Pop-culture trivia
  • And that is correct.

  • Thank you thank you thank you!! I guess I got a little carried away polishing my award!! :lol:

    Speaking of awards...... how many daytime Emmy's was Gene Rayburn nominated for during his run as Host of the Matchgame gameshow series??
    "Sally lost her _________ in the bathtub" HAHAHHAAAA, what a great show!! :lol:
    May Mr. Rayburn Rest in Peace.
  • Not meaning to be a spammer or anything here, but...... HELLOOOOOOO!?!?! Anyone care to take a guess at this one, or should I try another? :(
  • 50?

    After some review, it seems Mr. Rayburn was nominated and won, one time, in 1975.
  • Nope, not 50, not 1 and not 10. Will give it just a bit more time... maybe 'till tomorrow, and if no more guesses, then I'll just give the answer and try another one. KEEP TRYING!! :D
  • Ok, ya can slap me later....but I just had to give this a go! :unsure: Is it none???

  • I'll just post a random number
    2 :huh:
  • Bid, I'm sorry, but I reserve those slaps for Hubby Pooh!! :lol:

    Ok, since no one got it, I'll give it away...... it's FOUR!

    Let's try another, shall we?

    Who hosted "Death Valley Days" from 1965-1966?
  • In spite of what has come to be common knowledge from "I Was Born in East LA," it is not Ronald Reagan. It just happens to be the same guy who hosted it when it was the Borax 20 mule-team theatre..............Dale Robertson
  • Sorry my OLD compadre, but you are not entirely accurate..... Dale Robertson hosted it from 1968-1972!
  • Alright, it's been long enough....... and moved along to page two no less!! :o The correct answer is RONALD REGAN!! :P

    Now, would someone please give us something good in here!?
  • What is reported to be the King's favorite room in Graceland?
  • The one with the lawn-like carpet in it ?
    Or was it the toilet?
  • His room with something like 12 TV's?
  • Come on folks, we're talkin' about THE KING here!!!

    It had to be the KITCHEN!!!!!!! :lol:
  • One of your guesses is muy close-o, but what I'm after here is the name of that room (Ex. the boudoir may have been named "the boom-boom room").

    ps. (HINT) it's mentioned in a Mark Cohn (Cohen?) song. :D
  • Allright allright, made me going for a search
    Le jungle room
  • Now you're cookin' with gas. You go, Manne :D
  • I heard that if you're really lucky you might find an old toenail clipping if you rummage through that carpet :lol:

    I'm not sure what this thread really is about anymore, I read the Intro by Lu and back then it seems to have been a quote quiz of some sort. however I think the "questions on trival subjects conserning the entertainment buisness" fits a worldwide audiens better. ;)

    How many times has James Brown (soulman) been arrested? (Goldstar if you know how many convictions he's got)
  • HEEYYYYY, I feel good!! :lol:

    James Brown
    8 Arrests, 3 Convictions, served a total of 5 years and 4 days. Man, it all started at the tender age of 15 when he was busted for stealing clothes out of someone's car!! :( Amazing to think of him starting there, and where he is now!!
  • Were is he now, on detox !? :blink:

    Come on sugar, do a split on that shiny new floor of yours.
  • The only 'split' I'd be able to do, on any surface is a
    banana split!! :lol:

    I've none in mind right now, so whoever is out there within the sound of my keyboard, please take the floor..... I think I've hurt myself trying to do that split that Manne requested! :blink:
  • OK then I'll take this chance then!!

    Alphonse Capone was one of the most infamous crime lords ever to be put on this earth (murder, theft, conspiracy, prohibtion laws broken, extortion etc.)but why was he sent to Alcatraz in end, and gold star if you tell me how he died.!.

    Have fun

    :P :D :lol:

  • I'm gonna guess that it was for tax evasion ...... and, I thought he died from syphilis. :blink:
  • Oh wow,

    Your one big liar,
    You know that answer trying to make it look like you made a guess.
    Both answers were dead on exactly.
    Well Done I havent got a gold star so have this *
    SPIT not split on your new floor
    Well done again

  • #1: It's not nice to call people a liar. I didn't have to look this one up, I am old, therefore I actually know a few things.

    #2: It's not nice to spit on peoples' floors either!

    (sheeeeesh, where's my BIG wrench!?!?)

    Who played the wife of the Greatest American Hero, on the old show "The Greatest American Hero"??
  • I remember that. Oh My. Giving away my age now.

