• I think there is aliens because space goes on for-ever and there are allot of planets. What do you think?
  • :ph34r: yes there are aliens,I myself have been called one by many,but yes I do believe there are aliens,if we are here,then there must be someone else in the wide universe,well enough philosophy and crap later dawgs and dawgetts of API!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ph34r:
  • Everyone is an alien to someone, regardless of who you are or where you live. Now, if we're talking about like E.T. or the aliens from the movie series Alien then it's possible. The outer reaches of space may not be reachable by us but maybe one day we'll know for sure. Right now there's no way to prove nor disprove the fact that they do exist so i think i'll say i'm undecided on extra terrestrials at this time. But as i said before, we're all aliens to someone. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I will believe in aliens when i see one... :ph34r:
  • Define alien!
    Do I belive that there is a remote possability that life might arise on a far away astroid? Shure!

    Do I belive that there are humanoids traveling to earth from remote planrts and making sneaky stealth visits at night? No!
  • I think we'd be rather arrogant to assume we're the only life in the vastness of the universe. I think that Mannaman is right as far as one thing. We'll find microbes on a meteorite before we find a sentient being.
  • Yes, illegal aliens do exist. Oh... you mean little green men. Then another yes.

    I find it to absolutely impossible that we are the only life in the universe.

    Will we find any intelligent life in my lifetime?

    I doubt it, we have a hard enough time finding intelligent life on our own planet.

    I doubt that aliens have visited us, do I think they know about us? Another yes.
  • I'm not sure if aliens exist, i will truly believe when the walk and shake my hand. But i think that if there were aliens that they wouldn't be super huge or super intelligent monster. I think that they would look very similar to humans.
  • I know many people won't believe it until they see it! But I am pretty sure that they wont be little green people with a big laser gun in there hand! Aliens could look like anything. In the Guiness World Record book, it shows a picture of an alien but I don't think it is a real alien. Aliens could look identical to us but they would still be aliens! :D
  • Wise men have long thought of how an alien would appear. The conclusion as I remember was that it could look just about any how, depending on where it came from.
    A being from a high planet with super strong gravity for example could hard be expected to be bipedal...

    In a few weeks however there is a symposium in Paris where smart people will discuss the best way of talking to aliens.
    Math is considered a universal language but is lacking one important ability, to express feelings.
    So how to best tell visitors from other parts of the galaxy that we are not out to kill them we just want to explore their planet for precious minerals and oil? :P

    Read more here!
  • There are millions and millions of planets in the universe, so how can you say that life only exists on one planet?

    Aliens exist, but most of them will probably be microbes and bacteria, not little green men.

  • Originally posted by crashkart@Mar 8 2003, 09:31 AM
    Aliens exist, but most of them will probably be microbes and bacteria, not little green men.


    Dag nab it! I was looking foreward to a scientific discovery of finding the little green men.

    I believe little green men out there exsist, but we will never be able to discover them in this day and age until they come around us.(being that it takes 2000 years to exit our solar system...or was it our galaxy?)

    That's my thought on the whole matter.
  • Yes. I do belive that aliens exist out there beyond our solar system. Scientists have concluded when examining the recent meteors that have landed on our planet, they have found some plants in them. Therefore life must exist out there. I cant belive we are the only planet with humans. It is very possible that humans do exist on other planets and they may not resemble us. But, I deffinetly belive humans or aliens do exist out there. :rolleyes:
  • no doubt there are other superior organisms out there. And if there wasnt then it would be all a waste of space.
  • I believe there are other life forms out there because if there wasn't that would be an awful waste of space...Yeah...as badboy said it would be...That is off of a movie by the by...@_@ Hehe...
  • As was posted by another member, I too, think it rather arrogant to think that we are the top of the heap, universally speaking. I also think it premature to assume that we're the only show in town, when we have no idea what's out there.

    Personally, I like to believe that alien life exists. I like to think that an infinitely more advanced culture exists that is free from the petty crap that drags us down every day. What's more, I like to think that this alien culture could be a model for us, but upon discovery, we'd likely kill them and steal their land/planet. :(

    People really suck.
  • Actually, they'd likely wipe us out first, because of the threat we pose to them.
  • Aliens do exist. They live behind me and moved in last week... Oh green men aliens... Well I see them all the time. They tell me to burn things...

