What Do You Do With Your Weekends?
  • What do you do with your weekends?

    For me i laze about alot watching t.v on saturday and sometimes go down the park, cinima or bowling but sundays a really bisy day for me I have to do my homework, as i can't be botherd to do it on friday or saturday, then I play for a sunday leage team called whytleaf. I play in goal and were not doing very well :cry:. After that i normally have a band practice. Our bands called tranquiliser and we are pretty good, although it's just for fun. Then I get back At for and go round to a friends house and do some stuff like make a home video!Which is really fun. :lol:

    But That about sums up my weekend :peace:
  • Lately my weekends involve driving lessons and a lot of football, playting football and watching it, but with the football season over with apart from play-offs i guess i'll just have to play more games :cunning:
  • :unsure: On weekends I work on my small landscape maintenaice company... I have about six customers who's yards I do monthly..
    If I have something planed for the weekend I will take care of all the yards by friday after my regular day job.

    This saturday I am going salmon fishing on a party boat.... :clap: and on sunday I am doing a big foot race in San Francisco. It's called the bay to breakers race, its a 7.5 mile race across SF. :flex:

  • HEY GUYS! Havent seen me in awhile huh.

    -Weekends I usually work or I go see a movie. I saw an early release of the Matric: Reloaded on the 14th :woot: Yes, indeed woot. It was great and i suggest everyone to see it.

    Dont worry, im not gone, just not online as much as i would like to be. Oh and im entering the next Av awards with the greatest avatar conceived. Be forewarned! :rebel:
  • "Weekends"? What, you mean us parents get ONE of those????? :blink: ....hehehehe

    Just foolin'. Normally the Saturday is pretty much spoken for, what with both girls, being in various sports. Not to mention their horse riding leasons in the afternoon.
    Then its a mad dash, across the other side of town, to get my partner to 'Footy'......well, the clubrooms that is, for his "Male-Bonding time"? :lol: :woot: Then, so long as he's not too late, usually I trek out again, to pick him up.

    Sunday's, are my day!!!!!! Off out riding (Da Nag!), as soon as my all too brief 'sleep-in', finishes.......7.30ish? usually (curse, grumble, moan!).
    Then, its park my b*tt in a chair, and either game or read.
    Or, go to a park, or visit friends and family. Nothing major.

    Well, thats the usual line-up, anyways.
  • every other saturday morning i have to work, so if its one of those saturdays, ill just meet up with stey in the afternoon, go round town for a bit, ten go to the supermarket to do our weekly shop, then we go to his parents house for a chat and a brew. if its a saturday when i dont work then we either have a trip out somewhere like manchester or liverpool, on sundays we'll either do bog all, or ill play games and he'll mooch about, or we'll decorate or go somewhere. Last sunday we went to a dIY store.
  • Since I don't have a job...usually my weekends are commited to either practicing with my drama group(or performing at retreats) and/or training for the summer mission trip I'm taking. I haven't had a free weekend in forever and I think tomorrow will finally be my big time to just go out and have fun.
  • My weekends... ususally start off on a Friday night, either partying, clubbing, and plenty of drinking! (i had our highschool prom last night, followed by an all-nighter at a mate's afterwards, only just got home... what an amazing night!!!)

    During Saturdays... i no longer have to wake up for football training so i can usually lie in, and then during the football season i will normally go to see Brighton & Hove Albion in the afternoons!! (although away games require earlier starts!)

    And then Saturday night, very much the same as Friday night hopefully!!

    Sundays, i always used to have my football matches but the season has finished so Sundays are a day for relaxing, used to be for homework but not anymore! Just doing any revision that is needed, and playing plenty of trivia!!!
  • Well weekends or week days are the same for me!!!

  • My typical weekend usually entails chores (loads of chores) and either gaming, playing around in here or reading, then church on Sunday, and afterwards, back to gaming/computering/reading. But lately I've actually had stuff to do on the weekends! Later today I have a birthday party to go to... which means I should be off of here and grocery shopping now!! :shy: Gonna take along a nifty Tex-Mex salad thingy and homemade guacamole!! (and, for any of you who've seen Austin Powers: Gold Member, that's 'guacamoooollllllleee, moleee moleee moleeee!' :lol: ) Geee wizzz, there's just not enough time for chores anymore! :disco:
  • I normally have to work on the weekends :cry: But when not, I'm usually on the lake fishing.

    Tons of chores around the house too that often get overlooked.

    This weekend is our County Fair and a buddy of mine is going to be in the Destruction Derby on Sunday. So it looks like you trivia guys get a break! :swear: I'll be back (Doing my best Aaarrrnnoold Terminator Impersonation)