    Connie Sellecca
  • It's ok gjc, we geezers ROCK!!!!! :D

    The floor is yours, I trust you won't spit on it as 'some' members think should be done!! <_< I left it nice and clean and sparkly for ya!</font>
  • On the TV series Emergency, 2 of the cast members were married at the time this show was being filmed. Who were they?

    Easy one..................
  • Easier for those who can remember it. The married cast members were the ER doctor and nurse, played by Bobby Troupe and Julie London, if my shot-out recall function is working.
  • Well done WB. Even though London's love interest on the show was Robert Fuller.

    Go for it WB......... :D
  • Thank you, GC.

    Here's an easy one.

    Which popular actress got her start in a Bruce Springsteen Video?
  • Oooh, I know this.
    It's Courtney Cox Arqette, right.
  • Yes, you are correct. Sorry for my tardiness ("I don't feel tardy!") :blink:
  • What Finnish rock hero died in a hotel, in the same neighbourhood as Jimi Hendrix died?
  • :ph34r: darn i thought it was donkey freakin' kong,later all!!!!!!!!! :ph34r:
  • Originally posted by manneman@Mar 5 2003, 10:48 PM
    [b]What Finnish rock hero died in a hotel, in the same neighbourhood as Jimi Hendrix died? [/b]

    Was it Elvis? Just a guess!
  • Finnish Rock Hero? There was one?
  • The only one I could keep thinking of is Yngwie Malmsteen...... and I don't even know if he's Finnish!! :lol: So, I had to do some searching. (I hate when that happens!)

    Albert J
  • [quote]Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Mar 6 2003, 06:05 AM
    [b] The only one I could keep thinking of is Yngwie Malmsteen...... and I don't even know if he's Finnish!! :lol: So, I had to do some searching. (I hate when that happens!)

    Albert J
  • [b]Yep, Albert J

  • Thank you!! :D

    Who was the actress who auditioned for the part of Samantha Baker in 'Sixteen Candles', and lost the part to Molly Ringwald?
  • Was it Tracy Lords? Oh, I guess those wouldn't have been sixteen candles then, would they? :D

  • No, those were sixteen 'other things' you smutmonger you!! :lol: :P
  • This one has slipped a bit...

    Ally Sheedy?

  • Yes, it sure has, and YES it sure is!!!
    Rex-a-saurus is right!! :D Take 'er away!! (faaaaarrrrrr away!!) ;)
  • The NES was an 8 bit system, the SNES was a 16 bit system, the Playstation was a 32 bit system, the Nintendo 64 was a (surprise!) 64 bit system, the Playstation 2 is an 128 bit system.

    What was the Intellivision?

  • Aaaahhhhhh..... it was THE FIRST 16-bit gaming console!!! :D
    (1980-ish or something like that)
  • Searching for the answers is a lot easier, eh? ;)

    Go ahead Suze.

  • I never did have an intelevision, but I remember waaayy back then when the two boys I used to baby-sit for got theirs and that was..... well, a long long time ago!! ;) (I was only 20, so we KNOW that was a long long time ago)
    The big thing about it was how it was now 16 bits... OOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (I did, however, need to look up just when it was released, I didn't remember if it was new when Mike and Jim got it or what)

    Anyway, I dont have one at the mo, so anyone can take my seat, or if no one has by the time I get back here on the morrow, I'll try one then! :D
  • In the absence of response, I'll open the floor to anyone willing to ask a question. ^_^
  • ok ill go

    what game is this from?

    "link do you want to talk to saria?"

    ill giv you a hint its from n64
  • What Link's receptionist says V 2.0?
  • nope anyone els want some

    its a game wich one

    ill giv ya 3 hints

    1. its a game

    2. its been around a long time and just came out with a new one

    3. link is the main character

    dats all im tellen lata
  • Link and Saria are from Zelda B)
  • exelent the floor is urs topper

    by the way i really gave it away
  • Originally posted by Lucifer@Apr 29 2002, 07:10 AM
    Give a line or two from a commercial/tv show or series from the days-gone-by, and try to guess what the show, series, or commercial was or was selling.

    Television show theme song:

    "Come and play with me, Jimmy
    Come and play with me
    And I will take you on a trip
    Far across the sea"

    -Topper :rolleyes:
  • Is that one from "H.R. Puffenstuff"!?!?!? :blink:
  • I should have known a Geezer would have picked it. Correct as usual :D

    The floor is all buffed and waiting for you.

