• Hhmmmmmmmmm, can't think of anything tricky right now, so i'll just go with a simple one:

    This you should always keep - no one else wants it.

    What is it??????????


  • A communicable disease?
  • Well, that could apply, but it wasn
  • Sus: I was for some reason thinking of Forrest Gump :lol:

    Keep your mind, your opinion, your dirty hands to yourslef?

  • Advice!?
  • Well, if it was Rex

  • Your temper!?
    (won't tell ya what led me to think of this one!! :( :o )
  • A Canadian dollar? :D :(
  • Your breath!! :lol: (or, is that another reference to Rex!? :P )
  • Ding ding!!! We have a winner!

    Suze was correct

  • Oh goodie!!!!! :D Thank you!!

    I have a Monster that lives in my basement, and we use a primitive code to communicate. For example, if it says the number 16 I know it wants a vegetable to eat. If the number is 10 it wants a bird to eat, and if it says 2 it wants a nice juicy insect to munch upon.

    What should I do if one day the monster says 21?
  • Give him a nice juicy bird?
  • Kick him in the nads and run like hell!!! :ph34r:

    It looks like da monster is getting ready to fix a sandwich au speedie

    He wants to eat U, get out of there!!!!! :o
  • Maybe it just wants a drink of juice (U:ce)?
    Is it a nice monster? :D
  • Feed it a pussycat. I have a monster that lives in my pants, and that's all it eats....... (:D)
  • [quote]Originally posted by WreckinBall@Mar 10 2003, 02:02 PM
    [b]Feed it a pussycat.
  • Maybe he was smoking, you are not allowed to smoke on an airplane.
  • Is it because there was a big jump me sign on him?Or maybe he was a hijacker, or maybe the person he knew was a very important person like George Bush!
  • Perhaps his friend's name is Jack, and perhaps when he greeted his friend he said, "Hi, Jack!" Now you know people on planes are sensitive to the sound of those two syllables, and anyone could understand their overreaction, and maybe that's what happened. :blink:
  • :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Hahahaha, that is probably right, but you put it in such a funny way it made me laugh! Did you here that before?
  • Thank you, Gideon, but I've got nothin' right now. I'm braindead from watching the Dune and Children of Dune marathon on the sci-fi channel today, and I would appreciate it if another member would pose a query in my stead.

  • Don't want these riddle threads to die, so I'll try one:

    What is represented below?

    Disaster Height x Disaster Length

  • It can't be disaster area, that would just be to easy.
  • Originally posted by manneman@Mar 28 2003, 04:36 PM
    [b]....that would just be to easy.[/b]

    Yep, just like me!! :blink:

    The floor is all yours!! It's all nice and clean and sparkly for ya! :D (three coats of wax so I can watch ya slip and fall on your Buttkiss, I need a good laugh!)
  • is the answer to lucifer's question a match? :huh:

  • Bobboboy, I will be honest with ya, I didn't even look back to see what Lucifers was, but that's ok, because whatever it was, it was obviously answered already. See, the way this one works (as well as all the trivia threads) is, no one is allowed to post a new one 'till the current one is answered correctly and is confirmed by the one who posed it. Then, the one who answered corretly may either pose one him/herself or pass the privilege on to another person. So, the mere fact that we've moved along to other 'players' tells us that the one that Lu posed has been correctly answered already.
    Now we're just waiting for Manne to get back from his visit at the house of ill repute the Mother in Laws so he can pose the next one for us! :D

    Just FYI, the rules for the trivia and 'game' threads are always posted on the first page of each one by the person who started it, so it's always a good idea to check out the first page to make sure you 'play' by the rules.

    Okey dokey? Okey dokey! :D
  • Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Apr 4 2003, 02:00 AM

    Now we're just waiting for Manne to get back from his visit at the house of ill repute the Mother in Laws so he can pose the next one for us! :D

    I'm back from the pampering life of 24-7 childcare and free meals, and here's your riddle.

    A bus driver was heading down a street in Colorado. He went right past a stop sign without stopping, he turned left where there was a "no left turn" sign, and he went the wrong way on a one-way street. Then he went on the left side of the road past a cop car. Still - he didn't break any traffic laws. Why not?

  • Was he on foot?
  • Why is it that every time I post a riddle mr Knowze pop out of oblivion and nails it?
    I'm just curious.
    Maybe I have to stop getting all my riddles from www.Gungks-riddle-paradise.au . :lol:

    The floor is yours mate.
  • Thank you Manne, but you left out a "com", so it must be some kind of a coincidence.

    Heres an old one, one of thoes old "what am I" ones.

    There is a green house.
    Inside the green house is a white house.
    Inside the white house is a red house.
    Inside the red house is full of babies.

    What has just been described?
  • Politics. You know the sitting rooms and such (i can't remember the proper names for each of them). I think it goes ???, president, senate, then the politicians.
    Im not sure though, so I'll stick with that.
  • A pomegranate?
  • I can think of at least four answers to this one, and pomegranate is one of them.

    Floor's all yours WB.
  • Imagine that...pomegranate was a guess.

    Rather than give up the floor, as I've been doing too often lately, I will ask a riddle. However, I will come back and do it as I have no riddle right now. I do have one of those deduction problems to solve, but the last one seemed to stress people. They take so long to do. I'll be back...

    OK, I'm back. :P

    What was the highest/tallest mountain in the world before the discovery of Mount Everest?
  • K2 is that it?
  • I think Spiderklown is right without knowing it. (or maybe he knows)
    Somethings are what they are even though they are not recognized as it.

