Random Rants.....

  • I looked back 20-some pages, twice, and didn't see the old one anywhere, so I thought I'd open this up again, 'cause boy have I got a doozy!!!!!

    I had a ROTTEN day at work today...... or, a good one depending on how ya look at it.

    My voice has been gone for a few days now due to this 'illness' thing that I have. (flu, I guess). Well, I missed work yesterday and the day before, but I was ready to go back today. I really did feel a lot better, even if I couldn't talk. Well, the dr. that I work for is 'THE MAN', ie: he's the owner of the practice, and it's a big one across three counties. His 'right hand woman' is named Judy, and as soon as she heard me say 'good morning' to her she immediately told me that I was to have NOTHING to do with the patients, just work on paper work. That was all fine and good, but at some point Dr. VK asked me to call down to the radiology department to set up an appointment for a patient. I said/squeeked/whispered, "But, I can't talk" He then said "Then, what the hell are you doing here!?" I said "The best that I can" and he said "You're no good to me here, why don't you go home!?" I told him that I was home yesterday, and he said "Pfftt, just go away, stay away from here!!!" :( Right in front of everyone, including that patient!!!!!! Well, to be perfectly honest, I burst out crying!!!!! I ran into one of the offices that was unused at the time and hid in the corner and cried for a bit, then decided: THE HECK WITH IT!!!!! Cleared up my stuff, called Judy over and told her what happened and that I was going home, and I left! Hubby's home as he's got the rest of the week and all of next week off (holiday) so he kinda wondered what I was doing home already. As I started to tell him,I broke down crying again!! Sheeeeeeesh, what a mess! He gave me all the neccessary hugging and loving and reassuring, and we just decided F*CK IT!! I'll not only enjoy today off, but tomorrow too!! :P THANK GOD he was home!!!!!

    But, geeeeezzzzz, for crying out loud, what a total jerk!!!!!!!!!!!
    I already don't feel good, it just naturally follows that I'm not gonna handle being spoken to that way very well!!! You'd think, being a doctor and all, that he'd have a bit more sense to know not to speak to someone who is ill in such a manner!?!?!? Especially when that someone is busting her butt, coughing and choking and wheezing and squeeking all the way, to WORK for him!!!!!

    Thank you, that's much better now!
  • You should consider yourself lucky Suze! All week I was sick so bad it's not funny!(please don't laught at that)I don't wan't to go to into it but, I was in bed for like 5 hours yesterday and my temperature was 101.8! I felt like I was going to die! Then I had a really bad cough! I had to takeBUCKLEYS! That is one of the worst things ever! I also had to take I think it was advil for my fever! I didn't mind that much though! Then, I didn't have anything for my headache and that made my head burst! I am actually feeling better today though! That got everything out though! Thanks suze!

    EDIT: just a little fix on the color
  • You mean the Advil didn't help for your headache!? Sheeeeesh, that's no good!!

    I had this junk since last Saturday, so that'd be about 6 days, and I had the fever too, cough, runny/stuffy head/nose, headache, chills and throwing up too! :( God, I hate to throw up!!!!! Any my body hurt like it'd been hit by every single car in a very very long train!!!
    My whole body, from the line where the eyelashes connect to my toenails!!!! I was in bed for three days, and I mean NOTHING but in bed, except for trips to the bathroom (for ...... ya know) and trips to the kitchen for juice, tea and ice packs. Fever never got much above 102, but the chills that went along with it was awful!! I didn't lose my voice until Tuesday, but that lasted for three days.

    All in all I'm glad this crap is over with. I feel loads better today!!

    BTW, what's "Buckleys"?? (I want to know what to avoid next time I'm sick) :ph34r:
  • Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Mar 13 2003, 06:00 PM

    I looked back 20-some pages, twice, and didn't see the old one anywhere, so I thought I'd open this up again, 'cause [b] boy
    have I got a doozy!!!!! [/b]

    I can tell ya the reason why you haven't seen one Susan. It's because you're looking in the wrong branch of General Discussions.

    Random Rants was actually in the Jokes and Trivia place, yet it's not there anymore.

    Just thought I would point that out. ;)

    My rant for tonight isn't really a "bad rant" but it's just something that annoyed me enough to need to get it off my chest.

