• I just bought everquest online adventures. I thought it would be like phantasy star online and u could play offline but i cant figure out how. Is there a way to play everquest online adventures offline?
  • No there isn't-Everquest is online-only.Unfortunately you are now stuck with it-the disc would be useless to anyone else now that you have used it.Sony has measures in place that keep the game from being used on multiple systems-anyone buying a used copy would be out of luck and their cash.
  • If you plan on hooking your PS2 up to the net, you've made a great purchase with Everquest. If you don't plan on connecting your PS2 up to the net, you've just bought a very expensive (and fancy lookin') coaster :)

    Sony has measures in place that keep the game from being used on multiple systems[/b]

    Ok, i'm assuming these 'measures' would be something like a database of cd-serials together with some sort of serial number for the PS2 it's being used on (or something similar). If this is the case, assuming Snake hasn't connected his ps2 to the net, they will not have a record for it yet and thus he can still sell it?
  • That's pretty much how it works-with that done the game disc is essentially 'registered" for use just on that PS2 system and no one else can register for Everquest with it.If you haven't gone online with it,however,it should be no problem to sell to someone else (you can still forget trading back to the game stores,though-they won't take them regardless).

    This gets me thinking if Sony and the companies did this with every game it would cut back on the piracy that's all too frequent out there (unfortunately that would also completely dry up the used game market).
  • yea you can only play it online. its a waste of yer 40 bucks unless you get an adapter.
  • Ok, thank you. I think I'll get the online adaptor. Also, it only cost me 20 dollars. Best Buy
  • the sicko in me wonders how many video rental stores ordered EQonline to rent out ... :lol:
  • Hahahahahaha, you know the people at Blockbuster are gonna think "Everquest was a huge game, everyone will want to rent this!"

    So there might be some manegerial positions opening up? :drool: (haha, i love the new smilies)
  • Actually EQ for rent at B buster is workable. B Buster got rentall codes so they can rent it out (US only). When you rent you are given a rental code and able to access the rental account. Only prob you like the game and buy it you need to start a new character due to the fact char's cant be tranfered account to account yet.