Memory Card trouble
  • I can't seem to be able to copy game saves from one memory card to another. Can any one tell me how to do it. :confused:
  • 1.Make sure that the cards are both firmly in place.
    2.Turn on PSX without a game in the game port.
    3.Go to the Memory Card Manager Section.
    4.Choose the option that you want (ex.Copy, Copy All, Delete, etc.)
    5.Choose the save that you want to copy.
    (If you chose Copy All, skip step 5)
    6.Repeat if necesary.
  • Some things. If your memory card isnt a Sony made memory card and you are dealing with an older version. Then its that. Use a newer model from one of your buddies and copy. It happened to me. Hope this helps.
  • Make sure your memory card is not broken being fallen from your hands..
  • The most common reason for this problem is what GeneStarwind suggested. Third-party memory cards may be cheaper than Sony's, but they are also very troublesome, and many times non-compatible with other cards.
  • :D My experience with memory cards also suggests that those other than sony can cause problems. I have not had any difficulties with sony only other makes.
  • i had the same prob does youre memory card have a button on the top where u push it and it goes to a blank side
  • i havn't had any problems using 3rd pary mem cards for my ps1, but i am only sticking sony ps2 cards in my ps2.
  • :cry: my sony memry card wont work but my third party one will im confused ive pulled my sony mem card apart and looked for broken circuits but nothing is wrong with it i'm confused :mad: