Toughest Game Youve Ever Beaten On The Ps2
  • okay so whats your toughest game that you HAVE beaten fer the Ps2? for me it was GTA:VICE CITY (the last mission is crazy)

    Other Games Beaten recently:
    007 Nightfire
    Splinter Cell
    Tony Hawk Pro skater 3
    GTA 3

    There would be more if i dint spend all my time playing socom online.(lol its addicting) any1 looking for a clan?
  • Well the last game I beat was Getaway and it drove me crazy until I findly finished it... But Vice City was the tuffest one I have beat so far....

  • Driver was a bit difficult but I finished that. GTA 3 and 100% on GT, TH3 and 4 were also pretty hard! :)
  • Thoughest game i have beaten on ps2 would have to of been GTA:Vice City and probably (may sound stupid) FF10.
  • As mentioned in other threads, a lot of recent games are all too easily completed *cough Capcom cough*, but most titles are completeable in 2 or 3 good gaming sessions.

    I only got 100% on Vice city on the second time around with using guides for the packages, rampages and unique jumps (still no codes though), but given I had done all the missions before (with the exception of the RC side missions and PCJ one)
  • SOCOM was tough if you stealth it and go for 100% all missions. With your team's poor AI, hopefully those who go online won't be as bad as the singleplayer, your position was given away as you try to sneak up and stab a Tango. I set up the perfect ambush and had it ruined because Boomer walked out into the enemy's pathway. When I get broadband hopefully someone won't walk out when I tell them to hold their position...

    Have Fun Gaming! Tango Down!
  • the last game i completed was final fantasy 10 that game was really time comsuming and pretty damn hard
    you cant complete the game without getting all thier weapons because the final boss kills you can kill you with his overdrive only once
  • Well, i haven't finished it yet but as soon as i do, the hardest game will be Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner. Some of those battles are pretty tough and i must say that this is the only game that i have died in a non-boss battle more than once and not very early in the game. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting andh ave fun gaming.
  • The toughest game I've beaten on PS2 would have to be Gradius 4. Nothing else was hard except silpheed which I can't beat.
  • The toughest game ive ever beaten is stuntman geting 100% on ever level was pretty hard!

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  • toughest game i've beaten is Parasite Eve 2 on Scavenger Mode. i know it's a PSx game but i played it on the PS2.

    second toughest games- Hot Shots Golf 3 and Devil May Cry were pretty tough, i beat those recently.

    i'm still stuck in Metal Gear Solid 2, at the boss fight with Vamp, on Extreme difficulty. i doubt i'll have that done any time soon, but when i do it will be number one.

    still working on Gran Turismo 3- six months and only 78 % complete.
  • Juggle, Hot Shots is a piece of cake! I can't wait for hot shots 4, rumor has it it'll be online also. Toughest games however are the TR games. I can't wait to spend sleepless nights when Angel Of Darkness comes out.
  • Hardest eh hmmmm, I would say passing Stuntman with a perfect on every mission is one of the hardest I have done. Geaway was a little tricky not to bad. GTA Vice I wouldnt rate as all that hard, found it to easy compared to GTA 3, which was a better challenge I found.
  • Toughest game?..... Devil May Cry.... not on Normal or Easy... Dante Must Die mode... man that was difficult has hell... since u can't attack them while they are in Devil Trigger... they take all your life with 2 hits!! and the bosses are even harder only recomendable to really expert players... with no infinite Devil Trigger... and no infinite health..
  • The hardest game ive played would have to be fear effect 2 i dont know why but i couldnt beat it....maybe i just realy suck at those type of games :think: im more of an rpger anyways :punk:
  • Since I have only played one game of PS2 I would have to say that DDR MAX was the toughest and easiest game I've ever beaten. :cunning:
  • The toughest game i have beaten on the PS2 has got to be Devil May Cry on Normal, i never beat hard lol.
  • My toughest game for me was Devil May Cry 1. Only cause the button functions were not good. For me the button configurations were goofy. If the configurations were different It would not be so hard for me.
  • I had no problem with the button configuration, i just thought it was hard on HARD.
  • Dude The hardest game I ever beat was Driver 2, Well I know that it is not a PS2 game but that son of a :swear: was hard as :stink: man. I had to use my mind to figure out how to get past the 4 tractor trailers in the hanger level. But it got easier. Man your pretty good at these questions continue your comments and have fun,
    Peace Dude!
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