    My science teacher is such a numbskull. He has been telling us for weeks to get Periodic tables, and he's been telling us to bring money to pay for this piece of paper. There is one flaw though. He has never told us an exact date to bring our money for this piece of paper and much less...he assigns homework that instructs us to draw certain atoms. SORRY! I don't have the elements memorized like he may expect from each of us. He doesn't provide the elements atomic numbers with the homework so how the HECK am I supposed to do homework that says this:

    Draw a Bohr atom model of the following element:




    He's just made me soo mad because he expects us to know the atomic numbers when we haven't even studied Chemistry up until now and then even then....he gives us elements that I don't have the number matched with it. A periodic table would make this so much easier..but NO! He doesn't even bring up on the days of class "Pass in your money for your periodic tables". Then...to make it better he lectures with a periodic table that is completely out of my sight and he doesn't call on me when I have questions! I am sooo pissed off at him I could explode!

    That's a little bit better..
  • I'm not here to rant but just to clarify a couple of things-the previous Random Rants threads were here in General,not Jokes as you thought,Red.One of the mods was experimenting with one of the newer tools we have (merge threads) and somehow both threads disappeared instead of the expected result of having both become one thread.

    Been dealing with a touch of a cold myself and may have to go pick up a bottle of Buckley's as well.Buckley's is a rather potent-tasting cough/cold medicine that has mainly been available in Canada but is now available in the US.Their ad slogan is "it tastes real bad-but it works!".Well,they're right on both counts! :D ;)
  • My rant is boss battles that you can't win that you don't know that you can't win. I fought a battle that i could have easily finished in under five minutes by just dying but i kept healing and using all my items and stayed alive for nearly an hour and a half and then i died......and then i found out i was supposed to die. Man, it could have saved me both time and items if i had known.....Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • What!!!!! There are actually boss battles that you have to lose in..,that just sucks reaaly bad!

    Im complainging about those stickers that shops put on items saying "Only
  • My random rant is about old people that are in front of you in their car and they are going like 30 mph when the speed limit is 55. So you sit there and wait and wait for them to move faster but they just keep going the same speed!! This happened like yesterday. >< So then you have go around the slow people and get in front of them. But then you come upon another slow person. ><! It just gets frustrating after doing this several times everyday. I know they are trying to be cautious but it is annoying!!! Expecially when you are in a big hurry to get somewhere. :angry:
  • [quote]Originally posted by crashkart@Mar 16 2003, 09:15 AM
    [b] Im complainging about those stickers that shops put on items saying "Only
  • [quote]Originally posted by Rex77+Mar 16 2003, 10:56 AM-->QUOTE(Rex77 @ Mar 16 2003, 10:56 AM)[quote] <!--QuoteBegin-crashkart</i>@Mar 16 2003, 09:15 AM
    [b] Im complainging about those stickers that shops put on items saying "Only
  • [quote]Originally posted by Rex77+Mar 16 2003, 05:56 PM-->QUOTE(Rex77 @ Mar 16 2003, 05:56 PM)[quote] <!--QuoteBegin-crashkart</i>@Mar 16 2003, 09:15 AM
    [b] Im complainging about those stickers that shops put on items saying "Only
  • OCR and AQA exaination boards, and ME. Got my January exam AS- level results back on Thursday:
    AQA graded Genral Studies= U
    OCR graded History= U

    I tried my hardest, and it weren't good enough!
  • You know what really chaps my hide?.......... Apathy. All these so-called "thinking" people in the world, and all that they care about is themselves. Somehow these people skate through life without anything bad happening to them, and they assume that nothing bad really happens to anyone. What 's worse, are those who think that these stories of horrific things are exaggerated, or that they never happened at all, so it makes no sense to care. No empathy for their fellow man at all. No love, no hate, no anything.....just stay out of my yard. I don't know how these people make it through the day. Granted, I'm not the biggest fan of the human race, and I wouldn't lost much sleep if about 1/3 of the human race dropped dead tomorrow, but I do have feelings for my fellow man, and I realize that what happens to him today may happen to me tomorrow. I don't know.....I used to be very worried that I was becoming apathetic, then I realized that I didn't give a sh!t if I was or not....
  • FEMALES.......GRRRRRRRR..........

    how is it being able to keep a cool head in most any situation is very easily overcome by a female who knows how to push your buttons............grrrrrrrrrrrrr is about all I can say so I'll sum this rant up with one more GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :angry:
  • WB: I'm one of those aphatic people in a sence. And it really sucks, I can only fell empathy for someone if I try really hard or if the exact same thing has happened to me. It isn't really something I've chosen and I'm trying to learn how to gain access to my emotions but it's really not that easy.