    [EDIT]Oops, sorry. I was thinking that the Himalayas was the same thing as Mount Everest and that K2 was the highest peak all the time. :lol: I suck at geography, and I'm also a bit of an idiot from time to time. :( ;)

  • It was, of course, Mount Everest!! Just because it wasn't discovered yet doesn't make it any less tall!! :P
  • Attagirl, SB! Fire away...
  • Thankee S'ai!! **taps throat three times with first three fingers** :D

    Okey dokey, let's see........

    Detective HOQ was looking at the dead body that lay sprawled on the ground. She noticed that the man had a great collection of Greek mythology ornaments. He had huge crystal statues of Zeus and the other gods and godesses. A policeman handed the man's will to the detective. The will read:

    "I, Thomas Moore III, do give all of my land, my home, and my beautiful platinum statue of Venus to my Daughter Cynthia Cordelia."

    That night Cynthia Cordelia was arrested for murder and forgery. Why?

    There, that ought to keep someone going for a few minutes!! :D
  • The will had to be a forgery because she didn't know what the statue was made of. Crystal or platinum
  • Cynthia forged her fathers will and killed him so she would inherit his belongings. The detective knew the will was forged because the statues were crystal...not platinum.

  • Well, Rollerangel got the 'whom' right, but not the why, which I think is the most important part. Keep trying!! :blink:
  • Let's assume that detective HOQ knows his mythology, in that case the will would have said Aphrodite instead of Venus.
  • Originally posted by manneman@Apr 18 2003, 08:02 PM
    [b]Let's assume that detective HOQ knows his mythology.[/b]

    But HOQ is a girl!! Ooops I thought we were on a new riddle... Ok Back to Susan's!! :D
  • How very perceptive of me,
    hmm I think I blame it on thinking in mab gab mode and not wanting to write "nose hair". :lol:

  • Manne, you've done it again!!! In an odd sort of way, as usual, but you've done it, nonetheless!! :lol:

    You are right!! If the will were to been have written by the recently deceased, it would have been Aphrodite and not Venus, being that Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess, not Venus!!

    How very astute you are!!
    You may take it away when you wish!! (as soon as you explain to us what that bit about the nose hair was all about!) :blink:

    (Topper, naught to worry, you were spot on with that observation! Manne has simply spent too much time away from home for his brain to be functioning correctly! Give him a few days to get back to normal! ;) )
  • wow manneman ur sertanly are the detective arround here
  • Knows his mythology /Knows her mythology / Nose hair mythology. ;) get it?
    I admit I was a bit tierd writing that.

    New riddle:

    I'll stick to you come rain come shine
    You broke? You come see me!
    Crazy's this personality of mine,
    a horse I used to be.

    What am I?
  • darn i thought it was money
  • Damn it woman, use exlamation marks, you know you are clever. ;)

    Take the floor back Susan, just take it.
  • dang ya both r good
  • Originally posted by breathoffire4@Apr 19 2003, 11:16 PM
    dang ya both r good

    Why thank you!! :D I'll thank you for the both of us, as Manne is used to having a woman speak up for him anyway! ;)

    [b]WB is sitting in a pub feeling rather poor. He sees Rex sitting next to him pull a wad of
  • did he sing somthing from the steve miller band
  • C'mon Suze, you can do worse than that. ;)

    He sang, Happy Birthday. ^_^

    If that's right, someone else go ahead and grab the floor, I never can come up with riddles, I just solve them. ^_^

  • Well, of course you're right!! :D

    "Somebody", please report to the New Riddle forum to post a new one! :lol:
  • Alrighty then, I'll take the floor...

    Decode the following into a word...

    Professional Ouch!
  • Originally posted by Topper+Apr 18 2003, 09:11 PM-->QUOTE(Topper @ Apr 18 2003, 09:11 PM)
    @Apr 18 2003, 08:02 PM
    [b]Let's assume that detective HOQ knows his mythology.[/b]

    But HOQ is a girl!! Ooops I thought we were on a new riddle... Ok Back to Susan's!! :D[/b][/quote]
    *sneaks in before Sus gets here*

    Just to clear up any confusion, I am indeed a girl.

    Thank you.

    *sneaks back out*

  • No need to worry about hiding from me Dear, you're allowed in 'my' space any time you like!! :hug:
    Not to mention the fact that, I have no idea what a
    Professional Ouch is anyway!! :unsure:

    HEY WAIT!!!!!

    "Propane"!?!?!?! PRO Pain..... heh heh heh!!
  • Damn you, Suze! That was supposed to last longer than that!!! I have a few more choice words for you... :swear: .

    Sorry, had to try out at least one of the new smilies. The floor is yours. Don't mind the cigarette butts and the spilt beer.

  • Half those cigarette butts are probably mine anyway, so no harm, no foul. I'll mop up the beer for ya! :D

    What phrase is represented below?:

    days days

    cast cast
    cast cast


    Hey, I guess I do know what a professional ouch is after all!!
  • Not that I watch much news and weather reports in english but could it be something like "two day forecast"?
  • Today's forecast?
  • today to mast :unsure: :unsure:
  • two to four :helpme: :shy: ................. :swear:
  • C'mon Sus... put us all out of our misery :cry:

  • Gosh, I'm sooo bad!!! Been chatting a bit too much I guess, not gotten in here to tell...............

    MANNEMAN that he is correct!!! :disco:

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