Grammar On The Internet
  • If you go to forum's you'll see lots of idiots that don't seem to grasp even the simple thing of punctuation.Yes, im talking to you.

    What is you're opinion about the lack of grammar on the internet.Should it be weeded out like small pocks or should people who can actually spell adapt to it?
  • Well gabriel, I recon we should use shortand words like 'gonna' and 'u' because i'm not a very fast typer and I find it easyer to use shortend words because its shorter to type :peace:

    SHORT WORDS RULE!!! :rules:


    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • I'll only use short words in text messages or chat, when there's either a limit on the amount of characters or you want to type quickly. Although in the forums i always use (or try to always use!) correct grammar! As i'm in no rush, and i am a fast typer plus generally it gives the impression that you're actually intelligent enough to use the correct punctuation and grammar. Since first impression's are always important around forums.
  • Know you put it that way dan I think i'll change to good gramer...oops... sorry... grammer. :shy:
  • Originally posted by ali-g7@May 9 2003, 07:27 PM
    know you put it that way dan I think i'll change to good gramer...oops... sorry... grammer. :shy:

    Or Grammar, even... ;) :D Hehehe!
  • f*****g hell!

    I' m now good at grammar!
  • [quote]Originally posted by ali-g7@May 9 2003, 07:32 PM
    [b]f*****g hell!

    I' m now good at
  • Yeah thanks for the quistions i asked about that :notworthy: :peace: :clap:
    I think i will give up the grammar thing and go back to...

  • wut r u taking abot? Evry1s grammar iz perfct! :helpme:
  • Hehe! nice one tony! :lol: :woot:
  • Unfortunately Tony thought that was good grammar!!
  • Sit down and let professor manneman give you the tour. Here's how things work.

    the written language is a different one then the spoken one in many ways. The most importent one being that you can not see the reciever of your statements. That is why written language is so up tight. You want as little as possible to be missinterpreted.
    The written language is "the real" one, or at least the one that we base our written language on.

    Having said that, we take a look at the internet and the comunications we have there. I think that in a forum, such as this, there is a sort of blend between the spoken and the written language. Mainly beacuse most posts are in a sort of conversational tone and that you acually have the option to go back and edit a post or post an explaining one.

    As long as the message gets through it doesn't really matter what kind of grammar you use beacuse the language of choise has done what it was intended to do. Carry the message.
    I for one would be more concerned if everyone started writing in 1800-century english just so that they could avoid using words that doesn't exist and modern "bad" grammar.

    Class dismissed
  • Personally, I like to think that I have reasonably good grammar, regardless of whether it be in chat or forums. Although, I do have a habit of putting a lot of comma's where they probably aren't needed :)
  • Well lets look at this in two ways. I have a question, I will ask it two ways. Lets see which way you all understand.

    "Can someone PM me a link for a FAQ for the hidden packages in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City?"

    "sind me linc for GTA stuf"

    Know in all honesty which one would you want to help?

    Which one do you understand more?

    There was an article in the paper not too long ago about students using "internet chat slang" in reports that they would turn in to the teacher. People was ppl, enough was enuf, so on and so forth.

    What does this tell us about our youth today?

    It is not hard to make use of proper punctuation and grammar in your posts. If English is a second language it may be a little harder but not impossible. I like to think that I can tell the difference between someone who is just too lazy to use proper English and someone who is actually having a difficult time with it.

    As most of you know I use proper punctuation and grammar in 100% of my posts and even in the chat room I use it at least 90% of time.

    (I have to learn not to do it with the trivia though, takes too long to answer! :doh: )
  • Correct grammar is seldom adhered to 100% on the net. A lot of people do use some form of shorthand, or colloquialisms. As members who have been around a while on these forums may have noticed I tend to use cus, instead of because etc.

    However there are 3 things I personally have a problem with:

  • The way i work is the people that use the worst grammar receive the same help that any other person would get out of me. If you know me then you understand how i work.