    I heard something encouraging once though. A guy said that it's ok not to care about others as long as you don't pretend as you do. What he ment was that you realize that somethings are wrong in this world and eithert accept them or you stand up and you try to do something about it.
    All in between are just good old hypocracy.
  • This is really a fairly stupid rant..but I best take my anger out here. I forewarn you though, this post may seem very stupid if you don't know the game I am talking about.

    Two days ago, all my Dogz on Dogz became adults and so I bred them with the opposite sex of their kind.(i.e. Golden Retriver with Golden Retriever) and yesterday, all of the females had their second generation puppies....except one.

    The golden retriever girl is WAY past overdue for having her puppies and she hasn't had them yet! ARRRRRRRRRRG! This completely messes up my planning of having all these puppies be the same age.

    Disclaimer: The above is about a computer game. Not about actual dogs. RedKennypup2004 does not possess the money to breed several real dogs. This post was made courtesy of Dogz 5, a game by Ubi Soft.
  • :lol: And to think that some people have the nerve to complain about having no were to live and no money for food. :lol:
  • My rant is a simple one that I believe many people might be able to relate to.

    I absolutely /hate/ it when anyone (Especially when it's someone I trust) is clearly angry at me, and yet, refuses to discuss the matter with me but instead just sits across from the room from me a throws me a dirty look once in a while.

    Simple, eh?
  • that's a pet peeve of mine as well KFH......like your supposed to just know why, be a mind reader or some crap, and automatically come and apologize and just make things all peachy?????????

    This usually works for me to screw with someones head who's being a little difficult......

    I"m sorry, I know you think you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.....works wonders
  • Well KFH, my guy friend and my friends(mostly all girls) have had his ex girlfriend glaring at us for awhile. Everytime she glares daggers at us though, we just make fun of her. She completely can't stand any of us and treats us like the dirt of the earth, but we make fun of her for how naive she is. It's really HILARIOUS. But enough of my optimism.

    Here's a pet peeve of mine.

    Prom. The dance I have been looking foreward to since my freshmen year and have never been able to attend...until now.

    Well, a drama performence is so conveniencely placed on that same day during the same time period as prom. My mom says I should honor my drama commitment, but I really don't want to miss prom after I've waited so long to go. Sadly, I will have to bring prom up with my director..and he probably won't be the happiest of sorts.

    Doggone this stupid time schedule.
  • I would say go to your prom. It is pure stupidity that this drama performance is scheduled for the same time.

    Your director really should look into rescheduling the performance since I would imagine that a lot of people with this performance would like to do both.

    If you lead, others will follow. Stand your ground. ;)
  • You need to do what you want to do. Life is only lived once and you just need to figure out exactly what you want to do and do it. Sure, someone may not be happy with the decision but you have to do what makes you happy, despite other people. Anyway, i will probably talk with you about it later. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • PROM all the way Red! Drama performance, BAH. How many times are you going to get to go to a prom? It's the kind of thing you'll look back on and think "Why oh why didn't I go to the prom", believe me.
    You can always call your director the day before and say you have problems with stomach acid and as such are unable to perform on the night. That's why they have understudies!

    So really your choices are:

    - Go to your drama performance and miss out on a great night with friends and (more importantly) Scott.
  • Here's my rant to add to the pile. I just found out that the bus prices in my area are going up yet again and since that's how I get about mostly I'm not too happy about that. And that's just for starters as I also found out from my parents that they're going to be putting up my dig money after summer which means that next year is going to be rather more expensive than this one was. Oh and before I go Killa who's this Scoot? I'm just curious since I know one or two people in the forum are called Scoot so I'm wondering if you were referring to any of them? Oh well see ya around and happy gaming.
  • Don't you just hate it when you find a website that sells lots of lovely chocolate and candy and even sells the Canadian stuff your other half raves about and then you order some Oh Henry!s and some Hersheys and some stupid.....person at the website thinks that despite the fact that you've said that you'd rather have your money back if the stuff isn't in stock, thinks it would be really helpful if they substituted Canadian Oh Henry!s and Hersheys for American Oh Henry!s and Hersheys and when you e-mail them to complain they don't reply and you get stuck with all this chocolate that your other half won't eat because it is nowhere near as good?

