Whats Your Favourite Band?
  • My favourite bands are Metalica an nickleback. My fav song by metalica is sad but true because the guitar and the drums go together nice. My best song by nickleback is Money bought becase its heavy :punk:. Whats ure favourite band I want 2 know!

    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • Fave Bands are Sum 41 and good Charlotte. Fave Sum 41 song is All messed up. Fave Good Charlotte song is The Anthem. NOFX are ok as well.

  • Well I used to worship G'nR but nowadays I don't know.
    I like Tenacious D alot, I like Robert Johnsson alot and I like the Toy Dolls alot.
  • My fav bands are Linkin Park,Nirvana,Puddle Of Mudd and Systems Of A Down.My fav LP song is either Pushing me away or Easier to run.My fav Nirvana song is Smells like teen spirit :punk: .My fav POM song is She hates me.And my fav SOD song is Chop Suey :rebel:
  • My Favourite bands are

    Linkin Park, Nirvana, Stone Sour, Greenday, Papa Roach, Nickelback, Motorhead, Alien Ant Farm, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson

    Favourite songs thats a hard one erm...

    Linkin Park Fav songs i think In The End, From The Inside, Points of Authority and Crawling

    Nirvana fav songs Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come as you Are, You Know You're Right, Heart Shaped Box

    Stone Sour Fav Songs Bother, Cold Reader and Idle Hands

    Greenday Fav Songs Minority, Basket Case and Time of your Life

    Papa Roach Fav Songs Last Resort and Blood Brothers

    Nickelback Fav Songs How You Remind Me, Too Bad

    Motorhead Fav Songs The Game, Ace of Spades, Jack the Ripper

    Alien Ant Farm Fav Songs Wish, Smooth Criminal

    Slipknot Fav Songs Wait and Bleed, Left Behind, My Plague, Purity

    Marilyn Manson Fav Songs Fight Song, Sweet Dreams, Tainted Love
  • My favourite bands would be Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters and Tool.

    I'm not gonna bother listing all my favourite songs, theres' just too many :2cool:

  • Tool, System of a Down and Linkin Park.
  • Favorite bands are System of a Down, Default, Social Burn, and Boy Hits Car

    For the most part anything that is alternative rock I gives it a shot!


  • All of those bands sound good.

    red hot chillie pepers are another one of my fav band. In to deep is probably the best sum 41 single they've done :punk:. I've got this friend thats a goth he likes slipknot even tho they've split up. There a bit to distorted for me I can't here the guitar's notes but the drumming is umbalivable. Keep posting your favourite bands and


    :punk: :punk: :punk:

  • I think Disturbed deserves a very seriousl honorable mention in here!!

    "Drowning deep in my sea of loathing...
    broken, your servant, I kneel.....
    (would you give in to me)......

    Get up come on get down with the sickness
    you mother get up come on get down with the sickness
    you f*cker get up come on get down with the sickness
    Madness is the gift that has been given to me!"

    Now there's some WAKE UP music for ya!!

    ... Aaaaawww, now see what you've done!? I'm gonna have to take that cd out of the jukebox to listen to on the way to work!! Need something good to listen to to be my normal :woot: self!! ^_^
  • in no certain order

    Flaming Lips
    Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
    Pixies(and all post pixies stuff, The Amps, The Breeders, Frank and the Catholics.....)
    Foo Fighters(first 2 albums, the rest is crap)
    Jimi and the Experience
    Ween(if they're live)
    Medeski Martin and Wood
    Captain Beefheart
    Zepplin I-IV

    for a short list of my favs that never released a bad song
  • Originally posted by ali-g7@Apr 25 2003, 07:07 AM

    How 'bout KEEP ON GOING TO SCHOOL!!! ;)

    G'n'R, Metallica, Creed and pretty much what ever is on FM96. By the way, FM96 is a local rock station.
  • I really like Staind, as well as about 500 other bands :punk: :clap:
  • Hmmm...off the top of my head...

    1. Bush
    2. Everclear
    4. Nirvana
    5. Linkin Park
    6. 3 Doors Down
    7. Creeper Lagoon
    8. Archers of Loaf
    9. The Offspring
    10. Cake

    1. Queen of the Air by Everclear
    2. Synapse Remix (Originally by Bush, remixed by Phillip Steir into the My Ghost in the Bush of Life Mix)
    3. Forgotten by Linkin Park
    4. By Myself by Linkin Park
    5. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
    6. Brain Stew by Green Day
    7. Smash by The Offspring
    8. Sylvia by Creeper Lagoon
    9. Take a Look Around by Limp Bizkit
    10. Sing For the Moment by Eminem

    And as a disclaimer, my favorites change constantly, these will probably change by tomorrow. ^_^
  • My favourite band, now thats a hard choice. This comes down to three bands. Korn, Eminem and 50 Cent. I like all these artists for different reasons, but I do love em.
  • Well done rex77!

    You must have been very bright at school 2 notice that mistake!
    I'm going 2 school 2morrow just 2 make you happy rex :fight:


    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • My number one favourite band has to be one that lasted over 20 years from the 70's right through to the early 90's called Queen. Freddie may have been as straight as a roundabout but man could he sing. My fav song of theirs is "We Will Rock You" followed by "Don't Stop Me Now" and then "Bohemian Rhapsody". My second favourite band is Westlife but I'll listen to any music except rap cause I'm a Rock fan myself. Love songs don't interest me much but I did like "Play The Game" by Queen. As for lone Artists well there's Billy Joel, Peter Gabriel and a few others.
  • My all time favorite band is Menace. But, I love Slaughter and the Dogs, the Ramones, and Lifehouse too! Mostly, I'm into the good ole New York and UK punk rock!
  • My Fav Bands are, System of a Down, Linkin Park and Prodigy. :fight:
  • How can one pick a favorite with so much available to listen to . I do not enjoy throbatronic dance music , not overly fond of mainstream country or the current style of rap but like a wide range of rock , jazz and classical music . That's the biggest problem by far with radio . It's such a confining medium . It's destined to be blown away by digital technology and the sooner the better .

    Just in case Forger reads this post , a number of years back Elektra records released a two CD album called Rubaiyat in which current artists covered songs that had been popular past songs from that label . There's a version of Queen's Stone Cold Crazy being covered by Mettallica and it kicks .

    As far as what's actually vibrating the air around here,the most played is Zappa (almost every album is a banquet) ,with a smattering of just about anything Beethoven and a healthy dash of Mettallica.What's the differencce between onions and bagpipes? No one cries when you cut up the bagpipes.
  • James I couldnt agree more with your comments about radio........they don't play enough of the wide range of awesome music that's out there and of the very few good songs they do decide to play(it's all about the $$$ ya know) well they overplay the hell outta them until I'm ready to kill if I have to listen to that blasted linkin park or eminem song one more damn time

    there's so much awesome music out there that will never be heard because the music industry has it's head so far up the money tree's ass they've lost sight of what music is supposed to be
  • my favorite bands, Creed, Collective Soul, Treble Charger,Sum 41 and Orbital.
  • Too many to name them all but i'll throw out a few of my top favs:

    American Head Charge
    (hed) p.e.
    36 Crazy Fists
    Primer 55

    etc., etc., etc.

    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

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