Which would u look for in a Car???
  • Which drive type do you prefer most.Post your reasons why?
  • It really depends on what track that you're racing at but i choose 4WD. I like using the 4WD cars even on pavement because they give me the best traction and to me they're the best overall cars in the game. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • I suppose that the 4WD is the best all-rounder, but the others have their own advantages, most of the MR and RR vehicles have good acceleration, while only some 4WD, FF, FR don't.I'd like to see more opinions and feel free to add more advantages and disadvantages to the cars:thumbsup:
  • I would say mr. They have good handling and good acelarating. FF cars arent really all that fast and in endurance races the front tires wear down easily because they are the first so they have to take extra pressure and also they power the car so they take wear from that. The only thing I dont like about fr cars is that if they have a whole lot of power they can spin out easily on turns.

  • Some driving types have there advantages and disadvantages but i enjoy racing in 4WD cars, there just that bit more excitment when driving 4WD :)

  • I usually like FF cars for their handling, but since becoming a better driver, I prefer FR cars now, and if they get too out of hand, I put sofy tyres at the back and hard ones at the front. :)
  • I like FF cars the most
  • FF cars.bec they handling better and the only prob. is they are under powered..
  • fwd is my fav because it turns better :thumbsup:
  • I voted FR as it suits my driving style: Power sliding. Yes I know that it may very well be a slower way to turn a corner and it increases your tire wear. Thats the way I drive... on GT1,2,3 not on the streets... well maybe sometimes.
  • I like the the the FR cars because they have good handling on the corners and it might be slow at first but it catches speed later in the race
  • 4WD the majority of my cars are 4WD...they're the best and they are stable at everything...
  • i would have to say fwd couse you can get better connerings in the hard tracks
  • Definately 4wd, although I like power sliding and burnouts in FR cars.

    In real life having driven all these, 4wd once used to, is definately the way to go. Nothing like doing doughnuts in a high powered 4wd WRX, it feels as if you are sitting still and someone is spinning the car around you.

    If you ever get the chance try and experience in real life it is awesome.

    :D :D :D

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