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  • Okay here the scoop I figure it be better to get others views on this and see what all ya'll think.No offense to teens(hell I'm one)but I think the older members might be able to help me on this one a bit more.Okay my mom is very protective like most parents and to top it off I'm an only child so she is like 10 times worse.Okay I have a boyfriend and I haven't told her.As far as she knows he's my friend but I like my parents to know who in the world I talk to.That way she doesn't complain and say who is so and so.And he wants to meet my parents.(stepdad included)But my stepdad had a cow and said that it's getting to close for his taste.But my mom and dad were fine with that.And then he gave me another lecture about how boys are horn dogs at this age.And I understand him.BUT I'm sure that you adults know that there are a few still breathing of that rare breed of boys 15-18 years of age who are virgins and proud of it and don't want to get some chick knocked up!My boyfriend knows I'm not like that and to be honest he's the one that told me he's not like that first!I'ts not like I wanna marry him I just want my parents to meet him so they people that I talk to.We've only been going out for 3 months and there has been opportunity to do something dumb and I haven't.Is it wrong to want my parents to meet him?I mean he is my friend to!Thats what he was first!I mean I understand I'm a teen with hormones and so is he but believe it or not we both avoid situations when stuff can happen.(being in a private place for a long period of time...etc.)And I don't completly get it!I'm actually taking a step for my parents to know who my friends are and who I hang out with.And the only one who has a problem with it is my stepdad!Could I just get a vew on this cuz it's really pissing me off and then he wonders why I don't talk to him about stuff.Especially guys I mean my biological dad is VERY and I mean very protective,and he liked the idea of meeting Michael.But Brian(my stepdad) has a frickin cow!Okay the fact is I'm gonna talk to people and sorry to say but it was bound to happen sooner or later one of them is a guy!I'm sorry for being human!I'm just really confused as you can see can ya'll help me out? :(
  • It's rather simply really. You can't hide anything from your parents forever and it's probably best to bring it out into the open now, rather than later. Not every guy is like that but, yes, many of them are very much like that(man, i must be hungry because i thought you said corn dogs the first time i was reading through). You just have to tell your parents when you feel it is the right time. Don't try and stress yourself out over it all or you'll burn yourself out. Nothing in life is worth hurting yourself so I think tht yes you should tell your parents. Sure they may disapprove but you don't know unless you talk to them. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • It seems to me that you being as sensible and thoughtful as you can be regarding the sitution.

    Parents naturally want to
  • Two things first, I don't know how old you are and I'm guessing you're an american.

    If you indroduce your boyfriend to your parents, what is the worst that could happen. That he openly addmit that he is only with you for one reason? That you are forbidden to ever have contact with him? I don't know.

    What probably will happen is that you old folks will be glad that you have a realationship that you are so proud of having that you take the guy to them and show him off.

    For some reason dads don't remember what it was like being a teenager (not that I think mums do either but they remember stuff wrong in a different way).
    Sure, teenage boys do have alot of testosterone running around making them that specific breed of dog you mentioned but that doesn't mean thay are totally out of controll.

    As I understand things, you guys in america have this odd thing about waiting really long until you have sex. Why? I don't know.
    If getting ****ed is all that both of you can think of I belive then is the best time to do it. But that's just how things work over here in Sweden (the land of sin) :D

    Clearly you love this guy, clearly your parents can understand this to some extent, clearly they want what's best for you.
    I say you should, with in a joyus and proud way, tell you parents that you have been seeing this great guy for a while and that you really want them to meet him (and that he wants to meet them) .
    If he (or you) don't totally screw things up nothing but good should come out of it.
    You be getting some lectures surely (be certain not to say; Muuum/Daaad, I know that. Instead nod politely and make you appreciate their concerns and that you will do what is expected of you, or someting like that). Important thing is, once they met him, they wont fear him as much.

    Earn their trust
    and congratulations on having a great boyfriend.

  • Hey thanks ya'll all of you helped me out in some way and I'm gonna wait a little while before I tell them.And when I do then I'll let them meet him.And I know they are concened but sheesh!I don't know I know I have alot more growing up to do and I'll probably understand more once I get older.But thank you.I do have of a habit of not looking at other points of view but at least I admit that.I guess they just really care and don't wanna see me mess up like they did.Well all advice was appreciated and I'll listen to anyone who has something to say I wanna get as many views as possible.Thanks again. :D
  • well I say you've made the right decision don't lie to your parents be honest.....If you like this guy enough to let him meet the parents they should just be happy for you, but they'll always be protective and think they know what's best for their child. and as was already stated if they don't like this guy what's the worst that would happen.......if you don't like him enough to go against your parents will to see him well then he must not be anything too special.

    and having a significant other meet the parents is always good for your benefit too, just for the interogation that'll be going on

    good luck
  • First thing, do you normally get along well with your Stepdad?

    Your boyfriend and you are showing a lot of maturity by willing to do the 'meet-the-parent' thing.

    But I can also see your Stepdad's point. You are 14 years old, if my daughter was seeing someone at 14 I would be a little sceptical too. I know very little about you and even less about your boyfriend. But like I said the fact that you both want him to meet your parents is showing a lot of maturity... something that a lot of 14 year olds lack.

    3 months is quite a while when you 14. As soon as you and your boyfriend are ready and you think that your Stepdad can handle it, tell them about your boyfriend and ask your Mom if he can come over for supper.

    Just make sure that your Stepdad is cool with the whole thing since if he does not agree with the situation then the whole will seem very uncomfortable.

    Trust me I have been there. ;)
  • Artaria, you are amidst the classic teen struggle. To keep from getting wordy, I'll cut to the chase. Do as your parents tell you. They have been through this before, and probably have your best interest(s) in mind. I don't know you or your boyfriend (well, I know you a little)but given the circumstances (and the fact that he's hetero), he is "like that." He may seem as if he's not, but chances are, he's mirroring your feelings on the matter, and he'll do or say anything to keep you in agreement while his body is screaming to do naked pushups. He's dealing with impulses that run his life, but don't hold it against him, as they're brand new. It takes some boys into their 40s (or later) before they learn to control those impulses.

    You'll know when the time is right, and if you're with the right boy. Just take the proper precautions, and it can be great. Until then, be a kid, and listen to your parents. They won't steer you wrong.
  • It takes some boys into their 40s (or later) before they learn to control those impulses.

    After 40 they hit mid-life and need a sports car or a 20 year old girlfriend so I don't know if they ever learn to control impulses.

    Artaria, I think you should come clean with you parents(stepdad included). He may freak at first but if you have your mom and dad on your side already they may help to get your stepdad through this and it won't be long before everyone sees that you are a responsible and trustworthy teen.

    Good luck and let us know
  • Originally posted by KJB@Apr 20 2003, 09:02 AM
    [quote]It takes some boys into their 40s (or later) before they learn to control those impulses.

    After 40 they hit mid-life and need a sports car or a 20 year old girlfriend so I don't know if they ever learn to control impulses.

    13 more years and I can get a sports car and a 20 year old girlfriend!!

    Cool B) , thanks honey. Your the best. :wub: