Where Does All Your Money Go?
  • the other day i was looking at my pay slip and noticed that column that shows you how much money you've earned all year and then i realised i dont have any money to show for it. And its really scary when u start to break down what you actually spend your pennies on!

    mine go on

    driving lessons
    savings towards our trip to oz

    and thats it!!!!

    i remember when i used to spend money on clothes!! it just doesnt happen anymore!! :(
  • Oh, I know exactly where my money goes.
    Me and my lover (I got tired of calling her girlfriend and since there is no word for people that are living like their married but aren't I think I'm gonna try a couple of new descriptions ;) )
    are students both, so our joined economy adds up to a minimum salary of one working person. Half goes to rent + hously bills and just a bit under half to food. If we're lucky we have $50 left at the end of the month so that we can do something fun (buy beer and videogames one month and go to the hairdresser the other :lol: )

    I was acually thinking of something very close to this topic a few days ago. I struck me that the reason we (and everybody else) never seem to have any money is beacuse we want everyday luxuries. You want to eat meat several times per week and we want stuff to put on our sandwiches. We want candy and we want to drive a car and buy new clothes.
    But if we tried to live more "mideval farmer"-style we all get pretty rich but not very much happier.
    I don't know were I'm going with this, there is still some thinking to be done be fore I can come to a conclusion.
  • I save my money till I have a couple hundred dollars and blow it all away.... Like January I had 240 dollars and I bougt like 3 games and some other things I can't even remember buying. :(
  • Well, half of my cash goes to rent, about another quarter of that goes to other various bills, and the rest goes to feeding my Anime, CD, and RPG collections that i have built up and continue to do so. I also save some of it up....though it usually doesn't amount to a whole lot. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • At the moment the wife and I are in a pretty good situation, we are waiting for our property to be finished being built so we board with the parents and in laws. This means we pay bugger all in rent and the rest goes to savings to take as much off our mortgage as possible.

    The wife is an accountant so she is careful with her money while the fatman here would swap it all for some magic beans. :D I am still trying to con the wife into throwing the money into a different car. I have been without a fast car for too long. :)

    Manne, there is a word for when you live with a girl that is not your wife. It is called (over here anyways) being in a defacto relationship, making her your defacto wife. ;)
  • I am not yet responsible for paying for my housing..but my money thus far has been going to my soon to be bought PS2 and games for it. The other day I got money and I used that money up to pay for ink on the printer. A small amount goes towards gifts for me and my boyfriend. That's about all I guess.
  • I guess im lucky, well as of now. Because im only 16 and most of my money goes in the bank or to videogames.

    I really am dreding paying for my own bills and stuff. Not to say I want to live with my parents all my life <_<
  • Our money goes towards mortgage, car loan, bills and everyday luxuries that we don't need. A lot of everyday luxuries that we don't need.


    Here in Canada what we call the situation that your in a common-law relationship. You would be her common-law-husband and she would be your common-law-wife.
  • :ph34r: ps2 games :ph34r:
  • Must be nice to spend money on stuff you love and want. Im barely rubbing 2 pennies together. I have to pay 5200 out of my pocket for 2 courses over the summer and a 230 dollar cay payment every month. Im only making around 350 a month. Plus, I might have to put some money towards the Insurance bill when it comes around. It really sux not having money....
  • Mostly on the Kid's, well that which is not sucked up by the Mortgage's (we have a rental house also.) and various other bill's. Like food, clothing, phone/internet....etc....etc.
    Insurance's, Education.....yarda....yarda.....various large and expensive hairy animals <_< !!! <br />It just seem's to vanish as quickly as it comes in!! :blink:

    I too can recall a time when all I had to concern myself with was, my portion of the rent, booze money and clothes....all just for me!!
    Now if I want to go out, it takes a good month to save up.....longer if I want something special to wear!
    Listen to me complaining? I should be grateful we have a roof over our heads, warm food and decent clothes on our backs!
    Guess it could be worse?
  • My money's spent before my paycheck even comes in...........bills, bills, and more billls.......and with a kid on the way........yipppieeee!!! heh...

