Enter The Matrix
  • :lol: :woot: :clap: Finally 4 all those fans of The Matrix! And plus I'm back :clap: ! Once again the Matrix has returned with new and improved characters! Jada Pinkett! :notworthy: She's gonna make the movie alot better 2! What's your opinion on this game whether u have it or not. Or maybe you've seen it!
  • I saw the matrix Reloaded the first night it came out. Well actually I saw it on the sneak preveiw night, which was on wensday. It started at 10:00 and didnt get over till like 12:00 or so.

    It was the SA' WEETEST movie I have seen in a while! :woot:

    Hope everyone who saw it, waited till the credits were over because it had a special sneak preview of the matrix 3 Revoultionsat the end! :woot:

  • I went and saw the Matrix reloaded last night!! I thought it was a great sequel to the first one... I think they had a few to many agent smiths :doh:
    I look forward to the final sequel coming out in November....

    Hey badboy.... I didn't wait around for all the credits so I quess I missed the trailer huh? :swear:

    Oh well....... :doh:

  • I love the matrix 1 but I can't go and see the 2nd one because i'm 12 and it's a 15! :cry: I don't see why the first one was a 15, There was hardly any real violence and there was no swearing plus I got the story line! :blink: :rolleyes:
  • My son and I saw it yesterday afternoon. Overall it was slightly better than the first. My thoughts are because most of the wire fighting and bullet time you had already seen in # one. The morphing dreadlock dudes were cool but it had just seemed it too similar in Xmen2 (I liked nightcrawler because it was new!).

    The freeway scene was the best.

    The story line was good but they should have went into the storyline of zion at bit more (IMHO).

    I'm glad I read here about the sneak preview after the credits. Only about 10 people stayed (what long and loud credits! :blink: )