    Actually I don't really think Aliens exist. I am a religous person (or atleast think to be) and I don't believe God would make another species and not tell Moses about it. After all how could we be living here looking at the skys for something that would appear. Sure it makes a great games (Starcraft,Timesplitters, etc) I don't think that it would happen that one day they would pop out and say here I am. If they did they would destroyed the planet and we would be locked into a war against the Protoss and Zerg while defending ourselves from pirates..

    Have Fun Gaming! Don't Drink & Game!
  • Originally posted by Pinballwizard@Mar 6 2003, 07:59 AM
    I will believe in aliens when i see one... :ph34r:

    Yes, they exist.

    I sincerely believe I have seen one of these things that is commonly called a 'grey', whether they are aliens or anomalies of the mind in an altered state of conscious or whatever the heck the current theory is...

    Here's my short little story...

    Alright, I'm approximately seven years old, living in a large house in semi-rural Kentucky, it's the middle of the night and I wake up with a start (A common thing for the whole alien thing.) and I look around the room, just the regular stuff, a little light from the window, no noise at all, and my brother sleeping on the bunk below mine...Well, I decide to hop off to the bathroom (on the other side of the house) to take a whiz before I head back to bed, and well, adjacent to my room is a sort of greeting room where three doors, a door to the front porch, and the stairs meet. It was in this room that I immediately saw this large white (really, really white) face looking in from the outside, directly at me...just staring... Needless to say, as a kid this scared the wits out of me, and what does a kid do when he's scared? Why, he calls for his parents of course, and that's the odd thing, I didn't call for my parents, I went back to bed and stayed there the rest of the night without sleeping even though that's NOT what I would normally do...

    Still freaks me out to this day (And just thinking or speaking of aliens causes extreme anxiety and goosebumps...I'm alone writing this in the middle of the night, scaring the crap outta me.).

    Anyway, apologies for the lack of separate paragraphs, no breaks occured to me when rambling off the story.

  • I have a hard time believing that we 'Earthlings' are the only life on any planet in the universe. There is just soooooo much out there that we don't know about. I also believe in God et al, but I don't necessarily believe that He'd feel the need to 'tell' us about other life forms out there. It's just too much space out there to believe that nothing else can live in it!!
  • What exactly is an alien? Isn't it just something that is foreign to our planet. So technically wouldn't the micro-oranisms that lived on mars be considered aliens. :blink:
  • Originally posted by spiderklown@Apr 16 2003, 12:11 PM
    What exactly is an alien? Isn't it just something that is foreign to our planet. So technically wouldn't the micro-oranisms that lived on mars be considered aliens. :blink:

    That they are. ^_^ Though usually the term 'alien' refers to /sentient/ extra-terrestrial life.
  • G'day folks, havent posted any messages for some months now. To much other stuff going on, anyway, back to the topic. Hope everyones well.

    I believe it's plausible that life exists elsewhere in the universe. All things being relitive (especially if your a Tasmanian), I guess most people find it dificult believing life can exist outside the parameters we live in, and that which is known by us ;)

    I'm of the opinion that the universe like the planet Earth has it's own ecosystem of sorts and isn't limited to one "big bang" and is a cyclic "entity" or system. I base this on every human life is the result of it's own "big bang" :D :D . Anyway I believe it's very plausible that Earth doesn't have the monopoly on life.
  • Nice to see you, Digger. :D

    I would be truly gutted to hear concrete evidence that there is nobody else out there. There has to be someone else out there in the enormous space above our heads, doesn't there? I can't believe that if we had the means to travel millions of miles (through wormholes? *quick nod to Farscape* :P), we wouldn't meet anyone else.

    Get me in that spaceship and send me out there. I'll come back and tell ya what I find... :rolleyes:
  • Aliens are not real. If you want to believe in aliens fine with me. If you want to see a fake alien just watch sci-fi.

    I think there is aliens because my sister is!!!
  • Care to explain that further? How are aliens not real?
  • I dont bleave in Aliens. The only Aliens i bleave in are the ones that sneek over into other countries :rules: :doh: :bash:

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