• Im looking for cheats for this game and I cant find any,so if u could help in some kind of way,that would be great.
  • Ok, here's some. Just make sure you don't ruin the game for yourself ;) .

    All tracks:
    Enter ITSALLOVER as a name to unlock all tracks in quick race mode.

    Fogarty's bike:
    Enter THEDOGSNADS as a name to unlock Fogarty's bike in single race mode.

    Todd's bike:
    Enter TODDMCARTOR as a name to unlock Todd's bike.

    All licenses:
    Enter BADDRIVER as a name to unlock all licenses

    $1 million:
    Enter GREEDYGIT as a name for $1 million. Note: This can only be done once.

    View production team:
    Enter TEAM as a name to view the team that created the game.

    Have Fun! :thumbsup: .
  • Thanks kiLLa