    And it's raining. And I've got no work again.

    *deep breath* And.....relax. ;)
  • Originally posted by KiLLa@Apr 1 2003, 10:02 PM
    You can always call your director the day before and say you have problems with stomach acid and as such are unable to perform on the night. That's why they have understudies!

    Sorry to kill your encouragement KiLLa, but there are no understudies. This group is about eight people that perform and once there are three missing, you can't really perform. Two people are already going to be missing...and I'm the third one..if he lets me...but then there is no performence...and I'll have to live with tons of bitter attitudes for the rest of the year.

  • Well, I may as well put my two cents' worth in here as well.......

    I think it's better to live with some bitterness and attitude for the rest of the year (which probably wouldn't be as bad as you expect... not any worse than the other two will face) than to live with regrets for missing your prom for the rest of your life!! I not only went to my own, but I went the year prior to the one of my then boyfriend (who was a year older and went to a different school) and I am sooooo glad that I did!!! I have many fond memories of those evenings, and I'm sure that I'd be sorry if I hadn't gone!!

    Anyway, that's just my opinion, of course, I could be wrong... :P
  • Originally posted by RedKennypup2004@Apr 2 2003, 06:22 PM

    [b]This group is about eight people that perform and once there are three missing, you can't really perform. Two people are already going to be missing...and I'm the third one..if he lets me...but then there is no performence...and I'll have to live with tons of bitter attitudes for the rest of the year.

    Are any of these people going to the prom? If you explain it to your director I am sure that he would understand. Ask him why it has to be that night.

    If he wants to be a bitter pr!ck then make sure that you let him know that. This is your prom. Don't let him take that away from you.

    But in the end Mad is right, you will do what you want to do.
  • I completely agree with all these folk. You should first tell your director that he's a stupid pr!ck for scheduling the drama thing on the same night as the prom and then tell him that you're going to the prom. Although you might want to rephrase that a bit so that he doesn't either die of a heart attack from the shock or slap you with detention/suspension or whatever it might be. Cause I mean he has to be thick if he scheduled the production for the same night as the prom since OBVIOUSLY everybody will want to go to the prom instead of some stupid drama production since you only get to go to one prom (or in speedies case 2) so tell him to shove the drama production where the sun don't shine and just go to the prom.

  • Ya know Red, a though just occured to me (uh oh, that means I've hit my quota for the day already!! :blink: )

    If this is a drama production of High School students, and the production is on PROM night, what sort of turn-out do you think there will be!?!?!? Probably not very good, eh, I mean, since most of the expected attendance will be at the PROM. You may want to mention this little factoid to that thick director as well. (while you're explaining to him that his idea of timing leaves a lot to be desired). <_< </font>
  • Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Apr 3 2003, 03:05 AM

    Ya know Red, a though just occured to me (uh oh, that means I've hit my quota for the day already!! :blink: )

    If this is a drama production of High School students, and the production is on PROM night, what sort of turn-out do you think there will be!?!?!? Probably not very good, eh, I mean, since most of the expected attendance will be at the PROM. You may want to mention this little factoid to that thick director as well. (while you're explaining to him that his idea of timing leaves a lot to be desired). <_< </font>

    That is a very nice thought Susan and I hate to turn in down with facts of my own when you're happy about your thought...but...

    The drama group is a traveling drama group from my church. Not all the kids go to the same school. In fact, NO ONE in there goes to my school. The performences are scheduled according to other church's schedules or when they want us. Only eight kids are in this group...out of about thirty in the Youth group. They are all high school aged and if we get to a performence and are missing three people out of eight, then we can't perform. We are possibly already going to be missing two people due to a filial gathering. However, if I'm the third one, I'm going to get bitterness ALL OVER.

