What's Outside Your Window?
  • This is an old topic which I feel inspired to resurrect.

    We all spend a lot of time at our PCs and consoles and maybe we forget about the outside world. So, tell me, what's outside your window where you are?

    For me, I'm at work. It's a hot, sunny day but I don't get the sun in my office so a pleasant cool breeze is pervading through the slightly open window. The sunlight is bouncing off the cars in the car park. The wind is rustling my peace lily and spider plant, and I can hear the cattle in the market, which is about 200 yards away, awaiting their fate of slaughter.

    If I was at home and I moved my chair a little, I would have a wonderful 180-degree view of three counties - Dorset, Somerset and a tiny bit of Devon - on a beautiful spring day.

  • I can't see out through my window due to the big plant standing in the way. However I have a memory of there being a 2 store appartment building right across the little path that separates my building from it.

    From my other window I have a view over a lake, a soccerfield (skate rink at winter) and the local gym. I can also see bits of the university and the sky and the sun and the clouds and the cars on the road.......
  • Well...being out here in hickland, Kentucky...I've got a bit different of a view.

    North: Cattle Pasture
    East: Cattle Pasture
    West: Cattle Pasture
    South: Cattle Pasture

    Hmph...I see a pattern.
  • At work, no time to look out the windows but at home if i look out one of my windows i see the front yard and a main road. If i look through the end window then i see trees and my driveway, and if i look out the other window then i see my pond and the big tree that fell over while i slept the other night(which didn't wake me up......). Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well...if I move my chair over a little bit I can see the driveway and outside my bedroom window is a trampoline, swings, and my two doggies....along with five other trees.
  • There are no windows in this apartment!!! :angry:

    Oh wait! I have 2000 windows and I see a forum on the other side :lol:

    Well, if I am at home, I would probably see the two security guards just across the street!
  • at home i get to see bald eagles in the trees outside my bay window. sometimes they wake me up in the morning with their singing. right now i'm at work, watching a group of ravens playing in the sky. aaah, alaska is for the birds
  • funny you should mention birds. The view from my computer is of a courtyard with Four hanging seed trays, Two with seed, One with water & One with catfood and there's a (sunflower) seed ring on the patio grill.

    It's quiet out there now, with only a couple of rainbow lorikeets and a dove but throught a day there'll be cockatoos, king parrots, pale headed rosellas and countless flocks of rainbow lorikeets & doves. There is also a family of currawongs that turn up for the catfood every now & then but I haven't seen them in ages.
  • *looks out the window*

    it's dark I see nothing

    but usually it's a nice view, overlooking a little valley with the dam of the lake on the other side. lots of cottonwoods and maple trees.....really quite peaceful
  • Well looking out my window in my game room here at home I see the stereo entertainment unit in front of the window, then there's a big shelf that I keep my PS2 on and I can see a 18x24 inch area of the window behind it.

    Given all that I can see the Koi pond with all the lush plants around it and on the other side I see my storage shed and part of the fig tree on the left.

    That's about it..... :ph34r:


  • The only place I am ever at my computer, or any computer, is here in my little office, and there is only one window. Unfortunately, my desk is at that window, and it's a high back to it, so I'd have to either strain around it or sit on top of it to see out that window. When I do (sit on top of it, that is! ;) ) there I will see my front yard, a small patch of wannabe grass ringed about the front and side with elms, pines and dogwoods. On the other side is the driveway, not very exciting!!
  • Well all I can see Is our garage w/ our cars of couse :D and I see lots of trees my aquarium with fishes :) and all those STUPID neighbors across the street.
  • There a plant in my way too, 3 of them. And you mean there is an outside world! :o And even if I could see through the plants, the blinds would be in the way. *Opens the blinds and peers out and then melts from the sun light* I am always outside and I am always playing hockey with my friends, sure pc is fun but hanging with your friends is too! O, and if no one could tell, that last one was real! :)
  • For me not much. I live in a two story condo. All the condos face inward towards one another in a round circle. In the center is a big area of grass for the kids to play on, very few trees and have lots of birds. That is what I can see through my window.
  • Nothing but green.
    Guess i should mow my lawn.
  • "I look out my window, I watch her as she passes by
    I say to myself, "You're such a lucky guy"
    To have a girl like her, is a dream come true
    And of all the girls in New York, she loves me true"

    Just a little Temptations for ya. With my imagination runnin' away with me....

