Gaming Genres
  • OK then

    i dont believe in the term RPGs since all games are effectively role playing

    but i will attempt to add to the list

    strategy - eg command and conquer but this would also include a title like LMA which is sports strategy.

    survival horror - resident evil and the might silent hill series, but is Devil May Cry survival horror - or an exercise in style over substance?

    flight sims (all of them!)

    God games - Sims, Black & White etc where you develop and control things

    and finally ...

    crap games - anything with the words "army men" in the title ;)
  • Dont know if you have heard of this really small genre Steve, its what was it again, oh right... RPG, aka role playing games ;) Got a few smallish games in it, like the final fantasy games, but i mean it is small and can slip the ming sometimes :D

    Also managemnet sims? More PC related, but stuff like Chapionship Manager.

    and what do we count 'The Sims' as? and my fav, Deus Ex?

    danm you Rory :P beat me to the post, and cut it up before i made my point. lol
  • I can safely add to the list the category of Dance games.

    Dance Dance Revolution is truly in it's own category because I don't think there's any other game that requires you to bounce around and know least on PS.
  • Veitch - sorry to pee on your parade ;)

    but as a suggestion you might find it handy to have an umbrella nearby when posting in the future :rolleyes:
  • FPS, platformer, scroller, RPG ...

    okay, agreed that "RPG" isn't that definitive a genre. however, it's a useful label, so i shall use it.

    to me, the biggest qualification for an RPG is being able to create or modify the main character (who you're playing). games where you can't assign or change the characters stats/skills just don't seem like RPGs to me. like .hack/Infection, for example. i'd list that as "action/adventure" rather than "RPG", closer to Tomb Raider than Everquest

    in this case, there are very few true RPGs around.

    i'd like to split the Action/Adventure label, though i can't think of any good examples. um ... if Vice City is Action, perhaps .hack is Adventure? can there be Action without Adventure, or vis-versa?

    simulations -- tricky. i like you're "god games" category -- perhaps we could use "Overseer" to avoid upsetting the non-Secular crowd? The Sims, Sim City, Rollercoaster Tycoon, etc. would fit here. i'd want a category for "action simulation" though. i'd put driving, flying, or any other sims in there. unfortunately, there are few simulation games around, so this category's a waste of time

    Giant Robot Combat -- now this is a vague category, lol, but these are generally my favorite games. RAD, the Armored Core series, robotech:battlecry, ZOE2.

    i'm having problems with which category to place War of the Monsters into. action? adventure? fighting? can i make a "giant monster" genre like i have for robots?

    did anyone mention "RTS" (real-time strategy) games yet?

    oh ... puzzle games, like Fantavision or Amplitude
  • Okay well im going to start with the First person shooter Genra.

    Now with the FPS, i have noticed, there is usally an option to change the camera so that you can see the character your using, such as in Quake 3, Unreal Tournments games, and many other. Now since there is an option for that it isnt a true FPS, it would be 3rd person and first person.
    Now as in Timesplitter or redfaction, those would be called True FPS games.
    I think if the option to switch from 3rd person to first then it would be called AAPS (all around person shooter) Thats the only name I could come up with.

    Mabey tomarow ill do another Genra.
  • When you have game genres, you should only explain the genres that the game-makers themselves give or it's rather pointless. So, in thinking of this i will give you all the ones that come to mind, and what all games should fall under despite what type of game(ie. most mecha games are action):

