Favourite Food
  • choose your favourite food and dessert mines curry and choclate sponge and custard :rolleyes:
  • Mine is chinese food and sweet potato pie. :feedme: :feedme: :feedme: :feedme:
  • Mines Pizza and ice cream :feedme: :peace:
  • We love to barbeque around here, although our kids like hotdogs best ( yuck! ).
    I make what we call a veggie pack and a potato pack which are wrapped in foil and cooked on the grill also. The veggie pack is celery, bell peppers, onion and tomatos with a little butter, seasoning salt and a generous shot of red wine. The spuds are mixed with onion, a good shot of butter, some seasoning salt and a nice shot of white wine ( do you sense a pattern developing here ?). Any kind of meat is OK to grill.

    As far as snacking, nacho chips and hot salsa is by far the best. Salso is also the only thing to have on eggs. Am suddenly quite peckish. think I'll go have a snack!
  • I dont like this thread anymore, im getting hungry.
  • My favorite food is Hawaiian Pizza made in a real pizzarea :feedme:
  • Me too Gamerguy! Im getting hungry with this lots
    of food. We'll i think, i'm also goin' for pizza and for dessert, maybe ice cream and cake hehehee
  • Mines noodles and stir fri and for desert apple crumble and custerd! :feedme: :feedme: :drool: :drool: