• Any codes or tips post them here or maybe I can help you
  • hey if your interested in beating the wepons all you do is have 1 healer and squall with lionhart sword and rinoa with her invicivble moon or she throws the holy wars that make you invincible. just keep repating and it should be easy. (NOTE: Need to be at level 99 or very hard.) need more tips just ask.
  • Geting your levels up is not that hard!!!go to the island cloest to hell!! you make mad levels there
  • No If you can, don't train your character to too high a level because the weapons will be stronger too.
  • yeah your right but it still takes a little while
  • yeah your right but I say at least level 75
  • Awwww, c'mon.
  • ;)The only tip that I will say is that card mod will help you out so much trust me!! :)

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  • this is not so much of a cheat but the best place to train on the first disk next to hell and heaven is there is a place kinda covered with a mountain enterence but its not a enterence you fight a right hand and a left and a big head they give you 800 to 1100 exp. bye