• I've wanted ever since I finished playing legend of the dragoon to see a legend of the dragoon 2.
    I think it would be an awesome game.
  • I must say that i'd be first in line to purchase Chrono 3(whatever they end up calling it). I have been waiting and waiting and it seems that Square is working on it.....They just haven't officially announced it yet. I am just waiting for the first bit of info to come out about it......Well, it's almost time for E3 so maybe it'll be announced then. I hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I definetly will get MGS 3 when it first comes out. I loved the story in number 2 and I bet it will be even better than the last.

    Also the next Xenosaga episode 2, I would get in a Heart beat.

    And I bet the next Crono is going to kick Ass
  • Chrono and Legend of Dragoon for me probably...
  • ... if i want a "new game" it will be NEW and not a sequal ...

    i want a game that surprises me. i want a game that makes me question my preconceptions of the genre (whicherver genre it happens to be). i want a game that turns other games on their ear

    i do NOT want a new game that's already been done
  • I hear ya monkey, unfortunately given the developments in gaming over the past couple of decades, its getting extremely difficult to come up with something that can redefine the standards in a particular genre. Most
  • You're going to get your wish somewhere down the line Steve-Acclaim has the rights to doing games based on the Alias series (as to whether it'll be done right by them is another story considering their history with licensed games <_< ).<br />
    You're right regarding the ability to find anything "new"-just about every genre has been done that can be thought of.One game I've mentioned before as looking foward to is Ape Escape 2 (which arrives sometime this summer to North America courtesy of Ubi Soft).
  • As Lyn, said, Acclaim has picked up and is working on an Alia game, the story on it can be found here.

    Lyn, yeah, looks like Ubi Soft is bringing your filling of Apes to you in August, or at least that's when it's scheduled to be released.

    Monkey, i think you'll want to check out Square's Unlimited Saga. It's an RPG and it utilizes hand drawn and painted graphics that aren't 2D, nor 3D, nor ar they cel-shaded. Square has created a completely new type of game with this. A game that has 7 different story arcs to it with a couple of the arcs being as long as 40 hours a piece. The story is one of unparalleled excellence and graphics and color that will stun you. One thing that may turn off people is the fact that this is a very hard game(difficulty-wise) and movement in the field and battles are unlike what most people have become accustommed to in RPGs. It's been out in Japan since November and will be released in North America on a scheduled date of July 1st. No word on a PAL release as of yet.

    Oh, i guess i should mention that Unlimited Saga is another title that i will definitely get my hands on when it's released. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting andh ave fun gaming.
  • Cheers guys (must have had temporary blindness in late Jan due to drinking all that antifreeze!)

    As for Acclaim picking up the licence:

    Old school 2d fighting games where you get to rip the spines out of peeps and turn into dragons and stuff (as well as a more recent notable 3D effort)
  • I still would love to see Soulblade Vs. Tekken. The card game by Flying Buffalo called Nuclear War would make a great online game. Diplomacy would also be a great online game( Kissingers favorite game). I'd have those three preordered in a heartbeat.
  • [quote]Originally posted by Steve F STAFF@Mar 28 2003, 02:44 PM
    [b] Plus anything relating to Jennifer Garner can
  • Simple.

    Thuggin' Final Fantasty.

    Word, yo.

    (That'd be hilarious :lol: )
  • As for sequels for me I want to see (as with many) Legend of Dragoon 2 and Parasite Eve 3. The origanals kicked major a$$! I just can't wait to see what new improvements they have.

    If you talking about NEW GAME. I think having a stragety game where you have to arm your troops with ammo, gas and food in real time would be awesome! There would be nothing worst than having your whole army of tanks stop before a base because it ran out of gas! Or worst, your troops are in the middle of a battle and the run out of ammo!

    Plus RPGs that you can go online with, but you have to level up in the single player mode to be considered an opponent. Online mode would be like towns where you can enter tournaments to level up more. There could be dungeons, forests, and stores where you could get some powerful items/weapons!

    So if anyone who is reading this is a designer, remeber Mengsk has ton of ideas he and his friends would like to be included in future games! Act fast since I want to be a game designer later in life!

    Have Fun Gaming! Don't Drink & Game1
  • Sequels? I can't wait for EIDOS to finish up the Legacy of Kain series on both sides, Kain and Raziel need closure.

    New games? Take the escape games to extreme levels... You need to escape a maximum security prison while the FBI, CIA, NSA, and FTA chase you with guns a blazing, all the while a raging earthquake and tidal waves pound the world around you. Weapons available to you are straws and wet kleenex, rubber bands and paper clips, and the extreme Zippo and WD-40 can (caution! may explode in your hand). Instead of jacking cars, you must earn rides on GreyHounds and in taxi cabs, not to mention making friends with truckers.

    That would be a game I pre-order.