher (I fed my Mochi too many potatoes and it died)-N64

    Some Barbie Game (it was on the computer and I can't remember the real name of it..but I liked the dogs on there)

    Yoshi Story (Most kiddy game I've ever played...I even wasted my time in finding the other Yoshis)-N64

    That's about all I can think of.
  • Hmmm...Well:




    Toy Story 2-N64

    Those are the ones that I know at the moment...But I think I have played more.
  • I've been thinking and I've come to the conclusion that I really havn't played any kiddie games since I was an accual kid myself.
    The closest I've come is some sort of Pokemon arena deathmatch in wich I was challanged by my 13 year old cousine, and I totally hated it since I couldn't understand what to do and he refused to tell since it would decrease his chanses of winning. :D