Ea Sports F1 2002
  • I'm just wondering what your thoughts on the EA SPORTS F1 2002 is like, i might be getting it, but before i do i just wan'ted to see what you think about. Is there anyother better F1 2002?
  • its not a bad racing game and the slipstreaming effect is lovely - however Sonys Formula 1 2002 is the better F1 game and contains all the 2002 track and car modifications that are not included in the EA game,

    my advice is get the sony title
  • yeah, defintly get sonys title. imo f1 2002 from ea is complete crap, the handelling is way to arcade for my liking, and the car models are the same ones from 2001, some of them just have different sponsorship! If you are like me and in north america, get infogrames grandprix challenge. you may have to hunt around to find it, but it will be well worth it.