    Outside my window at home, I can't see squat but the sidewalk in front of the neighbor's house. Usually, I don't care to see what happens there.

    However, the window in my office at work has a lovely view. I'm on the 3rd floor of an office building in Hollywood, which is across the street from the Kodak Theatre (Home of the Oscar Broadcasts). To the north, I can see homes built one on top of another in the Hollywood Hills, and at the base of the Hill, a strip mall with a Starbucks. To the east, I can see apartment buildings, a daycare center (which is quite often used as a filmset), and a little park where the local apartment dwellers go to walk their dogs. Lots of Pit Bulls in the neighborhood. To the south, it just seems like an ocean of roofs. Two and three story buildings seemingly without breaks between them until the Baldwin Hills jut up around South-Central. Just a few miles southwest of those hills is LAX and then the ocean. Even on the clearest day, I can't see the ocean, but I have a nice view. I can't help but wonder if the hookers are going to rebuild their shack this summer, on the vacant lot which adjoins ours.......
  • When i look out of my window I get a fantasic panoramic view of the whole of docklands, the park behind my house, my back garden and some cars. Theres a block of flats to my right, and 250 ft of Canary Wharf is poking up into the sky (Don't tell me you don't know what Canary Wharf is). Thats about it, oh yeh - and some washing hanging up to dry.

  • Originally posted by crashkart@Apr 20 2003, 09:58 AM
    When i look out of my window I get a fantasic panoramic view of the whole of docklands, the park behind my house, my back garden and some cars. Theres a block of flats to my right, and 250 ft of Canary Wharf is poking up into the sky (Don't tell me you don't know what Canary Wharf is). Thats about it, oh yeh - and some washing hanging up to dry.


    What a very nice view there I really envy you all I can see here are STUPID neighbors
  • Looking out my window all I can see is my neighbours igloo and a few sled dogs and someone gutting a whale. Beyond that I have a beautiful view of the glaciers and the seals jumping off of them into the water. ;)
  • Oh, shut up southerner. :D
  • Looking to my left I see out the 2 bay windows at the front of my abode, I see the front yard, my driveway and the plumb and apple trees that line it. I look stright ahead I see the side yard and 2 big alder trees with a swing hung betwixt them and a large pink (flower) rhodie.

    :lol: @ Rex and his igloos
  • When i look out of my window i see an end of a rainbow touching my perfectly cut grass with squirels dacing with each other round the rainbow.

    I WISH!!!

    I see completly the opposite! My grass is coverd in fox crap and no where near perfectly cut. In fact i would say not cut. And as for the squirels I haven't seen one in about 2 weeks. they probably can't stand the smell :stink:.


    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • There are many windows in our house hmmm.....
    Well at the front windows of our house, i could see
    my car, well its not exactly mine but i could use it. hmmm... i could also see the house of our neighbor.
  • at my parents i see there back gardsen which they spent a fortune on last summer to make it pretty, at work is a big main road which is cool at the minute coz i keep tooting at cars i like!!1

    and at my house its another big main road!
  • If I lean over just a bit to the right I have a nice view of my tent trailer. Have to make a new spot for it in the back yard. There's also a nice little cedar playhouse that Santa brought and dad had to build and a swath of fertilized grass that grows way too quickly. If I look out the front there's fields rolling away into the distance that unfortunately before long will turn into more houses. They all seem to be stamped out of exactly the same mold these days.
  • well outside my window is my neighbors house and out the other windows are the foothills, what beautiful scenery :peace:
  • Awww, Hoopz, that was so beautiful *Sniffle*

    When I look out my window I see the rolling hills of alberta, and a sunset, what a beautiful sunset, and I can't help but think, Man canada Rocks the rest of the worlds butt. :peace:
  • ALL I SEE OUT MY WINDOW ARE MORE APPARTMENTS!!!!!Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! :doh:

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