    That's basically all the facts of this drama group.
  • The longer you wait, the worse it'll be. Personally i'd go with whichever was the previous engagement, despite whether i like it or not. If you committ to on thing and end up backing out and doing something else then you're backing away from responsibility. Resposnibility is about doing what's right at the right time rather than doing what you like. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Ah. I (and probably Susan also) was under the impression that this drama production was being done by your school although I should have guessed since no teacher in their right mind could be stupid enough to schedule a production of any kind for the same night as the prom. If they did they sure as heck wouldn't get a turnout. Maybe one member of the cast if they're lucky and maybe a half-dozen people in the audience. But since it's a travelling drama group then I agree with Madhtrs suggestion that you should go with the first decision you made which, if your school is anything like my old one, will be the prom since at my old school you had to pay it up well in advance before you could go. But ultimately the final decision is yours and yours alone. We can only advise so do what you think is best for YOU, not for anyone else. It's a basic rule of survival: take care of your own needs before those of anyone else. Well see ya aorund and good gaming Red.
  • I have alot of things I'm really made at this time!

    I really hate how they wrap up the packages of games. I spend most of the time trying to get all of the top label off then playing the game the first day. Then I find most of it is stuck to the bottom of my foot...I think companies put them there as a secret plot to stop people from playing games...

    Campers and snipers in video games really really pi$$ me off. They take away all my kills and then kill me. They take away my balls-out-guns-a-blazing stragety. They always pick places where no one can sneak up on them and deliver a bullet to the head...or groin. Whenever I play I get really enraged by campers. If you think I was insane before just watch me play then! Unfortunately I resort to sniping when in stealth mode (thanks SOCOM & CS...) or when pinned down by heavy fire.

    Word to those who snipe. Always relocate after every kill. I have seen people just stay in one place all the time allowing me to throw a grenade in or rush in with a shotgun or full auto gun.

    Have Fun Gaming! Tango Down!
  • Update on the prom issue. I have talked with my director and he gave me permission to skip a performence for it!! :D

    I will post more if I get something else that's bugging me.
  • That's great news Red!!! :D

    Nothing worse than being stuck between a rock and a hard place, huh?
    I would of regretted missing both my "Senior Social's".........that's our version of the Prom! And yes, we were lucky enough to have two: first in the 6th form (second to last year of your secondary education.), and the other in the 7th!!!! :D
  • I HATE F(*#%(*#&$ING SPAMMERS!

    Tonight, on a board that is usually as civilized and as nice and such as API, there was a coordinated spam attack by three members, posting hundred of spam posts and thousands of pictures that made even MY stomach turn (which, as anyone who knows me would know, is a VERY large feat.).

    Now, who in the F*** would WANT to do such a thing as this? What the F*** went wrong in their tiny little brains?

    I mean...WHAT could cause them to do such a completely idiotic thing?!

    (I might note that this is the second version of that forum and that these were senior members of the previous version, it'd be like Lucifer, Susan, and Gideon going spamming one day.)
  • Probably hackers, I dunno, it happens.
  • What really rubs me the wrong way is those drivers that come to a 4 way stop the same time as you and don't use there turn signals so you don't know which way they are going... :angry: :angry:

    This happened the other day to me and thinking he was going to drive straight I started driving straight ahead threw the stop sign then the SOB
    turned right in front of me :angry:
    I don't know if he could read lips but I know he knew the hand signal I was giving him...

  • Today was a bad day...hands down..school was boring and long and angering...and one of my friends was leaving our school today...so I was in a bad mood and I knew today would not be a good day.

    And so I am sitting online, trying to keep myself from either crying and getting angry and just try to open my mind for the rest of the day that's there...and my aunt comes on and asks me questions regarding the information contained on my AIM profile (most inside jokes) and begins yelling at me over what these jokes are really saying...(i.e. the inside joke being "figging" as a spelling error as oppose to me meaning to say "frigging"). She began lecturing me saying "THAT'S ANOTHER WAY OF SAYING THE 'F' WORD". I know she was merely saying it out of care and that she did not want me to say those kinds of words...but yet she lives so far it's not in her control to tell me what to do unless she's here in person..where she could possibly physically punish me. So she requested I go and change my profile and after a LOT of fighting and gnashing of teeth I changed it and requested that she doesn't tell my grandma of this lecture and she agreed. She said she was going to go and then she saw another inside joke she didn't like and began lecturing me on that....and induced me to cry because she was being such a meanie.

