• Hello,this game might be old but has anyone got cheats ???
  • Old...but the same as the newer ones if you ask me...

    Here ya go :)

    Finding Ronaldo
    On Inter-Milan or the Brazilian National team Ronaldo is called A. Calcio.

    Get Pele
    Beat all 3 cups on the highest difficult rating to get Pele (Note: any team is fine). He will appear on Team Brazil.

    Never Lose
    When playing the game, and the other team is ahead, pause the game and go to controller select, and select the other team. Then continue the game only when you get the ball score in your (the other teams goal the one you want to lose.) net. Then when your real team has enough goals to win, switch back to your team. But make sure you switch back to your team before the time runs out (you will lose.).

    Unlimited Bankroll
    When you go to TEAM EDIT mode,press L1,L2,R2,R1,Circle,X,Square,Triangle,Start,and Select.

    Unlimited Fouls
    At the team edit screen, press L1, L2, R1, R2 circle, X, square, triangle, start, select.

    Super players:
    Rename any player to one of the following names to increase their skills:

    Van Basten

    Have Fun :thumbsup: .
  • Thanks :thumbsup:

    But I already have these cheats and they do not work ???