    I can't say i have perfect grammar nor can i say i do everything right and you can't expect that from everyone. Many children get online nowadays needing help, and this is a help forum, not grammar school.

    I do what i can with what is put forth in front of me and that's all you can expect from anyone. So what if some people aren't good at spelling or perfect with grammar, this is a forum about games and that's what we should remain first.

    I'm not saying that you all don't make valid points but it's not our job to judge people, especially when you don't know them. One reason why our forum is so closely knit is because everyone that doesn't seem to fit in is just pushed aside.....but that's beside the point.

    Grammar should not be judged through a forum, nor online at all because you can't judge who the person truly is just by how they post or how it comes out when typed. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

  • First off, let me say that I deleted an inappropriate post by Masterman because it was nothing more than flaming Madhtr and it was not fitting to the context of this here thread.

    Nextly, I'd like to say that, as most 'normal' people (and I use that term loosely) will, I too find myself judging people, or at least getting some idea in my head about what they're about, by their posts; grammar, punctuation, spelling et al. If a person normally wouldn't say things such as "I wouldn't of knowed none of that nohow even if ya'd tole me" in conversation, then he/she probably wouldn't post it that way either, so that gives me some idea of what his/her vocabulary is like.
    But, I do feel that, if we are going to try to share ideas and thoughts, and if we want those thoughts and ideas to be understood, then we should pay attention to how we present them.
    The example that Rex gave was a prime one of how to get your thoughts across clearly, and how not to.

    Enuf sed. :woot:
  • I've got to say that having been a secretary for a long time, I really hate bad grammar. And the worst thing is the misuse of apostrophes (apostrophes are the things that hang in the air, commas are the ones that lurk around the bottom). It's really a personal thing - I hate it when I see the possessive use of apostrophes (forum's) used for describing multiples (forums).

    I do not judge people on their bad grammar, I just "tsk" in my head - and I never feel the need to correct anyone or point out their mistakes. My trade, for what it's worth, is a typist, so I cannot pull anyone up who does not type on a daily basis at around 80wpm. I don't know the ins and outs of these people's lives, they could be very severely dyslexic for all I know.

    However, recently, there have been a few threads opened recently which I haven't been able to answer because I haven't been able to make head nor tail of them...
  • Originally posted by hangoverqueen@May 11 2003, 12:10 PM

    I don't know the ins and outs of these people's lives, they could be very severely dyslexic for all I know.

    Or, just Polish, like me!! :shy:
  • Old topic, I know, but I just wanted to add my few cents worth (if anyone still cares).

    Seeing as how many of the youngsters here read posts on APi more than books (i'm one of them), as good spellers, I think it's our duty to make sure everything we post is punctuated and spelled as best we know how because this is where kids learn. I know this because once I traded my books for PS/s mags and certain internet forums ( :think: ) my spelling and vocabulary skills made a dramatic decline.

    I'll be double-checking my posts from now on, I don't know about you people, but I want to help these poorly taught youngsters out. :peace:
  • That's a great sentiment, KiLLa. I never thought of it that way. I think we should all take note of your comment!

    Suze, as I said to Manne, there are quite a few people on this site whose first language isn't English, but you'd never know from reading their posts.

    And there are some people whose first language is English, but you'd never know from reading their posts...:blink:
  • Quite true Hangoverqueen. Some peoples grammer is absolutely terrible. Probably the only reason I have half decent grammer is 'cause I had a really nasty English teacher who criticised even the tiniest spelling or grtammatical error so it paid quite well to learn fast to write well (and consequently to type well) and if you have any criticisms about my grammer then first take into account that I'm from Scotland and over here we write things a little different from those of you accross the ocean in America. And speedie I don't see anything wrong with your grammer so why should you. Heck if I was to talk the way most people near my hometown spoke I doubt you'd be able to understand me even though the local accent is nowhere near as strong as a glaswegian accent (as those of you who've watched Rab C Nesbit will no doubt be able to guess). Personally even I can barely decipher a glaswegian accent. It's almost like another language ain't it :lol: .