    Now...the lesson I intended to tell her was to not bother me on a bad day..and she pushed herself right into it...but of course...she's stupid and moves in to make me utterly angry and cursing her.

    If I'm having a bad day and you're not a person I talk to during that, it is NOT the proper time to lecture me on my shortcomings!!! You will only enter a fight where you cannot win!!!

    I have solved a good amount of my problems by blocking her and the rest of her family so she cannot sneak onto her daughter sn's to bother me.
  • I dunno if this is....well, sure it is

    This evening at work, an @$$ I counsel tried to hustle me. Without violating his confidentiality, trust me when I say he has substance abuse issues. Many of them do, anyway, on with it. This particular @$$ enrolled in our 12 week program (I enrolled him) on a gift. I allowed him to enroll without paying the full enrollment fee, on the promise that he would bring the balance of his enrollment fee to his first activity(in addition to his weekly payment) and I signed him up in another counselor's group. Time passes and I have no activity with him until he shows up 10 weeks into the program and wishes to sit in on my group. Imagine my surprise when I check his payment file to find that he is over $250 in arrears, and he never brought in the balance of his enrollment fee. I discreetly took him into my office, sat him down, and asked why he had violated our agreement after I had done him a favor, and he responded with an endless stream of excuses, none of which were anything but lame. I was annoyed, but I understand addiction, and the lies that go with it. Anyway, I explained to him PLAINLY that he would have to pay up before he would be allowed to attend again. Again, he promised he would the following week. I would have none of that, so I made him sign an agreement. He almost kept the agreement (he paid most of what he was behind) on the agreed upon date, and was allowed to rejoin the program on the condition that he pay regularly until he finished. Tonight I caught the weasel sneaking into a group on the other end of our suite of offices, and pulled his payment file to see if he was keeping his latest agreement.....SURPRISE!! he was behind again, as he hadn't given us another dime. I pulled him out of that group, took him to my office, sat him down and explained to him that he would not be allowed to complete (tonight would have been his final activity) until he paid off his balance. To my mind, this is common business sense, as he is not very likely to come back and pay if he finishes. At any rate, this jerk starts going off on his usual tangent of excuses and interrupting when I answer his questions, and then has the unmitigated gall to tell me that I'm trying to make him pay for something he hasn't even done. When those words came out of his lying mouth, I lost my patience. I lost my cool, I just plain lost it. I used words that I can't type here, but basically, I told him that I was absolutely not charging him for what he hadn't done, I was charging him exactly for what he had done. If the guy wasn't spending his money on dope, he could have had us paid off on time. I know it, he knows it. Anyway, I gave him 'til MayDay to pay us off and only then will he be allowed to complete the program. If he does anything other than pay, I'll return his case to court with prejudice, and the judge will send him to jail, or sentence him to an insufferable amount of community service. Either way, I'll be rid of him.

    I've been around a lot of drug addicts, and I've seen a lot of hustles. I get annoyed when an addict tries the same tired hustle on me twice. I feel insulted.


    That's better. :)
  • MY :swear: ING PARENTS!!!!
    I'm getting a part time job, im 17 so legally they still need to support me, but there stopping my
  • I think they may be trying to teach you something about life.

    You never get a free ride. I mean why shouldn't you pay for a roof over your head and food on your plate?

    I see one very big problem with your post...
    ...but what i earn is therefore by default mine...[/b]

    What is leftover of your earnings after your bills are paid is by default yours.
  • I mean why shouldn't you pay for a roof over your head and food on your plate?[/b]

    That i see, but by taking away my pocket money, that then becomes the money for the roof over my head and food on my plate. I'll still be helping with the house hold jobs like hoovering, dusting, washing up, and makeing drinks aswell as working.
    The job im applying for/ the hours i'll be able to work will mean i'll get
  • An allowance isn't a need but rather a luxury. There are many families that only wish that they could have that little "pocket" money and use it to feed their children. You need to learn that not everything in life will be easy and you need to learn how to pay rent sooner or later. Everyone goes through the same thing. I actually was paying rent back when i first started working back in '98, and allowance was a word that i never heard while i was living with my parents and it was never expected. Be grateful for what you have rather than complain about what you won't have. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • [quote]Originally posted by Theve1tch@May 9 2003, 08:05 AM
  • Summer bloody summer is back.
    I try to think of myself as a somewhat "normal" person expet when it comes to one thing. I really don't like the summer.