  • Believe it or not, that entire tune just popped right into my head as soon as I saw that one little stanza!!!!! Good God, I need to get a life! <_< <br />
    Okey dokey......

    Remember the old Frito commercials, with the Frito Bandito?? Who did the voice of the Frito Bandito??

    There ya's go, have fun!! :D
  • Even though I have never heard of the Frito Bandito product, I am a fan of the Looney Tunes man responsible for his voice.

    Good Ole Mel Blanc :D

    That man was the master.

  • Yes, FJ, you are right..... and, you are right!!

    It was he, and he was the master!!! He set the standards that no one else, as of yet, has been able to reach, and I doubt anyone will! :( Why don't more people appreciate pure talent like that anymore!?!?

    Jeeeeezzzzzz, before I go waxing nostalgic, it's your turn!! :D
  • man fj and topper are the top contenders im impresd and suzan B staff this is great
  • Thank you Suze, I don't think anyone will ever come close to Mel.

    What was the original name of the band Poison????
  • Well Done GK,

    I thought it would last alot longer than that. :P
  • Since im empty ill make a stupid question that makes Finland seem like a better place.

    What country has been voted the most adatpable in the world.
  • Iraq ? :lol:
  • Iraq???? i think USA all za way B) B) :rolleyes:
  • No.

    Hint:Did you read the little text i wrote before the question.
  • Could it be.....Oh, I don't know.....Finland? :D
  • Damn you're good.
  • What homophobic ex-beauty queen remarked, "At least it's a fruit pie" after being smushed in the face (by a homo) with a pie at a news conference?
  • Anita Bryant.
  • Sorry for my tardiness. Gabe, you are correct, sir. You may ask as you will......

    ps. Thanks, SB :woot:
  • Floors open.
  • Ok! This is the most easyest quistion ever because i'm blooming tired.

    Wher does kylie minoque come from?
  • Is the answer Austrailia?
  • You got it charger. The floor is yours! :disco:
  • Okay, here goes...

    "We're off to outer space...We're leaving mother earth...To save the human race..."
  • Sorry, you're question must be in the form of a question.
  • Yeah! I didn't get the question!

    (no offence charger ;) :peace: )
  • The first post in this thread says (I'd use the quote if I :swear: knew how to ).....Give a line or two from a commercial/tv show or series from the days-gone-by and try to guess what the show, series, or commercial was or was selling.

    So, I gave a line from a commercial/tv show or series from the days-gone-by and you try to guess what the show, series, or commercial was or was selling.

    Don't blame me if you don't know it. :cunning:

    But to help you all out, it was animated.
  • Originally posted by chargerfanchs@May 15 2003, 12:53 PM
    "We're off to outer space...We're leaving mother earth...To save the human race..."

    I'll take a guess and say that came from Titan A.E. :huh:
  • Good guess Rex but not correct. I'll add a little more to it.

    "Searching for a distant star... heading off to Iscandar...leaving all we love behind... who knows what dangers we'll find?"

    You're on the right track!
  • Originally posted by chargerfanchs@May 15 2003, 09:53 AM
    "We're off to outer space...We're leaving mother earth...To save the human race..."

    Kudos to Charger for reading the first post!!

    Oh and that was from Star Blazers circa EARLY 1980's :disco:
  • Topper, you are correct as usual. I loved that show because after every episode the count down to save earth got shorter and shorter. You always wondered if they'd make it in time.

    Anyways, you got it! Well done!

  • Howze about this snippet from a theme song...

    "Flippin' like a pancake, poppin' like a cork"
  • Was it the Banana Splits? :woot:
  • That is was Charger!!

    The floor is once again yours!
  • Well this one should last about 5 seconds....(Mach 5 that is)

    "He's off and flying as he guns his car around the track
    He's jamming down the pedal like he's never coming back
    Adventure's waiting just ahead"
  • Speed racer
  • Spiderklown you are correct. I personally liked Racer X better than Speed. The floor is yours.
  • Dance your cares away,
    Worry's for another day.
    Let the music play,
    Down at _______ ____.

    Fill in the blanks.
  • Fraggle Rock :woot:
  • You are right.
  • Here's one I used to love watching.....

    "Marshal, Will and Holly
    On a routine expedition
    Met the greatest earthquake ever known"
  • Land of the Lost?

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