    FPS - First Person Shooters(Unreal Tournament, Quake, etc.)
    RTS - Real-Time Strategy(StarCraft, WarCraft, etc.)
    RPG - Roleplaying Games(Lunar, Xenosaga, etc.)
    Action(Zone of the Enders, Shinobi, etc.)
    Adventure(Tomb Raider, Everblue, etc.)
    Sports(NBA Live, Madden, etc.)
    Simulation(The Sims, Theme Park: Rollercoaster, etc.)
    Strategy(not the same as RTS)(Yu-Gi-Oh, DBZ: Card Game, etc.)
    Fighting(Mortal Kombat, Tekken, etc.)
    Platform(ie. Rayman, Klonoa, etc.)
    Racing(not really a sport)(ie. GT3, Nascar, etc.)
    3rd Person Shooter(ie. MGS, Syphon Filter, etc.)
    Arcade(ie. Pac-Man, Tetris, etc.)
    Arcade Shooter(ie. Gradius, Ikaruga, etc.)
    Puzzle(ie. Aqua Aqua, Super Bust-A-Move, etc.)
    Music(ie. Amplitude, DDR, etc.)
    Survival Horror(ie. Clock Tower, Silent Hill, etc.)

    That's about all the main ones. I'm sure some titles don't fit into these categories but i can't think of any so i'll stick to this. Also, some titles are covered by more than one category, and that's the way it should work.

    Sure, you control the role of a player in pretty much all games Rory but the term came from D&D for when you were actually "roleplaying" as that character and as such would physically react as you think he/she would. Now there are console and PC RPGs with PC RPGs being more like Actual RPGs that have been evolved from the original D&D style game where there's less of a storyline whereas console RPGs have a set storyline and as such are much more linear and more like an Action game than an actual D&D style game. RPGs for consoles just make more sense to actually have a set ending than do PC RPGs, because with PCs you can download new game ideas and such hwereas you couldn't do that with consoles(until recently). With console RPGs though, you still take on the role and in the game are expected to act accordingly or the game won't make as much sense. You have to get a good feel for your character and therefore need to roleplay that character moreso than a normal action title. That's why the term RPG still applies to games.

    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • What about TBS games? The Civ series are the greatest strategy games ever.
    And there's pool games (Cue Club etc.) they're a classification on their own.
  • Well I think we've covered most games but what Genre would you call the GTA series as I didn't see anyone covering them. Personally I think they're a class of their own. I'd call it a, well I don't know what to call it as it's a mix of Driving, Stealing cars and shooting cops so basically we can call it the GTA genre. Although if anyone comes up with a better name I'll be the first one to salute them. Right before I shoot them. Just Kidding about the shooting. Okay. Although...there are some people in this Forum who might be better off being, shall we say 'permanantly retired'. Nah come to think of it I'm a student and all of the ones I'm thinking of stay in America so how the heck am I supposed to get there. Oh well another great idea down the drain :D
  • Hmm, I'm not sure about the purpose of this thread (since I have limited time to read) but did you mean that we should put every game in a already named genre or that we should come up with better names and new, more specific genres.

    I vote for the later. I have a hard time knowing what a platform game is!!!

    I think the name "God games" is a very good description of that genre. It really says it all.

    As for the GTA 3/Vice City type of game, wouldn't something like Semi-Storyline Anger Relief, be somewhat fitting?

    What would you call games like Rayman and Crash Bandicoot.
  • Platformers are games where most of the gameplay is spent jumping from platform to platform. ie. Rayman, Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, etc., etc.

    Oh, and GTA would be one of those hybrid titles i was talking about in my original post. It's a combination of genres and the main category would be action considering that's what the main gameplay is. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Originally posted by Mad
    Racing(not really a sport)(ie. GT3, Nascar, etc.)

    I gots a bone to pick with you. Racing is a sport through and through. Most other athletes get a break during their 'game'. A driver must endure 2 or more hours of intense G-forces, tremendous heat and the ability to sit in their own urine if they must 'go'.

    Now mind you if you meant that racing is an entirely different class of sport then completely ignore the above.

    I think that a lot of games are becoming cross-genre. GTA is definitely one of them. You have an action-adventure-simulation(somewhat)-strategy-driving game. I probably left some out but you get the idea.

    I will tackle flight sims, since it is one of my favourite genres. Now there are two types of flight sims. There are flight sims and combat flight sims.

