Another 'game'!
  • Taray Queen!!

    Becuase I understand that you don't understand what I said, here is your vocabulary for the day: :rules:


    - Hard to get along
    - Stubborn; always thinks that he is right

    You decide in which of the two descriptions you best fit in
  • Originally posted by Squall9999@Apr 26 2003, 11:09 AM

    - Hard to get along
    - Stubborn; always thinks that he is right

    My middle name of Arlene means "strong willed and obstinate." So I choose option two. :lol:

    Furthered my vocabulary.
  • This person has the privlege of going to prom with me tonight :disco: :disco: :peace:
  • Doesnt know that its not a privilege.
  • Your right about that.....It's going to be a nightmare if he keeps thinking stuff like that.
  • Has more posts then anyone here at api. :punk: :doh:
  • Thinks that is important.

    Have I also mentioned the he will horribly lose the Avatar Awards? :fight: :flex:
  • Yeah, you said that so many times Rex. And I know that doesn't matter. So you were wrong Rex. I don't care how much posts I have.......any more. Rex, how do you know you will win the av7? Don't you need people to vote for you? didn't get my vote! Doesn't like me as much as the other members at api!
  • Originally posted by tonygillis@Apr 26 2003, 06:29 PM
    Doesn't like me as much as the other members at api!

    pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft <----*me laughing* </b>
  • Laughs in a weird way! :cry:
    - in a girl's language (somewhere :rolleyes: ) means: "Princess Ill Bait My Own Hook"

    Charm :punk:

  • And this member has been away far too long, needs to come home more often, her APi family miss her a lot!!! :hug:
  • Posts just before me, making my semi-clever post about Charm nonsensical. :blink:

    ps. D'oh!
  • Imitates Homer.
  • Is just upset he didn't think of it first....heh, heh. Also a "fellow" insomniac.
  • Mad, yet never have I seen him mad, though still at the same time, he is always mad (that being different from Mad and mad). :blink:
  • [quote]Originally posted by Kentucky_Fried_Hippie@Apr 27 2003, 07:12 AM
    [b][b]Mad, yet never have I seen him mad, though still at the same time, he is always mad (that being different from Mad and mad).
  • is a Geezer who rocks!! :punk:
  • Likes those smilies and got a lot of questions right in the trivia! :doh:
  • Likes the smilie of him hitting his head against the wall.

    Random Fact: Everytime you hit you head you lose five brain cells and brain cells don't reproduce. :unsure: That's gotta hurt tony.

  • Must have been a head-banger since the age of one then, to have joined that motley crue of av losers!! :P
  • Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Apr 27 2003, 10:08 PM

    Must have been a head-banger since the age of one then, to have joined that motley crue of av losers!! :P

    knows a motley crew of av losers (the bordelo) when she see's one... :fight:
  • Will be crushed by The Family Hummer while trying to cross the street.

    Red doesn't stop to wait for a Geezer to cross the road.
  • I feel the need to intercede on the proceedings here with one statement(as a moderator) and that is:

    Please don't use this thread as an extension of the War of Words(general AV discussion) thread or i will have to close it down and i have enjoyed this thread so lets get off the topic of avs now.

    Oh, and Red, you're one of the nicest people i've had the pleasure of talking to online(though i guess i really haven't had any bad experiences in this category.....). Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Would never bang his head against anything and types almost everything in blue. :peace:
  • You're a little naive on that one HOQ.....heh, not hitting my head against a wall....only on certain hairpulling occasions.
  • Just the right person I want to ask, why can't I see any avatars? I think it's my settings or something else but I don't know how.

    THANKS as always :punk:

  • As accounted for from GeneStarwind:

    A fellow DDR person. :punk:
  • I guess this is a good place to answer, since Red just asked me the same question a few minutes ago. The avatars were turned off for the duration of GTA7 so that you have to use your mind to remember which avs go with which members or you have to vote for whichever av you like best.....
  • Correction:

    Frequently bangs his head against walls in certain hairpulling situations.

  • Usually always the color "purple font when posting stuff
  • Usually has a blue color font when posting stuff. :P
  • I was going to use grey all the time but blue looks pretty cool too! Usually uses red color font! :notworthy:
  • A huge Nationalist for Canada...based on his postings about Canada. :peace:
  • Is wrong! ;) It's just most people here are not from Canada. I only know 4. Me, Rex, his wife and Lyndon!
  • Originally posted by tonygillis@Apr 21 2003, 06:10 PM
    Lives in Canada like me! Canada is the my point of view.

    Let's check this out here.

    Nationalist- one who has pride for one's country.

    Did you not just say "Canada is the my point of view."?

    Misunderstands posts.
  • *Cough*Meh, I had to post something I guess. Of coarse I like Canada. It is the best in my point of view because I live here and I was never outside Canada! And you usualy use smilies in your posts!
  • Is missing some sort of smilie in his post.
  • Appears to be a feisty lass... which is an admirable trait, IMHO :rolleyes:

  • Also appears to be a feisty lass...... which is entertaining at her advanced age!! :P
    And, here she is :woot: first thing in the morning, even before coffee!!
  • Waited 7 Days before telling us who got the riddle thread right!! :2cool:
  • Thinks being old is cool. :cunning:
  • Is obviously young and therefore has no idea that being old is cool :P
  • Thinks 32 is old. :peace:
  • Feels like he is old. :tired:
  • Has no idea that I consider 32 old :disco:

    Should be a loud and proud geezer! :woot:
  • 32 isn't old.

    Age doesn't determine how "old" you are but rather the way you think does. You could always be a kid if you wanted to be. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I'm 32, mad :) but apparently I look about 22 :D

    I'm glad I'm not that age anymore though *shudders* and before you all jump on me, there's nothing wrong with it, personally I wouldn't wish to be back there.

    Has given me written permission to act as bad as I like - thanks mad, I owe you one! :woot:
  • Has backed me up on my accusation against the trivia bot. :peace:
  • Doesn't want to tell us her age :helpme:

    I just noticed that everytime I come back here, I always have to complement Red :doh:
  • Man...I have to compliment you again?! Just kidding. I'm fine with this.

    Is humorous in his own little way. :pump:
  • im related to prince edward and king luie the third
  • Stop spamming man. I just read like 10 posts you spammed in! And apparently is related to Prince Edward! But is probibly not! :punk:
  • Originally posted by tonygillis@May 1 2003, 09:27 PM
    Stop spamming man. I just read like 10 posts you spammed in!

    One statement says it all. "It takes one to know one"

    nuff said methinks.
  • Is now 'officially outta the closet', and wears his "Staff-Badge", with pride :clap:

    Hehehe.....he! :rolleyes:
  • whaaa i dont know what to say!!!!!!

    HAs just written something?? god im loosing my touch!!!!

  • Needs to come in here more often to see what's going on in the threads!! :P (we sure do miss her!! :cry: )
  • :unsure: If I'm not mistaken.... you are formerly speediebeanie?

  • He hit the nail right on the head!! :punk:
  • Unfortunately was the nail.....

    P.S. heh, heh
  • Second in line to Lola and her Avatar team.
  • Has it all wrong. I just happened to stand in as president during the absence of aforementioned leader of the Bordello. madhtr&#153; is affiliated with no one and yet is affiliated with all.
  • Doesn't want to let us play his published games :peace:

    A complicated dude :think:

    Man with too much informations in his head

    ...... what else can I say? :helpme:
  • Claims to be waiting for me... umm... why? :huh:
  • Played the game well in this years AVAWwow.
  • Really should read his own posts be clicking the "Add Reply" button since no one knows what the h**l a AVAWwow is.

    I could be an abbreviation of Avatar Awards War of Words but that would be more like... AAWOW. ;)

  • Doesn't realize that Avatar is shortened as Av! :P

    (though I still am not sure where Manne got that extra "W" from!?! :2cool:
  • Made some good enchiladas a few nights ago. :feedme:
  • Oh man! :unsure:

    I'm out of words for you...............

    lemme see... :doh:

    Can't deny that I am cute? :cunning:
  • Can't believe that she is already dating someone else.

    Now that I think about's kind of hard to think up these things when we've already said a lot about each other Squall.
  • Yeah I noticed that too :think:

    So I know you like my backyard (sort of)

    can I start calling you backyard? :2cool:
  • Originally posted by Squall9999@May 4 2003, 12:38 PM
    can I start calling you backyard? :2cool:

    I'd prefer to be known as something a little less inatimate..but okay..sure.

    Know him as much as I know the palm of my hand.

    (PS, you're now called the Palm)
  • HAHAHAHA!! :lol: you make me laugh

    "You are now called the Palm"

    You declared that too solemly

    and you made it sound important :lol:
  • Congratulations on your new nickname Hairy Palm.

    Thinks he is cute only because his Grandma said he was.
  • Saw X-Men 2 and gave a good review on it.
  • Can I skip complimenting Red for a moment? You just squeezed all the juice out in my brain..... but don't worry, I'll prepare a list of compliments for you later :rules:

    Now for my no good friend here REX! I'd say you sure best fit in to be this years' tree fairy because we sure need BIG jingle balls on the tree!! :clap:

    especially those big brass ones' :lol:
  • Wow, now that is a scary comment right there.....There's nothing more i can say about that one...
  • Has my one of my best friends as his Avatar. :woot:
  • Is about to reach the 'ripe-old' age of 21!!!!!

    Well, in a couple of weeks, that is :peace:
  • Just found out about my musician ship as a percussionist.
  • Appears to not of gotten my PM :cry:
    Hope she reads it? :hug:
  • Still typing slow.....It take an hour to write your last post? heh, heh. You know we love ya Bid.
  • Has stopped typing his tradition "Well I hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun gaming :thumbsup: "
  • It's actually "Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming" but i understand what you mean. Oh, and if you read some of the threads around, i still use it when i feel it's appropriate and posting it in the Jokes & Trivia section just doesn't feel right so i don't use it.
  • Becomes idle on AIM within three minutes.
  • With you online....does that surprise you? heh, heh.

    Oh, and keeps forgetting to update her DL Dating thing in her sig.
  • Has a cat that prefers to sleep in a paper bag than under a chair.

    (Get this madman, I've lost count)
  • I'm sure a nice comfy rest in a bag rather than getting kicked in the head under my chair is much more relaxing.

    You losing count? That surprising? Once again....heh, heh.
  • Gives good advice.(Cheap I know)

    (Yes madman, lost count...the whole weekend trip has flubbed me up)
  • See, we're running low on good things about mad.....I knew the day would come.

    Well, at least you do a good job taking my advice which actually could be said for many of the members that i have ever given advice to.
  • Led a brigade of men in the Livechat to see the picture of me...and made the pictures sound...uh..I dunno.
  • Hey, you forced me to. It's not like i announced that i had pictures to show and wouldn't show them....until i prodded of course.

    People visiting the forums think they know you(generalized) but you're totally different(a good thing) when one gets to know you.

    P.S. And you're being a doll and letting me try and sleep now.
  • Did not say anything about the person before him..though I guess me being a doll would qualify for it.
  • A bit slow, i wrote two things about you in my last post.....sheesh. heh, heh.

    Oh, and kitty....err... Rambo is sleeping on the table next to me tonight.
  • Secretly hopes that you dread posting and smash controllers while gaming.
  • Has a fairly strange avatar that I can't ever seem to figure out exactly what it is.
  • It kinda looks like Kermit on drugs.

    Ummm, for like red alot.....
  • Not near as much as I like blue madman.

    Likes blue...a lot...
  • I actually like black jut as much but i like blue in the forums much more.

    Worries too much about little things sometimes.
  • Does not have his PC speakers hooked up which keeps him from hearing a funny short.
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