• Ok, i'll make this brief. As some of you know, im 17 and currently doing my As-Levels.
    Now what i was wondering, is what qulifications you guys have for the jobs you have? I am unemployed (had a part time job interview for Macdonalds that i think i screwed up) and havn't got a clue what i want to do in the future.
    I want to earn loads of cash, who dont, and i also want to enjoy my work. I like doing art, listening to music and can play a little piano, and fiddling with my pc, so any job to do with them 3 i could do. :) So as i said, what have you got quilifaction wise to get your job, and what would you recomend? :blink:
  • I am the Games Manager at Circuit City......I don't think there's too much to explain about my qualifications but if any of you have any questions, check out the some odd 6000 posts that i have spread out through the forums in two years. Basically, i know almost everything about gaming that one could need to help out any customer that walks into my store(and some that call even). I can't claim to know everything because i don't know everything about it....but i like to think i know a little bit more than the next person. I would have to say my claim to fame is the innane ability to know and/or remember just about anything about games(whether i've played them or not).

    Though these aren't qualifications of my job, they would come in handy if i wanted to do other things as a career. I have a natural ability of Programming(though i dislike it with a vengeance). Also, odd jobs such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, etc., etc. were taught to me by my dad. Basically, i can do anything i need to if i ever need a job(even if i dislike most of the stuff i know). Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • At the moment I am a Customer Service Manager for a Camping and Outdoors company. I have an Asssociate Diploma of Buisness with a Marketing major which is a little relevant but not much. I have several liscences to operate heavy machinery which I used to use until an injury.

    My job is pretty cruisy at the moment and I am possibly headed for a promotion to become a sales rep so it is looking up.

    I seem to have the uncanny Rainman like ability to remember numbers and calculate things in my mind reasonably quickly. We have about 2000 current product lines and if someone tells me a product name I can quote the product code of the top of my head. They think I am a bit of a freak, I think I just should get a life.

    On a side note I am still looking for a career to seek my teeth into and something that will offer me a future. Law Enforcement is where I want to be but the missus isn't that keen.
  • Now I'm not employed at the moment since I'm taking a year off from school to care for my child, but I think I have a clue on what an employer wants.
    That happens to be an ability to show up on time and do you work properly. No one starts at the top (unless your born filthy rich), and you might just have to take a couple of sucky jobs in order to get were you want to be.
    It really doesn't matter if you are any good at anything as long as you are the only one saying so. So get a job doing what you enjoy doing (even if the pay sucks) and get a paper saing "This here lad can sure do this well, and he always was on time" and then new doors will open for you.

    You could, of course, consider an academic life wich meens that you'll go to school and never return to real life :lol: wich is sweet if you're into that kind of stuff.

    Or you could try your luck at buming around for years (still doing the occational odd job) while practicing your artistic skills. But then you'll probably wont see that much money coming your way.

    Just don't think that things come easy in life and remember that making an effort usually pays off in the end. ;)
  • I am a Rotational Molding Operator, Temporary Lift Truck Driver, Temporary Polyurethane Foam Technician and a member of our ERT. (Emergency Response Team; dealing with chemical spills, fires, first-aid and plant evacuations)

    The qualifications I need for my job(s) is a grade 12 diploma which I don't even have. I was hired before that was introduced as company policy. So basically all I need for an hourly job posting at work is enough seniority to get the job. My attendance really helps out as well. I have only missed one day of work in approximately 1200 days.

    Lately there have been rumours floating around the plant that I am up for a production supervisor position. People have been coming up to me asking when I start my new position. That is kind of funny since no one has offered it to me yet or even spoke to me about it. :huh:
  • I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist for a 500 bed acute care facility near Orlando, Florida. This is an allied health profession, and requires from 2 to 4 years of college education and training. Because the elderly population is growing at an accelerated rate among other age groups, the demand for all Allied Health professionals is expected to increase (ESPECIALLY in Florida).

    Respiratory Therapists routinely work in all areas of the hospital, but some choose to specialize, however added training and credentials or certifications are usually required under such circumstances. Here's a breakdown of credentials needed for common allied health occupations.


