Hottest Genre For The First Quarter Of 2003
  • All right we've played all the genre's now its time to vote to see which one is hot and which one is not. I'm looking for 50 votes its cool if I dont get 50 but i want a real good outcome cause then we will really know what is good out there. So get your friends and family's to vote if you want its cool if they dont. If you want to make a comment about the genre's keep it clean and simple no long replies please.
  • No long replies? Whats your definition of long? Well, there goes the fun of writing about RPG's. Yep, I definitely voted for RPG's, definitely favourite of mine. Half the games I have are RPG's. RPG's are the games that simply engross me the most. I have never met an RPG I don't like, yet, yet, yet.... Yet.

    Are you doing an assignment? (no joke, seriously, my friend has gotten one like that, it was funny) Or are you just interested? Or is there an alterior motive :P

  • Alrighty, I'll keep this short but sweet:

    RPG'S ROCK!! :D
  • I'm an RPG junkie :wacko:
  • RPG. Short enough?
  • Given the categories
  • RPG. Not much more needed to be said.
  • I voted action. There weren't any RPGs that I found amazing, but with selections like SOCOM or Metroid finally getting sequeled... And soon Splinter Cell with infiltrate the PS2! Ah, life is complete... Tango Down!

    Have Fun Gaming! Don't Get Spotted by the Enemy!
  • Originally posted by Steve F STAFF@Apr 4 2003, 07:17 PM
    ...Splinter Cell and Tenchu 3...

    For the first time ever I will have to agree with Steve. ;) These two game I'm eagerly waiting to play.

    Why haven't I yet? I just simply haven't gotten off my lazy a$$ to rent them yet.
  • RPG! RPG! RPG! RPG! RPG! (I'm starting to get monotonous!) :blink:
  • Alot of good RPG's have come out this year. Tons of long good gaming fun!
  • i think RPG is da way to go

    rpg and action and adventure rolled up in one then it really rocks
  • RPG 4 ever!!!! My first game was FF7 the best RPG ever!!! Oh memories...
  • Go RPGs!!! Short and sweet! :peace:


    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • :woot: MUST HAVE RPG's :woot:

    Personal Info: I have been playing games since i was three and i blame games for making me half blind but I will continue. It is never Game Over for me! :woot:
  • AND IT'S RPG'S BY A LAND SLIDE!!!!!! :disco: