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  • As im going on holiday in 12 months and need to look fab in my bikini! i'm trying to do some serious toning up and weight loss. Ive got 12 months, so i'm not doing it in a stupid mad rush but if any of you guys have a success story id like to hear about it so i can give it a try

    i want to lose about 3 stone, ive already started cutting back on my fatty and sugary foods, and ive started doing yoga and taebo. Im trying to do situps in a morning when i wake up, and last thing at night before i go to bed.
  • Drink plenty of water (around 2 litres a day), walk absolutely everywhere, eat breakfast, cut down on alcohol and full fat drinks, lift weights (I started "weight training" with a can of beans and am now up to 25kg), play games (this is not as weird as it sounds - find a game that you get totally wrapped up in - SSX Tricky for me - you won't think about food and you won't be able to eat while you're gaming). If you do situps, do them lying on a bed as this takes the pressure off your back and is more like using one of those abdominiser contraptions.

    It worked for me so good luck, girl!

    One other thing - it isn't all about losing weight. You may find that although your body shape changes, you aren't losing as much weight as you want. Exercise and diet to get the body you want, but don't ever become a slave to the scales. I'm happy with my body, but no-one believes me when I tell them how much I weigh - about 20lbs more than they think!

    BTW, hope the job's going good :D
  • If you want to loose weight you need to look at what you put in and what you use of that. I'm talking energy-wise.
    Go to a dietist and get some pampflets, they are usualy free and the dietist will tell you exactly the same thing that is written in them so don't bother seeing him/her.

    Cut down on food you don't need.
    That is, don't eat if your not gonna work.
    That means eat plenty of breakfast and lunch, and if your just gonna loaf in the couch you don't have to eat more then half a plate of potatoes for dinner.

    If that doesn't work you could always go for the patented
    "Eat like a mosquito shit like an elephant" method.
  • Instead of doing sit-ups try doing stomach crunches, they're easier on your back. A stomach crunch is lifting your head and shoulders just enough to get your abs to flex, then relaxing. Just as good without the stress on your back.

    The main thing before starting any diet, check with your Doctor for it's health risks and possible effectiveness.

    Good luck ;)

    PS: I'll point this thread out to the wife, she is on a diet as well. Maybe she has some pointers for ya.
  • I'm always struggling with my weight and with just having a baby 4 months ago the battle is back on.

    Just before Rex and I got married I joined weight watchers and it was the best thing. You really can eat what ever you want you just have to count the points and yes chocolate is more then a cup of celery.

    I think that you are off to a good start, you seem to know what you need to do. Cut out the fatty foods, exercise, drink lots of water(that's the hardest for me, I stand at the sink and down 2 or 3 at a time, don't laugh it works) and pick up a hobby that keeps your hands and mind busy.

    One other thing that I have come to realize is that I do better at keeping up with exercising if I join a sports team. I joined the Y about a year and a half ago and I think I went twice. This Sunday I start paddling with a ladies dragon boat team. I'm less likely to let down a team then I would myself.

    Good luck and keep us posted on you progress

  • Contrary to popular belief, situps won't help you loose weight as much as other exersises like, say, walking. All they really do is tone your stomach muscles, which is all they should be used for.

    As for diet, I can't give any tips there, as I've never had a weight problem to get over and I've never had a meal timetable, I eat when I'm hungry so breakfast doesn't usually come until mid arvo for me.

    Don't make drinking water a struggle (I don't understand why people struggle with their "8 glasses a day". Can someone tell me why it is people must force themselves to drink water?), drink it with your meals, keep a bottle of it on you to drink from when you're thirsty. It's good stuff, really.

    As KJB & HQ said, find something (or someone) to keep your mind & hands pre-occupied.
  • Don't drink any Coke. Or cut back on the sodas..

  • Be sure to get plenty of sleep!!!!!!!!!
    Sleep is one of the best, and yet most little-known-about, things that help to keep the bodys weight regulated. When we deprive our bodies of sleep, the brain produces a higher amount of the hormone called Cortisol , which in turn makes our bodies produce more insulin, which can lead to insulin-resistance. That means that those sugars/carbs will be less likely to be removed from the body via the liver and other tissues, but will be turned into and stored as fat.

