• What your favourite t.v program at the moment...hmm...well I quite like friends at the moment but theres the simpsons aswell.. :think:

    Anyway whats yours?
  • I don't watch T.V. and if I did I only get on channel, but my favorite program I watch on DVD which is probably still on T.V. is Family Guy. :notworthy:
  • Always has been... always will be The Simpsons!!! As far as i'm concerned, nothing even comes close!!! Although i have been watching all the I'm a celebrity get me out of here's. And i also like Boys & Girls on CH4 , Friday and Saturday nights for all you UKer's!
  • I like many shows but one good one I can think of now is The Simpsons!
  • My favourite tv show would have to be South Park, followed closely by Rove [Live] and Headliners.
  • Currently I don't really know but if forced I'd say either CSI on tuesdays or Stargate SG1 on Sundays. Those are the only 2 programs I watch with any frequency.
  • i dont mind coronation street and eastenders for soaps, i love holby city and ER,

    but my absolute favs has to be the simpsons and buffy the vampire slayer
  • The only programme I was truly gutted to miss was Farscape (mmmm.....Crichton... :drool: ) and that's now been cancelled. :swear:

    I love reality programmes. I'm a Celebrity, Fame Academy, you name it. But the original and the best is back in just over a week.....

    Bring on Big Brother 4 :woot:
  • Yep! I agree with you on farescape queen But I saw most of it :P :D
  • Mine is Stargate.

  • The Simpson's is always up there, but of late I've been really drawn into "Whose Line is it Anyway". Man, that show is great!!!!!!!!!!! You UKers might remember that one, though I'm not sure if it's still aired there anymore.
    Colin and Ryan are just fabulous!!!

    I really don't watch any other 'regular' tv, other than the NASCAR races..... the shows are just tooo stupid to bear!!
    I hate the 'reality' shows, because they are NOT. (reality, that is).
  • Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@May 14 2003, 06:59 PM
    I really don't watch any other 'regular' tv, other than the NASCAR races.

    Suze, NASCAR? Really? I thought you were smarter than that. You want to watch some real racing? Try the Champ Car Series! They actually have to turn both left and right! That is far more difficult then NASCAR drivers, thats why they only have two street courses. Too confusing for the drivers who normally only turn left.

    Here is some quality shows for you guys to check out on the tube if your not watching them already...

    The Simpsons
    The Champ Car Series
    Fear Factor

    That is pretty much my list, watch them and enjoy. :)
  • I don't watch television that often, but when I do. I like Boy Meets World. I have watched it as I have grown up and I like it because I can relate to a lot of the crap the people go through.

    My second favorite would have to be the Simpsons. I have enjoyed the few episodes I've watched..and I love watching it when I get the chance.

    Third is Whose Line is it Anyway? I mostly enjoy the Three Headed Broadway star song entitled "You Are My Chili Dog"....and also the one where Colin is the news reporter and behind him is himself.

    Those are my favorite shows. ^_^
  • Law and Order
    Fear Factor