Final fantasy 7...
  • Is it possible to save Aeris?
    And to get Sephiroth on your team?

    My friend said you can do that but hes probbally lieing because hes dumb!
  • The rumor on saving Aeris is completely false.It was originally supposed to be possible but it was taken out.

    As for Sephiroth,I'm thinking there was maybe something to that but I can't say for sure.PunkBuddy should know this one though.
  • This question again, eh?
  • Ok, what you do is go and play FF8. You have to get all characters and level them up to 100 before the end of disk one. Then you have to run around in circles until the time in the game is at it's limits then you have to do the same on FF7. When Sephiroth goes to kill Aeris she'll catch it in her bare hand and she'll stab Sephiroth with it. If you believe this bit then you'll believe just about anything. :grin1:
  • Another one of these? Well there is no way to save her, but you can have her in your party but it does no good. Well the sephiroth code sucks. The game freezes whenever your party comes out of cloud.
  • The code about Aerith is true, she is basically a silhoutte of Aerith and can only attack.