Final Fantasy X-2
  • Hi! Does anyone know when Final Fantasy X-2 is coming out in England? Is it out in America yet? It looks Fantastic! I've seen about 100 screen shots of it and all I can say is finally, a Final Fantasy with fantastic graphics and a female lead!!!!!!!!!! You can buy the Japanese version on ebay, but I can't play it, and wouldn't even be able to understand it!!!!!!!!!!!! WB! xxx :blink:
  • No its only out in Japan as of now.
    Im shure they will release it in the US and the Euro regions.

    Yeah the game looks preety good, and im shure it will be.

    Well im shure Mad could help you out with the release dates for FFX-2 in England.
  • Yes, it is out in Japan and sold 1.54 million copies in it's first week, out of the 1.8 million that shipped on release day which was March 13th. It is scheduled to ship in North America on November 3rd and though there is no solid PAL date yet, it looks like it'll be Q1 which is about March - May.

    The graphics are still great compared to many new games but it uses the FFX graphics engine so basically they were able to refine the graphics a little more. There won't be many FMV movies in this title and as with the movies, Square is trying many new features that they didn't want to use in the numbered series. This includes one of my favorite features in New Game + or Continue + or whatever they call it in the end.

    This will definitely be a new direction in the series but expect Square to go back to their normal type of game with FFXII(which is in the works). Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Thanks! I just can't wait till it gets here!!!!! (Really sad, I know!) Never mind, aye? xxxxx :D
  • Heh, heh....It's alright. I'm looking forward to the game as well so you're not the only one.