• It seems like the old trivias are getting, well old, and so I thought we could try a new one.

    Rules as always:
    Don't pose a new question until the answer you've given to the last one id confirmed to be correct.

    Also I like to point out that Geography doesn't have to be about what city lies were. I think we could mix in a great deal of history and other crossover topics, just as long as the core has to do with a geographical location. OK?

    I will go first even though I can't say that this is a topic I am very good at.
    I think I'll give an example on how a "geographic" question could look like.

    What does the stars and the stripes featured on the American flag represent?

    Shouldn't be to hard...
  • The 13 stripes represent the original 13 states.
    Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island.
    The stars represent each current state.
  • Weren't they(original 13) called colonies at the time? heh, heh......Just messing with ya......Heh, heh.
  • red= british

    white = america / freedom from britan

    please tell me im right i studed this
  • Aye, the thirteen stars are for the colonies.
    The white is for liberty, and the red is a reminder of the blood shed to gain that liberty (though much of the blood spilled was that of the original tenants)
  • KJB gets the floor since I only asked about the actual stripes and not the colors. It was nice learning about the coloration though.
    Go ahead KJB
  • There are 5 airports in the Toronto area, What are they and what are the codes? Bonus points if you know the city code.

    Good luck
  • I do believe we're oblivious. ^_^ Ask another perhaps, KJB?
  • That sure is a tough question to answer, I've got City Center (YBZ), LB Pearson (YYZ) and Toronto Island Airport (not sure about that one) so far.
  • I've got:

    Buttonville Airport - YKZ
    Lester B Pearson International - YYZ
    Toronto City Centre Airport (Toronto Island Airport) - YTZ
    Toronto Metropolitan Area - YTO

    And i can't find a fifth one.....You sure there are 5? I'll keep looking though.

    P.S. Toronto Toronto, Downsview, Ont - YZD?
  • manneman-LB Pearson is correct but sorry YBZ is not center city, although it is a code for one of the other airports.

    madhtr-all you answers are correct so for but you still need two more.
    YTO is the city code and there are 5 airport codes on top of that.

    yes YZD is Downsview. One more
  • Toronto Downtown Heliport - YBZ?
  • Take it away madhtr. :)
  • What river do i live near? By that i mean the nearest to me, and this shouldn't be too hard.
  • The James River?
  • Very right you are there. The floor is your's.
  • On what date does the North Pole have 24 hours of darkness
  • I would assume that would be the Winter Solstice (Dec. 22)...^_^
  • KFH... right as rain. The floor is yours :)
  • What island is the only remaining refuge of the butterfly called the 'Miami Blue'?
  • Bahia Honda.
  • Keep guessin' folks.
  • Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
  • Well, when I looked around to see if Topper was correct (since I didn't know the park, just the island) I found out that my original source was wrong...so...apparently both Gabriel and Topper are absolutely right. >_>

    Not sure what to do with the floor, you two fight over it.
  • take it away Gabe... the floor is yours :D
  • Thank you.

    Where is the world's northernmost McDonald's situated.
  • Rovaniemi, Finland has the honour of being the city to have the most northern McDonald's.
  • Yay,Yes,Kyll
  • Name the 3 countries that start with the letter "Z".
  • Zeland
    zemwoambai or bay
    thats all i can think of
  • Zimbabwe,Zambia and Zaire.
  • Zimbabwe is correct

    2 more

    gabriel got it!!!!!!
  • Name the country that's major exports are coconuts and stamps.

    Im fairly sure there's only one but if you get another one I'll give you the floor.
  • hawaii i think thats how ya spell it
  • I just like to add that Zaire is spelled with a capital c, as in Congo.

    My wild guess at Gabes question would be *closes his eyes and points at the map*
    Fiji !
  • is figi realy a place and now i think its florada
  • Originally posted by manneman@Apr 19 2003, 11:05 PM
    [b]I just like to add that Zaire is spelled with a capital c, as in Congo.

    My wild guess at Gabes question would be *closes his eyes and points at the map*
    Fiji !

    I did spell it with a capital Z and I'm pretty sure Fiji isnt a country.
  • Fiji is an independent nation. They have their own government and everything. :D
  • Well, the answer is still no.
  • Just to elucidate, Zaire is no longer called Zaire, it's called Congo, the democratic republic of Congo. ;)

    If Fiji isn't it then *same procedure as last time*
    Saint Kitts o. Nevis
  • Nope

    Hint: .tv
  • Let's see...I heard something about an island that got most of it's income from stamps lately...not sure about the coconut part though...

    Pitcairn Island (Spelling may not quite be right.)

  • Topper got it.
  • As of 02/04/03, what was the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FR Yugoslavia) renamed?(two names)
  • Serbia and Montenegro
  • You da man Mad!

    take it away!
  • While we're on the subject of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; What are the other countries that used to be a part of it?
  • I be typing in Swedish names of the countries so I hope the message gets through.

    Bosnien hercegovina
    and jugoslavien.

    I think that's them.