A Fallen Friend
  • I would like to open a thread to honor a fallen friend, our dog "Killer". Two days ago Killer passed away. He gave us 16 years of joy and unconditional love. His passing is one of the saddest moments in my life. But to honor him, I'm asking all of you to say something about your pets, past or present, and the impact they've had on your lives. Killer was a lab-shepard mix, all black with white paws, a white tipped tail, and a white chest. He was the smartest dog I've ever known, full of personality. He loved to chase cats (although he never caught any) and once actually saved a newborn kitten from an old pan full of motor oil (he pulled it out and licked it clean) He was a gentle soul and will be greatly missed. We love you Killer! Please honor your pets by posting here.
  • Aw, Charger ... :hug:

    I love my dog (a mad Border Collie called Ben) to pieces, but I still miss my cat that I had about 10 years ago. She was a tiny black and white fluffy thing called Tuppence. She use to crawl in bed with me and sleep on the pillows like a human :) She got run over one morning and my neighbours found her. But thankfully, I've got loads of photos that remind me what an ace cat she was... :mellow:

  • First off, I'd like to offer my condolenses on your loss Charger!! It is always hard to lose a family member, and yes, I'd have to say that Killer was family!! Geeeeezz, after 16 years, how could he have not been??

    We've had a few pets over the years, most of which were dogs, but we've had the ocassional rabbit and once had a mouse named 'Mouscara'.

    My favourite of all time was our Doberman named Warlock. (Full name on his papers "Maslanka's Warlock Prince. The "Maslanka" for our last name, which is my maiden name)
    Anyway, he was the sweetest dog I ever met. When I was sick, he'd come up to me if I was lying on the couch,... first he'd snuggle his head into my neck, then he'd put one front paw up, then the other (very slowly so Mom wouldn't notice! ;) ), then a back paw, then the next 'til he was all the way up and snuggled in with me. I'd feed him straight from my mouth, and he'd tilt his head to the side when he bared his teeth to take it so he wouldn't bump noses with me. He was the most loving dog and I sure do miss him!!! :cry:

    Well, he's still loved!!! :wub:
  • I'av had a lot of pets that died and I loved them all.But my dog now Gnasher(not sure of his bread)I love him to bits.He loves to play with my nieces.He is 10 years old,nearly been killed four times!! but I'm not looking forward to the day he finally does die.I love you Gnasher :punk:
  • Haven't exactly had one of my own pets die, but in my friends family they had a cat that was named Yo-yo.

    The sweetest cat I have ever met in my life. She would greet me at the driveway so when I reached the start of my friends house in the dark I wouldn't be afraid. One day after a parade or some band fundraiser...my friend and I went to her house..and her sister was red in the face and we came to find out that the dear old kitty had suffered a broken bottem half at the round rough tire of her mom's car. I was spending the night at my friend's house that night and we kept her in the living room...but whenever she was attempting to move she would yowl...and oh man! That was a miserable point in the night...so her dad took Yo to the vet and we said our last goodbyes. Neither my friend, her sister nor I could find a way to go in there with Yo and watch her dad hand the cat over to the vet to put to sleep. The incident can still tear me up. I suppose that's because it was about a year ago. :cry:
  • My cat was named Topper.

    I had him longer than 2 of my 3 kids. He was a Maine Coon Cat that we bought when he was 8 weeks old. My daughter called him the Angel Kitty because he followed me around like my guardian angel. If he loved you he let you know and if he didn't like you, you better believe he let you know! We got him a "brother' named Boomer when he was six months old (which we still have).

    Topper lasted through moving 3 times and was a 100 % indoor cat. He got bit by a rattlesnake in our garage. I'm sure he was protecting our family just like a dog. He died in my arms on October 10, 2002

    We have thought of getting Boomer another "brother" but I haven't been able to bring myself to do it yet. I keep saying that maybe when Logan (my youngest son who just turned 1) gets a bit bigger.

