• example : 7 = D in a W answer 7 days in a week

    1. 26 = L of the A 2. 7 = W of the W 3. 1001 A N 4. 12 = S of the Z 5. 52 = C in the D 6. 9 = P in the S S 7. 88 = P K 9. 32 = D F at which W F 10. 18 = H on the G C 11. 90 = D in a R A 12. 200 = D for P G in M 13. 8 = S on a S S 14 .3 = B M (S H T R) 15. 4 = Q in a G 16. 24 = H in a D 17. 1 = W on a U 18. 64 = S on a C B 19. 57 = H V 20. 1000 = A N

  • Just kinda curious James, what was the point of this?? Is it your idea to start a new kind of riddle thread? You didn't really make that clear in your post.... or, is it something that's been bothering you and you just need help on it for cryin' out loud! :doh: (heh heh heh)

    If it's an idea for a new type of riddling type thread, I'd say cool, more ways to make us think!! :peace:
  • 1. 26 letters of the alphabet
    2. 7 wonders of the world
    4. 12 signs of the zodiac
    5. 52 cards in a deck
    9. 32 degrees at which water freezes
    15. 4 quarts in a gallon
    16. 24 hours in a day

    Not bad for a geezer eh? :flex:
  • 11. 90 degrees in a right angle
  • i dont get it at all 7=D :think: :think: :think: :swear:
  • 7 would be the number of things and D is the first letter of the thing. We're supposed to figure out the things. :doh:
  • 10. Holes on the golf course

    13. Planets in the solar system, sorry that should have been #6

    18. Sqares on a chess board
  • 6. 9 planets in the solar system

    P.S.~manne...i think u should check number 13...it reads S, not P and it says 8 not 9 (cuz there are nine planets in our solar system)
  • 1. 26 leaders and 2 articols?
  • Oh, yea rollers. Sorry bout that.
    I usually write down things like this on a piece of paper and take it to the thinking-couch, must have messed up my notes. I do however belive thet there are quite a few more planets then 9 in the milkyway
  • dose that mean im right ????
  • Sorry for being somewhat obtuse per the puzzle.I'm the computer illiterate in our family and am generally only allowed to operate my Playstation and am not used to communicating in this media.This was an activity given to us last year during a training course to give us something to mull over in our off time.We had the good fortune of having four minds to work on it so were able to finish them all.Looks like the folks out there are doing a great job.It was just an extra little time waster that we enjoyed working on ourselves.

    I do know all the answers but still have to muse over some of them to recall.A few are quite nasty.
  • 8=N that is missing in this P
  • Originally posted by chargerfanchs@May 2 2003, 06:14 AM
    8=N that is missing in this P

    Heh heh heh, yeah, I noticed that too, but it's ok, it's still a good word-puzzle idea!!
    I'll need to take a leaf out of Manne's book and copy these down to work on..... some of them are pretty :swear: :doh:
  • 3. 1001 Arabian Nights

    7. 88 Piano Keys

    12. 200 Dollars for Passing GO in Monopoly

    13. 8 Sides on a Stop Sign

    14. 3 Blind Mice (See How They Run)

    17. 1 Wheel on a Unicycle

    19. 57 Heinz Verities

    20. ?????

    James you missed this one

    40 D and N of the G F
  • 20. 1000 = A Number

    Or would that be just too simple... :unsure:
  • Sooper dooper job KJB. We found #'s 7,12,14 and 17 to be the hardest by far.However,someone else who's a musician picked out the piano key one first.Different backgrounds make for a big help.Topper kicked some major A also.Is your addition 40 days and nights of the Great Flood ?20 is a common expression.

    Goofed big time.Excuse me! # 8) 13 = S on the A F

    That's what happens when you post after slurping back too much red wine.Sorry everyone.
  • #8) 13 Stripes on the American Flag? By the way this is a great thread! Anyway we can add to it or keep it going?!

  • Well, I agree with you Charger and I personally think we should!! (I give it my personal endorcement!)

    As soon as Mr. VanB. decided who the biggest winner is, he'll appoint that one to be the next poser and on it goes! :D
  • Looking over the response we have 7 by Topper and 7 by KJB.Excellent work by both ( kudos ,definitely worth a 21 G S ! ).Also,add two big blunders by myself.Firstly by missing #8.Good one by Chargerfanchs to illustrarte that!Secondly,# 20 should've read 1000 = W that a P is W.Sorry people.
    I would have to say that KJB would be the leader in this one because not only were 7 answered but one more was added to the pile.

    Note to myself-edit my copy more closely!

  • Well then, that would make #20:
    1000=Words that a Picture is Worth! :D

    Okey dokey, Mr. VanB., please name your big fat weiner! :disco:

    Just re-read that after it was posted and realized it didn't come out right at all!! :woot: Let me rephrase that by saying: it is time for you to say who the winner is!! heh heh heh....... me and my big mouth
  • I would say that KJB is the winner in a very close decision,a photo finish if you will.A very respectable 2nd to Topper.
  • Well to keep things going on James' note. I came up with a new one(thanks Rex and you can not reply, rules are rules).

    3 G W on any given S C
  • Okay, this one has sat for long enough. After a great deal of thought (not really) I came up with these....

    3=Geezers Walking on any given Street Corner?

    3=Great Whites on any given Shark Catch?

    3=Games Won on any given Stanley Cup?

    3=Gridiron Wars on any given Sunday Challenge?

    3=Gold Watches on any given Senior Citizen?

    As you can plainly see I have no idea!

    Please give us a clue?! This game's too good to die!
  • Something on a score card? Been mulling it over for a while and am out to lunch on this one. Help please !
  • Really sorry about this guys.

    Thanks charger for the pm and getting me out of my nap. :rolleyes:

    The answer is 3 good wheels on any given shopping cart.

    The floor is open.
  • That was the toughest one yet KJB! I spent countless hours mulling over it! :doh:
    Here's a couple of easy ones:
    10=Y in a FD
    4=R in a GS
  • I got the first one 10 yards in a first down.
  • Spiderklown got the first one. I thought the second was easy as well but I guess not!

    4=Runs in a Grand Slam

    Go ahead Spiderklown you've earned the floor! :peace:
  • 108=S in the S G

    1=G in the C R

    give em your best shot.
  • 108=Stitches in the Seamed Globe?
    (108 stitches on a baseball is all I could think of)
    1=God in the Christian Religion
  • well you got the second one correct but not the first I'll give you a hint think video games. Well this seems to be stumping people and I'm not going to be around for a while (I hafta focus on work) so here it is 108 stars in the suikoden games. I give up the floor to chargerfanchs.
  • Thanks Spiderklown! I never would have got the first one! :blink: Here's a couple more...
    15=M of F
  • Seven Year itch for the second one, but I'm not sure of the first.

    Wait a minute, I've got it. Fifteen minutes of fame.
  • Knowze Gungk certainly "knows" doesn't he?! :notworthy:
    The floor is yours, oh wise one! :peace:
  • Thanks Charger.

    76 = T

    30 = E on a D

    32 = B C in a S P O

    There you go, try these out. Good luck.
  • I'll guess 76=Trombones (led the big parade) on the first one.

    How about 32=Bitter Clerks in a Standard Post Office? :blink:
  • You've got the first one right Charger, but for the last one try thinking more along the lines of, well, here.

    Think geometry for the second one