    As some of you know I live pretty high up north.
    This inconvenience is the source of many of the irritating things about the summers. First of all the "lamp" is always on. The sun barely sets between 1 AM and 1:30 AM. the light doesnt bother me that much since I can always close the curtains. No, there is a side effect with the sun rising at 1.30 at night and that is that the early birds catches the worms. And those who isn't interested in catching worms does the other thing that birds do so well namely sing, right outside my window. It's like having a living alarmclock set on every minute between 1:30 and 12 AM.

    The other thing about summer is that all the morons wake up from hybernation. You know, the kind that likes to share their taste of music on maximum volume with the widows opened while they enjoy a smoke. Just to make sure that the surrounding air is as polluted as possible.

    Then there is the warmth, the mosquitoes (wich I'm alergic too), the nothing on TV, the constant picnicing....

    I must have had some kind of trauma as a child, I really dislike the summer. But I guess I'll survive, it's not all bad after all.
  • I feel about the same Steve.
  • I agree, if someone wants to know what your favourite whatever is why not just leave it at that and not make a list to pick from. I know that you can post and put your say in but why not just start the thread that way.

    The newer members need to go back and read the rules and maybe think before they start something.

    I feel much better now that I have gotten that out.
  • Spam is ugly, plain and simple. It is a waste of time.

    Like Steve said a poll can be very interesting but when the content of the majority posts are, i hav a ps2 an d i luv it.

    If you want to post something like that then go join a forum that tolerates it, if you don't know of one PM me and I will send you a link.

    A forum is not a chat room, we have one of those. If you want to chat then use the chat room. If you want to carry on with an intelligent thread then use the forum.

    Trust me when I say that you don't want to get on the bad side of the moderators at this site. They are professionals and they will have you gone before you can say the word... spam.
  • I couldn't agree with ya more Steve. I usually don't reply to threads like that until I see a mod and/or one of the more experienced members reply..then I'll reply because I know it is not something that would close due to spam.

    I have my own rant today. It is not on spammers though so for those of you who were waiting for my say in it all I'm gonna say is I'm gonna live by the quote that Topper has in his signature.

    The one day out of this whole week that I have looked foreward to. Six month mark with Daggers Lover and I was gonna spend time with him. No better way to spend a weekend. Unfortunately..all my friends have been getting sick...and the one day the sickness decides to plague me is today! I'm so ticked off because here I've been waiting for this day and now because of some stupid new virus and sensitive stomach I can't go and have fun! I am sure you all have had some experience with this. I'm so sick of sleeping and writhing in agony the whole day. I wish of all days that it would lay off for today and rather plague me tomorrow!

    I'm gonna lay back down before my parents see me being sick and sitting up at the computer.
  • I have an idea for you.

    You and DL could break up and then get back together when your feeling better. That way you can have your six month mark all over again!

    And now for a quote from Homer that will work very well here, I am so smart, I am so smart, s-m-r-t, s-m-r-t, s-m-a-r-t!
  • Here's a rant!!

    I'd like to find the person whose bright idea was it to put advertisements and previews on DVDs before you can access the main menu. This is like the utmost non-consensual spam I have ever seen. The bad thing is you have to wait for "them" to decide when you can access the main dvd menu!! What ever happened to having previews on a submenu like before.

    ::breathing:: Ok.. I feel much better now. :blink:
  • Mine is much like yours Topper except it is actually going to the movies. When I went to Silver City to see X2 there was at least 5 minutes worth of commercials before the movie, add in the previews and we had something like 15 minutes worth of non-X2 action. If I wanted to watch commercials I would have stayed at home and sat on my much more comfortable couch.

    Now on Sunday I seen The Matrix: Reloaded and there were no commercials. Why you may ask? It was an independent theatre.

    Just one more reason I don't like going to Silver City. :angry:
  • That's why i like to use my PS2 and the DVD remote when watching DVDs. All i have to do is hit the "DVD Menu" button and voila, it skips right over the prviews and what not. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

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