Gaming Advisory Panel
  • Like many/most/some of you, when I buy a game, I send in the attached card to Sony. As was mentioned in an earlier post, some of the members here never received any feedback, or any of the goodies mentioned. Recently I was asked to fill out a survey, and Sony has sent me a membership card, a certificate, and some cool swag for being part of what they call the Gamer Advisory Panel . Now, I figure that they do this for thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of gamers, to use as a focus group for gaming research, but I don't know. I expect that many of you have been contacted, I guess I'd like to know how many of us are in on this.

    Have you been contacted? :)
  • Well yeah I have sent in some of those things at the back of the game manuals. But not all.

    I have recevied some demos and stuff, but nothing much, I should send in more registration forums, so I can get more involved.

  • I guess I'm not as faithful to send in my registrations as you are WB 'cause I've never gotten any invite like that! :( Or, perhaps they know what sort of gamer I am! ;) ............ Naaawwwww, must be the failure to send in the registrations.

    So, what do you get to do as a member of this elite group??
  • I'm officially a part of the Gamer Advisory Panel as well-still waiting to get the package of freebies though (as are quite a few others from the looks of the Sony boards-the Underground section is filled with nothing but "where's my package" or "what's in the package" threads. :angry: )

    They invited approximately 10,000 people for this to start-most likely more will be brought in as things get up to full speed.As for what we do,Susan,for now it's been limited to a couple of surveys mostly aimed at determining the gaming tastes of the GAP members.Also,they started doing a poll as to which box art to use for a game based on an upcoming Jet Li movie.Members also have access to a site for discussing various topics,personal web logs,etc. .As time goes by and things get moving they will have more things going-details have been a bit sketchy as of yet but I'm guessing there will be more occassional free bits (demos,PlayStation 2 labelled items,etc.),maybe an invite to some beta testing(having the network adaptor would be a plus here) as well as GAP-exclusive contests.

    Before anyone starts asking how they can get in (another popular topic over there) it is invite-only.Sony takes the names from their list of people who registered systems,games,accessories,etc. with them.
  • Thanks Lyndon. That's precisely what I wanted to know. I avoid the boards over there, but it seems I could learn a bit if I didn't.
  • Though i haven't ever been officially invited, i have had special invitations from certain people that i know but no i haven't joined it. Eventually i may but i just don't have the time to right now. Besides, don't i get enough free stuff? heh, heh. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I'm official. Acouple of months ago they contacted me and I filled out the registration and survey. I figured that it wasn't anything exclusive so I never thought about it again. Last week I recieved a rather nice organizer withe the PS logo on it. It has sleeves for games, slots for mem cards, and a notebook. It zips shut and as I said it's rather nice. The next day I recieved a certificate of membership signed by Andrew House (executive VP of SCEA) this piqued my curiousity. I went back to the site. It has a forum of sorts, but I found most topics closed. If this is a target group, I'll have to look a little deeper into it. Lord knows I like to make my opinions known.

    As far as I've been able to ascertain, they mostly want to know where we want gaming to go in the future. Many of the same things we discuss here. I'm not leaving here, but maybe I'll also see some of you fine folks there to make it more like home when I do go there for a checkout of what's up. :)
  • I have been contacted. In the mail they recently sent me a membership card, pen with playstation logo on it, and a gamers advisory panel notebook with paper that have the ps logo on it.