    A flight sim on the PS2 would be Sky Odyssey. This game employs flying only and no combat. Now with no combat it may seem a little boring but it is far from it.

    A combat flight sim would be Ace Combat 4.

    One thing I have not seen yet is a good helicopter sim. They may be out there but I have yet to see a good one.
  • Here we go. As was mentioned earlier by madhtr, the term RPG was derived from D&D type games. I don't think that the term really applies to the FF series or such. You do get a feel for the characters, but are still constrained by the story line. Even with D&D the campaign or module did have a final goal, if you didn't care to achieve it more power to you. You could always throw a wrench in the works by siding with the Githyanki at a crucial moment just to get back at your fellow player for stealing the girl you had a crush on. The Everquest series on PC is the closest I've seen to a true RPG, however I don't have 12 hours a day to devote to it.

    I think trying to catogorize is a moot point. So many games as mentioned before are hybrids. However, here's how I explain them to my girls and friends.

    FPS (most action is based through point of view through screen)
    Sports (All the pro sports)
    X-Games (do I need to expand on that)
    Platform (jump, shoot, then jump again)
    RPG (yes I do call them that, earn experience so you can go back and finally beat that boss)
    Racing (if you can't get out of your vehichle you're racing)
    Puzzle (put sh*t together so it disappears)
    FooFoo (anything based on a cartoon my 5 year old loves)
    Dance (thank god they're limited)
    Strategy (this includes Panzer General, PTo types)
    Board (anything you need to play againt AI instead of breaking it out of your closet to play on your kitchen table)
    Fighter (come on guys this is a no brainer)
    Sim (god type games, I like that term, thank you :) )
    Action/Adventure (hard to spit the two up for me)
    Horror/Survival (gives you the willies)

    I guess when someone asks me about a game that's what I catagorize the title as. As afore mentioned, there are so many that breech more than one. In closing, thank god they do or games would get very repetitive and boring. :) :)
  • I'll stick my oar in on this one.

    I'd agree pretty much with all the above, except for not splitting up Action/Adventure.

    Adventure games are really those that don't involve only involve the very tiniest amount of "killing" and usually none at all, and a heck of a lot of brain freezing puzzles. They tend more to be PC games, but generally, are titles such as Grim Fandango, the Monkey Island series, the Myst Series and The X-Files (PSX). On the whole, it's usually impossible to "die" in these.

    Action adventures are, obviously, adventure games but with combat and the possible "death" of your character. Think Resident Evil, Ico, Tomb Raider.

    But there again, should there be another genre of action/adventure/platform for titles such as Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank?
  • Where would games like Parasite Eve 2, Battlefield 1942, or Ratchet & Clank fit in? They have that core element of RPG, FPS, and platformer but evoled into something much more. If you never played any of these I'll fill you in.

    Battlefield 1942: Kinda like Medal of Honor, but you can spend much of the game in tanks, airplanes, and ships so would it fall into FPS or a combat flight sim?

    PE2: Like RE2 but you win battles and gain experience points which get you new spells and you gain money which lets you buy armor and guns. So would it be a shooter, RPG, or survival horror?

    Ratchet & Clank: Like a platformer but you can buy weapons and upgrades that aid you in adventures. So how would it be classified?

    Alot of games now adays don't follow that path or sticking with those old genre elements. They mix and match them now to keep things fresh and interesting. So I say we make a new genre that includes these hybrid games. It could be called hybrid or evolution or something like that.

    Have Fun Gaming! Don't Drink & Game!
  • OMG! i don't believe no one mentioned Fishing games!

    PE2 isn't so much Survival Horror as Action. It's not really RPG either, since you can't really define the main character's personality yourself. It does have the RPG-style different endings, but most of the game better fits in with Action.
    RPGs have interactive conversations, where you will occasionally have a choice of more than one response to what others say or do, and these choices steer the story somewhat. Most of the replay value comes from the fact that the story will be slightly different if you make different choices next time you play.