• Does ne1 know how many chernobyl children have been transported to ireland since 1986??? If u do PLEASE tell me coz tis important
  • You're going to be a little more clear on this question. From where are you looking for the children to have been transported from? Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Are you talking about children that have emigrated, or merely those who have taken part in the [i]Chernobyl Children
  • No I think he's meaning how many children who were affected by the chernobyl incident have actually emigrated to Ireland since then. Personally I dont think there will have been that many since if I recall about Chernobyl most of the peoplee who weere contaminated were moved to other parts of Russia and not to countries like Ireland. Though that might not be true.
  • Has anyone seen the effects Chernobyl has exerted on some of those kids? Besides burn patients, I have never seen anything more disturbing in my entire life.
  • Is it just me or is this guy always trying to make us do his homework.

    Oh and T-dog, i think that some small pocks patients are more disturbing.
  • What if you're talking about all of the mutations that the children who were born AFTER Chernobyl but whose mothers were caught in it exhibited then yes I have heard about it. Most of the women who were pregnant at the time of the Chernobyl incident miscarried I think. This is because the human DNA is quite a fragile thing and doesn't take too kindly to change. Thankfully the Human DNA has a lot of junk parts. This is just parts that don't do anything and are simply there to protect the live parts by soaking up any harmful agents (such as radiation, Nicotine!!! and quite a few others. Oh and the !!! was to draw your attention to the fact that nicotine is actually very harmful. In the plant world it's an insectiside and some farmers use concentrated Nicotine solution as just that. So think of the damage you're doing to your body every time you inhale the smoke from a cigarrete. Each puff might not do much damage on its own but it adds up.) which could change the live parts. Now normally if one of the live parts is changed then a vital part could just disappear. In a full grown human that cell would die off without causing much harm (although it may become cancerous) but in a developing embryo the changing of that one cell could be fatal. Even rarer than cancer is the mutations that were seen after Chernobyl. Well that's mer contributed my part to the discusssion so I'd better be off. See ya.