What If They Turned An Anime Into A Game?
  • if they turned your favotite anime into a game would u play it? i would, if it was trigun, cowboy bebop, or inuyahsa. (dunno how they would make inuyahsa into a game, but hey, i came dream right?) :)
  • I'm hoping that Bandai's PS2 Evangelion game will be any good and hopefully it comes to the states if so. I wouldn't mind seeing a Hellsing title, along the lines of Gungrave(which i own and is spectacular despite the short 1st time through gameplay). Cowboy Bebop would be nice but there isn't enough action to warrant a game, IMHO that is. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • inuyasha has become a game. the genre is fighting
  • anime into a game hmmm escaflowne would be awsome
  • Yeah Escaflowne wouldn't be too bad and there's already quite a few DragonBall games out so what else could they make into a game. Maybe Outlaw Star (I know GeneStarwind would be among the first to snap up THAT game) or...well I cant think of any others. My brain seems to have switched itself off for some reason. Oh well maybe when I come up with some more I'll edit this post. So for now see ya later and good gaming.
  • I agree with mad, but I also think Escaflowne would be a good game. I love the storyline in that, and the graphics would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!