    So, while you are cutting back on your 'bad' food intake and upping the exercise routine, don't forget to get plenty of rest!!!!! :D Believe it or not, for a healthy individual such as yourself, physically fit and active and all, 8 or 9 hours' sleep per night is what you should be getting!!
  • I stopped eating breakfast and lunch and I lost 40 pounds. So far I have kept it off for about a year and a half. I have started eating breakfast and lunch again, but am still able to maintain my weight by doing a lot of crunches, pushups, and other exercises before I go to bed.

    -When you deprive your body of nourishment it holds all the fat to sustain itself. Meaning your fat burning power is reduced drastically. Eat 3 times a day, anything you want as long as it is in moderation and have plenty of exercise. Getting your body used to having 3 meals a day shows it that it doesnt need to retain any fat, thus a faster metabolism. Believe me i have been to many nutrionists.

    PS - send me a picture of you in a bikini when you get a chance, Odd =P
  • Tiff's mental guide to loosing weight

    Sod the sit-up's!

    Get a dance mat & several copies of DDR
    Eat lots of pasta with tuna, chicken & fresh vegtables, less of cheesy or rich tomato stuff
    Cut out McSatan Burgers (Girl you really know about them! ;) )
    Make Steve work overtime in the bedroom ;)
    Bike to work (been there, done that & never again after 16 miles per day)
    Have a once a week blast with lager & a very hot, sticky curry (you'll thank me first thing in the morning)
    As Speedie said about Cortisol don't get confused with Castrol & try & cook with it instead of extra virgin olive oil!
    Don't cut out sugar completely, cut it down by half or at extremes a third as your body when on a diet can't control the sugar loss & YOU WILL GET BLINDING HEADACHES for at least 2 weeks
    Cut out salt completely & you shouldn't use salt on food even if your not on a diet as steamed or boiled vegtables have more than enough salt content for your body to handle. Why put extra salt on food? You want to TASTE the food not drink the sea.
    Never ask your boyfriend/husband 'does my bum look big in this' mid way through your diet, He WILL lie (I know)

    P.S. send us a post card when your over there.
  • Originally posted by Chris N STAFF@Apr 12 2003, 08:45 PM
    [b]Bike to work (been there, done that & never again after 16 miles per day)

  • A diet I used to lose weight worked wonders, and I ate all I wanted. All I ate was carrots (boiled or raw), tuna (packed in water, and add no oil or mayonnaise), broiled skinless chicken breasts, brown rice and black beans. You can mix in the occasional dill pickle or pepper for flavor. Oh yeah, and drink only water or single malted scotch.

    Along with the diet I made it a point to exercise (stairmaster, bike, or running) until ragged and dripping at least once a day. I lost almost a pound a day(lots of exercise) for over a month, for a total loss of 37 pounds.

    Your results may vary, as I was a behemoth when I started...

    Good Luck
  • I too would recommend 'Weight Watchers', new points plan. It certainly helped me shed a few extra pounds, after the birth of my third child.
    One other thing that aided my weight loss, was keeping 'tab's on what I was stuffing into my mouth. Each night, just before hitting the light, I would write in a journal just exactly what I had consumed for the day. You'd be surprised how much this helps. :)

  • So Odd, it's been nearly a week, how goes it!? Are you trying out any of the suggestions in here? Surely you had to know you'd get a plethora of suggestions! :lol:

    Most of the stuff I've read in here makes perfect sense. Basic simple things to follow:

    Cut back the carbs
    Increase the exercise
    Water, water and water (with meals is great!!)
    Plenty of sleep
    Cut back/out salt.

    Denying your body needed food makes it automatically go into 'OMG, MUST STORE!!" mode, which lowers your metabolism and makes it darned near impossible to lose weight, so be sure to eat!!

    And, keep us posted on how it's going!

    (Hey, btw, did you ever get my letter?!? :unsure: )