Dark Cloud2 Hlp Plzz
  • Hi, iam on chapter 2 and I am at the end of the rainbow butterfly forest. I got to a swamp and it says i have to use an item but none of mine work. Ive looked through walkthroughs and it says i need a seed but i dont have it. Plzzz hlp me.
  • I think I know what your saying, but not shure. Are you talking about the place in the map dungeon section where it is blocked off because you need a special item to get there? If it is, I really cant help you write now. I could look it up in a stradegy guide but I plan on beating this game without one. Since there would be alot more replay value after I beat it.

    So my suggestion is to go to a web search site and search for a stradegy guide for it.
  • Yo BadBoy mine is just like Visa's but anyway are you on chapter 2 on Dark cloud 2 it's whare you biuld the Jurak mall agian and go back in time and the cave is Rainbow Butterfly Wood and do you know what the seed looks
    Austyn Gundrum
  • I don't know about the seed. I would think you should still have it but you need to develop the town and do something with monica to get an item you need. you have to become a monster and talk to another monster, i think its those flower ones, but im not sure.