    unless I starve myself for a month or two then I have some extra money that gets blown immediately on guitar parts/cables/adapters/microphones/cd's/booze and wild women :rolleyes:
  • Bills and gasoline. Not much is left over.....
  • Seeing as I'm only 15, my money goes to more luxourious things. I usually spend it on games, DVD's, CD's and cricket gear. And then there is of course when I go to see movies and stuff.
  • The little i have left after paying rent, bills and feeding me and my daughter mostly goes to DvD
  • [b]Most of mine goes to the bloody TAXMAN!

    quick break down, per month for me, but get paid weekly

    Pension (2 private ones)
    Life Insurance (2 accounts)
    Internet bill
    Telephone bill
    Rent & upkeep of the house
    Mobile Phone topup cards for calling me 'old girl down the length of England (going for another contract phone this weekend to save money)
    Petrol, lots of it
    Food, food, drink, food, lots of it
    Car Insurance, Breakdown Insurance & Road Tax for the next coming year
    Subscription to OPM & OP2M

    and if there's any left, PC & PS2 stuff. I've left out the kinky stuff that I love (that's power tools for my job not the other sort you muppets)

    and of course not forgetting, must remember to pay off the credit card!!!

    'Got any spare change?' please send it to my address. Preferably in new, crisp clean
  • If I knew that, I wouldnt be struggling with it.
  • Originally posted by Chris N STAFF@Mar 26 2003, 02:39 PM
    [b](that's power tools for my job not the other sort you muppets) [/b]

    Now Chris, you expect us to believe that's 100% true? heh, heh.....I guess i'll give you the benefit of doubt right now....but just you wait. <_< Anywho, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming(as if you haven't heard that 6000 times). </b>
  • Well manneman, I call her either my financeme or my little ball of neurosis.

    Anyway, as for our money we both work so the taxman, the rent and bills, and my child support are for the most part covered. On the up side, I make tips 5 or 6 days a week and she does 3 days a week. That makes for quite a bit of mad money. Most of which is spent at Wal-Mart at 2AM after work, or at the mall on Sunday. Lots of DVDs, games, computer upgrades, that electronic goody stuff. Also cigs and beer, gotta remain a slave to my vices. :P
  • I see a lot of 'kids' (no offence ;) ) saying that they spend their money on games, cd's and other luxuries. If I knew back in my younger days what I know now, I would be setting aside every penny I could for the down payment on my house.

    No way I could spend 200 bucks at the bar over a weekend now like I did back then. :(
  • All the little money I EVER get goes to games...or food to buy while playing games. Well that's all I really ever buy(cuase it's all I ever really need...at least for now)
  • Money. Well Money makes the world go round and here's what I spend mine on in order of highest to lowest.

    Bus money
    Digs (
  • Just a small note in the sidequest of naming you spouse. In Sweden we call em SAMBO, witch is a word constructed by the two words together and live. But I understand that that perticular word has a degrading meaning about someone with African descent, so...
    maybe I just call her my togglie
  • I have a 13 year old daughter. Need I say more. :D
  • You going to oz oddish??

    Hopefully ill see you here!!!!!!!!!!

    well my money goes towards

    PS2 Games
  • Hi all, been a long time since I've posting, I know. :rolleyes:

    Money? That would go on:

    Infernal credit card
    Salty Plums ;)

    Mind you, a huge chunk of it seems to disappear into thin air. I certainly don't have anything to show for it!
  • Me?

    I'm still in school, no job, thus, little cash.

    Where does it go?

    Paying up quarterly fees for my RPG and the occasional chunk gets tossed in the general direction of a pen-and-paper RPG resource or maybe a PS2 Game.
  • I'm like most people and living the american(canadian) dream.
    Mortage, utilities, cars, and the good old credit card bills.
    With 2 kids it does not take long for whatever is left oven to get used up. Maybe this year I'll get the white picket fence. :P :D
  • Rubber chickens. Many, many rubber chickens.

    They're the main ingredient in my flawless plan for world domination.
  • My car payment and insurance, rent, bills, video games, CDs, and DVDs
  • [quote]Originally posted by hangoverqueen@Mar 28 2003, 12:43 PM
    [b]Mind you, a huge chunk of it seems to disappear into thin air.

  • Gosh, how has this one gotten away from me for so long!?

    Well, let's see now....... My money goes for the typical stuff first:
    Mortgage, utilities, new truck, auto insurance, life insurance, licenses for the both of us, food (darn near forgot that one! :blink: ).. and then there's always the toys!! Gaming goodies, like my most recent acquisition of Dark Cloud, and puter gaming stuff for the Big Guy. (must satisfy that EverCrackHead!!)
    Then, there's always the usual 'add-ons' like hair cuts, movies, new tires for the old truck and auto maintenence..... normal stuff like that.
    Geeee, before ya know it, it's all gone! :( (except for what's stuffed away in the little 'nest egg' with Hubby's union).
  • When i earn big money (from babysitting and petsitting) it goes into my bank account. So far i have $426.18! and $71 outside of that. WOW!!! i almost own half a thousand dollars!!! ima rich lil 16 year old! B)
  • i think i just lost mine :(

    i know i headed out on the town last saturday with
  • I spend my money on games, (whenever I can) new running shoes, (being a distance runner I go through them like nothing) and I'm trying to save up for a good car, a modem for PS2, or if I really get bored with PS2....which I never will, Gamecube...Yes I know. Throw your insults and shoes at me, but I have to know what goes on in the RE series! I love those games... Plus I would like to beat Metroid Prime!

    Have Fun Gaming! Don't get picked off by me!
  • Oh boy!!

    a Mortgage, two vehicle payments, insurance, utilities, food, savings, a stay at home wife with an ebay habit, 3 kids (two of them school age), and a cat...

    See what you guys have to look forward to! :o

    And in the grand scheme of things... I wouldn't trade any of it for the world! :D

  • All my money goes basically to the school tuck shop "canteen" or "kiosk" might be a more familiar term for international schoolies, ya good old pie and coke is always a killer! And those Coke machines, mmmmm Coke, CR knows what I am talking about! Actually I think Ill go for one now brb.............................. ahh thats the good stuff!

    Bout it. ;)
  • Aside from the boring monthly check writing and mailing session, lately I've been chucking my change into upgrading certain systems in my automobile (new throttle body, cold air intake, underdrive pulleys, MAF sensor, comp. chip, and shorty headers), and in my home. The one I'm most impatiently awaiting is the new surround sound system for my PS2...should be here the day after tomorrow. Between the sound system upgrade and the monster cable, my gaming and DVD watching should look and sound better than ever.
  • A fourth of our pay goes on our mortgage, another fourth on food shopping/cleaning etc and another fourth sorts out most of the bills and the remainding quarter pays for everthing else ie, entertainment, petrol, bus fair, "savings", school excursions for our daughter, clothes, etc etc. :rules:

    Financially we have very little at left by the time we get paid again :cry:
  • Around here it's mostly cost of living stuff. We have a mortgage to pay and but don't always shop for the newest and brightest things.We're not getting rich quickly but things are reasonably comfortable. We aren't married either but when you're committed to each other you might as well just say wife.

    I think by far the biggest bite (blight ? ) are taxes. When you see the big fat slice that comes off of your economic pie it makes one want to puke. Especially when the way much of it is handled is questionable. If governments were businesses they wouldn't last for long.Grrrrrrrrrr !!!!
  • Omg...many things...car insurance...food, there are so many things I just can't list them all...it is pretty much the normal things for someone like me in the year I am in.

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