    RN - Registered Nurse
    CCRN- Critical Care Registered Nurse
    LPN- Licensed Practical Nurse
    RRT- Registered Respiratory Therapist
    RPFT- Registered Pulmonary Function Technologist
    PNS- Perinatal/Neonatal Specialist

  • I am an LPN (T Dog just told you what that is, but he's not entirely accurate: RN= Real Nurse, LPN- Let's Play Nurse. :lol: )

    I have been an LPN for nearly 13 years now and I love it!! I only went to school for one year as it was a government-funded course for us 'poor people', back when I was on the dole right after the first husband left and the son and I were on our own. I started working in long-term-care right after school, and have done LOTS of long-term-care, as Geriatrics is my absolute favourite!! I've also done a bit of hospital work and private-duty nursing, but I prefer to be surrounded by the geezers!! :D

    I am currently working in a medical facility/Dr. office complex, but it's more than just a doctors office. The building houses the facilities for minor surgeries, endoscopic and 'other such' procedures, a Cancer Recearch area, a lab, a radiology department fully equipped for procedures from the basic X-Rays to Nuclear Medical tests (like different sorts of stress tests) and also includes an open MRI. We have some other things that I don't remember at the mo, but it's quite a facility. There are six other Shah facilities in the area to take care of nearly any medical need one might have. I am very happy to say that I am one of the main nurses for the owner of the practice, who is a cardiologist. I started working for the group 4 years ago, working in a satelite office for the first two years and in the main building the last nearly two years with 'The Man'.

    Basically, Manne hit the nail on the head. The number one credential you need is the ability to SHOW UP. I had lots of nursing experience before I'd started with this group, but I'd never done dr. office type nursing before, and I'd had NO experience drawing blood before starting here, but I just showed up all the time, did what I needed to do, and all has been pretty well. It turns out I have quite the ability to draw blood painlessly and quite proficiently, being able to hit those veins that most others are not able to. I have employees make sure that I'll be there when they bring in their loved ones so that I will be the one to draw their blood, including 'The Man' himself!! He specifically requests me for when his family comes in to visit from out of the country. Sure makes a girl feel good! :D

    I've been very blessed to be in a field that I ADORE!!!!!!! I hope you get that lucky Theve!!
  • I am a DataBase Administrator (DBA for short). I went to 4 years of college (Indiana State University when Larry Bird was there - even got to play against him) and studied Computer programming. Worked my way up the chain to Programmer Specialist (many years ago) then took and opening in the DBA world for IMS (heirarchical database structure) on the mainframe in 1985 and then learned DB2 (Linear database structure) in early to mid 1990s.

    A DBA is concerned with the structure of the data and the method of retreival but not so much of what the data is.
  • well since I am currently unemployed as of today........my job qualifications consist of being able to sit on my bum for hours upon end while staring at the wall with a blank facial expression.....lol..
  • im a dispensing assistant in a phamacy, and ive got 3 A'levels (biology, chemistry and environmental science) a HND in environmental science, NVQ level 2 in retail and im soon gonna be working towards some more dispensing qualifications.

    i wouldnt mind doing pharmacy, or even nursing, but i cant afford the stupid university fees etc. and with owning a house now, we both need a full time job.

    i wouldnt worry about your mcdonalds interview. They employed me so trust me they arent that picky!!! :D
  • I'm a production supervisor for a large interior automotive parts company. I started with the company in 95 as a line operator and was promoted about a year and a half ago, although I only worked in that position for a year before going off on mat. leave(that might help those of you who have read my new member post and are trying to figure out who my husband is).

    As for the qualification that I have, well lets see. I have my grade 12 diploma, one year of business at a community college(which helps a bit, but not really), and I have my diploma in Travel & Tourism(which has nothing to do with my job).

    In Dec. I completed and internet accounting course and plan on taking another one soon. My employer pays for them so that is a big help and an incentive to better myself.

    Good luck in the future.

  • At present I'm studying Law.....although, what with the constant bickering of the children, :angry: I'm probably, now more 'qualified' as a Peace-worker for the UN? Argggg!!!! Little Moo-faces!

    But upon leaving School, I trained in the Beauty Therapy field. Gaining a couple of diploma's, warranting my credentials. Then moved more into the realm's of Therapeutic Massage, and finally ending up in 'Sports Med. Stayed in this vocation for a year or so, up until I fell pregnant with my first child.

    Now I'm a full-time mum. And have never been busier :blink: Or happier (well, all except for the petty arguements!).
    It is my intention, to.....finger's crossed....complete my studies, gain the relevant qualifications, and return to work, (hopefully in a nice little firm, somewhere local?) once my youngest, is at the very least, at primary school! :D
  • Originally posted by Bid@Apr 1 2003, 09:29 PM
    But upon leaving School, I trained in the Beauty Therapy field.

    Maybe you could help Fat Jiffy and Steve be not so damn ugly prettier. Sometimes they need help with their cross-dressing nights out. ;)

    Just to clear something up that I may have left out of my earlier post. I did receive training to be a Polyurethane Foam Technician, Lift Truck Driver and certificates to be a member of the ERT.

    Just so you didn't think that I was some lunatic running around doing these things without having any training.