Favorite Food
  • :ph34r: wuzzup guys and gals of api,what is your favorite food?mine is probobaly pizza or chicken wingsor the famous hamburger.what is yours?later guys :ph34r:
  • Well, I love pizza, but the best food in the world is chinese food... Ooow yea... yum yum yum yum... Damn just thinking about it makes me so hungry, I'm going to get me some chinese food!!!
  • Wazzup Yoshi my bud! Hows life! Anyways I just love pizza and burgers too! But I think my favorite food is mmmmm chinese fish you know in sour-sweet sauce!!! :rolleyes: Oh and I like french kitchen!!! Especially snails they are good!!! But sounds disgusting!
  • My favorite food is probably chicken.
  • I have tons of favorite food:
    3.hot wings
    4.egg roles
    9.french fries
    10.hash brown
    13.nutter butter
    15.hot dogs
    16.roast beef
    21.hot sauce
    24.gummy worms
    30.hot cheetos
    There are more. But those are my favorites. I'm not fat if you were wondering!!
  • My fav for is!! Pizza! cheese only please :D
  • Wow! The list would be to long for me to type up...
    But I really like In & out burgers over the rest of them... And next would be Chinese food!!!!! Yum Yummmmmmmmmmmmm :P

  • My favorite food would be a thick juicy steak, marinated and cooked on a charcoal grill with just a little pink in the center. Oh man, just thinkin about one gives me an appetite.
  • I think for me the list would be too long and would probably consist of about 100 foods.

    Top favourites though would have to be Thai food, Chinese, Pizza, Seafood, Hamburgers ...............................

    mmmmmmm food B)
  • My favorite food would be CANDY!!!! No I'm just kidding. I like Pizza.(obvious choice for me) :D
  • Well there are sooooo many to chose from, Pizza, Seafood, Indian, Thai, Italiano, Cajun, and a good ol' burger are my top fav's.
  • I am italien and I love italien food. There is nothing like calzones and strombolies.
  • I'm Chinese myself, and so i do like Chinese food, though not everyday Chinese food. The food mose foreigners (to China) have are probably beyond reach of the vast majority of people actually living in China. Nornal Chinese good woulf probably be a bowl of rice with one vegetable dish and one meat fdish (usually chicken because it is cheap). Still, i like Chinese Food in restaurant, especially spicy pork with herbs (pronounced je yim ju par in Chinese).

    English (or rather, Ameriacn-wise) KFC hot chicken rules (pronounced hot chi-ken win-gz).

  • I would have to say pizza...of course i get ridiculed for what i put on it....pepperoni and...........anchovies.........that's right!! anchovies!! i like those salty little fellas
  • there is only one kinda food i can eat every day and every week (yeah i wish i could hehehe) my fav food is TACO'S yummmmy to my tummu tum tum
  • Well-prepared Carne Asada or Steak Picado with rice and beans, plenty of fresh tortilla chips and lots of fresh salsa with some cilantro and lime.......Damn! that's good eatin' :P
  • my favoyrite food is definatley barbecue chicken wings or steak
    but I'm probally forgetting something. :lol: one food I can't stand is LIVER it's the DRYEST and most HORRIBLE thing ever :angry:
  • mines the Hard rock cafe's clasic bacon cheese burger folowed by a chocolatte malt :o

  • Seeing as John Beab is interested, I thought I'd dig this old one out and dust it off!

    Please continue....... :D
  • papa jhon pizza


    big mac

    big star burger

    gatta love em
  • Pizza Pizza Pizza. Oh and Burgers and Chicken (KFC all the way). I also like a good chicken curry (though you definately don't want to be near me once I've finished unless you were wearing a gas mask.). Oh and definately CHOCOLATE. I'm a confirmed chocoholic.
  • My favorite food would have to be steak I make the best steak. B)
  • No contest my favorite food is pizza i can live on pizza forever without getting tired of it. ummmmmjmm pizza!!! :lol:
  • I'll go with the Mexican trend, give me Enchilada Suizas any day and I'll grovel at your feet. (Especially if you're generous with the tomatillo sauce.) ^_^
  • I like alot of different food but the one I most often get a craving for is mashed poatoes and gravy.
    I dig a big hole in the mashed potatoes and pour the gravy in there. :lol:
    I am soon departuring to seek out the aliens arriving at lake Titicaca. :lol:
  • Anything Italian, or Mexican always entertains the tastebuds! Being 75% Scot, I would have to say the **sarcasim** occasional Haggis is a treat! **sarcasim**

    Bout it. :P

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