    ::sigh:: :cry:
  • Having lived on a farm in my younger years we had countless cats (all with names though), several dogs, horses, goats, ducks, rabbits and at one point I had a hamster.

    Speedie (hey imagine that, eh Suze!(my hamster) was one of my greatest pets ever. I would get up in the morning, put on my house coat and in the pocket Speedie would go. We would watch cartoons together on Saturday mornings.

    One morning I let Speedie run around on the kitchen table while I was having breakfast. I was having a bowl of puffed wheat and the bag was sitting on the table. Speedie ran in the bag just as I was finishing and filled up his cheeks and came back out. We then went back to watching our cartoons.

    My Dad came downstairs and started having his breakfast, puffed wheat just like Speedie and I. Just as he was finishing I came into the kitchen and told him that Speedie just likes running into the bag and filling his cheeks with the cereal.

    I thought for sure he was going to throw up right there into his cereal bowl. I didn't see anything wrong with it, why should he? ;)

    One morning I came downstairs and Speedie wouldn't wake up. :(
  • Oh, cats, birds, dogs, hamsters, pigs(do brothers count?)....ok, so maybe not a pig but alot of pets throughout my life but i still remember Morris from when i was still a young one....about 15 years ago at least. He looked just like Morris, the cat for the commercials.... hence the name. Anyway, he'd sit down at the end of our driveway with my brother and sister as they waited for the bus but one day he ventured a little too far onto the road and someone, who happened to be late for work, sped over him and kept going. The poor guy didn't die right away but his neck didn't make it through the accident. He died not too long after that but i sure hope he didn't feel any of it.

    The guy who ran him over came over and apologized after he got home from his precious job....all to get there a few seconds faster....
  • we had a dog called digger, a staffadshire bull terrier, and he was the best dog in the world. He loved road cones and was just so quiet he was great. we had him about 14 years when he got poorly, he couldnt see or hear and his heart was going, so we did the only decent thing and had him put down. Hes buried at the bottom of my mum and dads garden
  • We had a cat called jasper. He died on the table of a vets room. We had to put him down because he was very ill and poorly. We buired him in the back garden with roses all around him . Anyway wonce weve moved we will get a new one and we will look after him well :hug:.

    (bit soppy huh!) :blink:


    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • Thank you all for sharing your stories. I must say the first few days were the hardest. I took much comfort knowing that all of you loved your pets as much as I loved "Killer". The hardest part now is the occasional time when I find myself expecting to see him (coming through the front door after work, waking up in the morning). The other day I found one of his chew toys under the coffee table and while vacuuming under the dining room table, I could see a few imprints from his paws in the carpet. I almost lost it! :cry:
  • Her's mine. Cleopatra was a kitten that we got from the local vets. My mum had been down to see about getiing our first cat neutered (that ones name is Pepsi and he's a fat lazy but still fairly adorable cat) and this family were in just before my mum returning this adorable kitten cause they couldn't afford to keep her. My mum fell in love with her as well as taking pity on her so right then and there she bought the kitten and took her the mile and a half to my house cuddled up inside my mothers jacket with only her head poking out. Poor thing was frightened of the traffic but my mum managed to make it home without too many scratches. Pepsi took an instant dislike to Cleo and as a result Cleo spent most of the first fortnight hiding beneath the sofa and the 2 chairs where Pepsi couldn't get at her. Eventually they kinda made a truce and Cleo came out. For the next few years she was the more affectionate of the cats and shortly after we got our third cat (called mischief and boy did she live up to that name) she was killed. Some of the local boys drowned her (mind you they were only 6 or 7 themselves so they could hardly have really known what they were doing could they've) in a stream not far from my house and then they left her body in some bushes nearby. We found her and we buried her in the back garden where she will remain.

  • I don't know if it's the state of mind I'm in of late or what, but reading these stories has sure had me in tears!

    Rex, what are the odds of your hamster having that name!?!? That is too wierd!!

    Charger, I hope you're doing ok!! Man, I know how you must miss Killer!!! Just know that all us here in your APi family send warm loving thoughts your way!! :hug: