Memory Cards?
  • Any imput on Memory Cards? Do you folks use one card for each game or genre of game? What about those no name brands that boast up to 32 meg and up?

    Right now my son, daughter and I each have our own. Is there some way to transfer files from one to another (like her piglet off my card?) <_< And still keep my piglet (hey I'm not proud) on my card?<br />
    Appreciate the help!
  • Personally, I'd never use a no-brand memory card again. Having that awful message of Game Date Corrupt just once (thankfully only one save in on Resident Evil) is enough to make me go with branded memory cards. But, you pays your money, you takes your choice.

    You should also be able to swap files. Put your memory card in one slot and your son's or daughter's in the other and switch on the console without a game in. Choose the file and copy onto the other memory card. You can also manage your saves this way - delete save files for games you no longer have.

    Hope this helps - I'm sure the rest can give you more information though! :D
  • Well it's still good to have each memory card per person... I gotta warn you about third party memo cards it will only waste your money.. like me I already broke 2 3rd party memo cards...... well about transferring data hangover queen already explained it all...
  • It's good that each have a memory card to avoid having mixups (like accidentally deleting your saved game).As for which type of card to get,stick with the actual Sony cards-the other ones aren't nearly as good quality-wise.Leave those mega memory cards for the bargain bin.

    Myself,I just have the one card-I tend to sell off games I won't be playing any more so I just delete those saves.
  • Well I own 4 memory cards.

    1 ps2 and 3 for PS1. I am almost in need for a new PS2 memory card. I own about 16 PS2 games.

    All my PS1 games have 1 memory card for RPGS. (well 2 now.) And another for like other games like sould blade and Tekken 3and resident evil 2 and stuff.
  • 1 PS2 card and 4 PS1 cards (one is the wife's).

    I will confirm like everyone else has about sticking with the Sony cards. Losing hours of gaming is not worth a couple of bucks.

    Use a memory card for each player. It is just easier that way. Make sure that they are labelled clearly, maybe get different colours for each player.
  • I've got two memory cards. One has events or things saved on it that I would want to show other people.(i.e. the date with Yuffie and Barret on FF7, Squall and Rinoa ballroom dancing in FF8) and the other one has all my active games on it that I am playing right now.
  • Right now i have 6. I have 2 PS2 memory cards though one is broken(but i moved the data before it happened so *phew*). I had three but sold one to a friend(along with the Getaway) for $50. I have 4 PS1 memory cards, 2 Sony(one Orange), and 2 360 Interact cards(only one is technically mine though). Though having to figure out which data on the card gives error messages and causes you not to be able to change pages sometimes sux big time. I don't use my PS1 MCs very often though so it's cool. Just remember that 1st party is the way to go especially with the PS2 because Magic Gate technology is copyrighted by Sony(oh, and that's how data is encrypted and protected on PS2 cards). Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • 2 would be good cuz then you can trade stuff on cards or to if you have alot of games
  • I have four PS1 mem. cards, 2 for just RPGs, 1 for my lil bro, and 1 for other misc. games that I play. I have one PS2 mem. card, and I don't have enough games that I can specify, or need, a second one. Along with everyone else, I would suggest staying with Sony brand stuff. But if you are going to get a diff. card, just stay away from Mad Catz stuff, I had one of the Memory Cards, and had my FF 7/8/9 data saved on there, over 200+ hours worth of playing on there, and it fried.

    Later all,
  • I have 1 PS2 memory card and 32times PS1 memory card and I wouldn't reccomend the PS1 card because I've lost all of the data I had on it twice now and my collection of PS1 games is mainly RPGs so that comes to hundreds of hours of gameplay NOT WORTH IT.

  • First of all, I will say that we ONLY ONLY ONLY use Sony memory cards!!!!!!! I did, one year, get a 'collectors edition' memory card for Hubby for Christmas. It is a no-namer, but it's sort of shaped like Laura Croft at the top. We have never used it though, it's still in the wrapper. It was just the idea, ya know, "Look, Laura, in all her 36DD glory!!" :lol:

    Nextly, we've got 7 PS1 cards and 3 PS2 cards. 4 of the PS1 cards are for various Diablo games, and the other three are, well, one for each of us. As for the PS2 cards, one for each, I have the red one, Son has the blue one, and Hubby has the black one, that originally came with the console, not that he ever plays it anymore, the EverCrack-head!! :P

    I can honestly say that we've never used anything but Sony memory cards, and no matter what the price goes up to, we will only ever use Sony cards. It is just not worth it to lose all that valuable gaming time on a piece of garbage!!
  • Well i have two memory cards and my brother also has two of his own. I have one that i use for my older games because i filled it up and can't save anymore, just load. I got a newer one and i use it for all my current games. I lost my 2 PS1 memory cards because i no longer play my PS1.
  • I have about 5-6 mem cards, 2 for my ps1 and 2 16mb cards for my ps2 and 2 regular 8mb cards also for my ps2.

  • Just a quick bit of advice! I use a lot of memory cards. I NEVER use these ones that are 4 mb 8mb etc. all in one. I had one and it decided to not move pages. Now, I just buy bulk (10 for
  • Originally posted by SammyB@Apr 14 2003, 01:47 PM
    I have one for EVERY game that is savable. This way, if one corrupts, I will have only have lost one games worth of saves. The other thing that some of my mates do, is have approx 10 and rotate them every month. Then if one corrupts, you can go back to the last months saves B)

    I hope that this advice works,


    Why not buy Sony cards and not have to worry about a thing?
  • I only have 1 memory card and its for the PS2.
    I used to have a couple of boxs of cards for my PS1 but I gave them away along with the PS1 to a family member that was poor but a good kid!
    I kinda wish I keep it tho :(
    I think one card is all I really need anyway cus I just delete over games I am tired of.....