Resident Evil Or Dino Crisis
  • Hello there.
    See, i'm tired of people saying that Snk is better than Capcom and vise versa. I just wanted to know which one YOU think is better, Snk or Capcom.

    Also, which is the better Capcom SURVIVAL game franchise.
    Resident Evil (LOVE JILL valentine from RE3)

    or Dino Crisis (Regina is too hot.)

    Whichever opinion is fine, i just want explanations to WHY the game (or company) is better than the other one in your opinion.

    Cya'll :peace:
  • well to admit really I donot know the difference bet. capcom and snk...

    Well I kinda like dino Crisis better than Resident evil. I think dino crisis has a harder puzzle than RE...
  • SNK is all about fighting games and Capcom is not. I like the action title from Capcom so i would say Capcom is better. In fighting games, yes SNK probably would be better but since SNK no longer exists then you'd have to say Playmore is better(since they own the rights to all of SNKs namebrands.

    As for your other question, both titles are only fair and since they aren't my favorite game types, i won't even answer because my answer would be biased.

    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • my favourite would have to be resident evil i've never played dino crisis but have heard abit about it and still think re is better
  • First of all I
  • I don't have too much comment either way company wise although the way Capcom beat the Street Fighter series into the ground was pretty weak.

    As far as RE vs DC I say Resident Evil all the way. I thought that Silent Hill was the creepiest of all though.
  • I eprsonally liked dino crisis better than resident evil. But if your out for a piss your pants scary thriller go for the silent hill series :peace:
  • RE all the way!!

    Although I like DC, RE is still better!!

    I don't know why because I can't explain :think:
  • i havnt played either one, but Capcom comes out with some good titles.
  • its true. Resident evil is a lot scarier than DC. I had DC but then sold it after i beated it, not once was i scared though. RE2 is a different, very different Story.
    For Capcom and Snk(or playmore, thanks Madhtr) i think Capcom is better, lots of Shotocones for Street fighter though. Snk is famous only for its Fatal Fury series.

    Well thanks to everyone for opinions.
  • I like Resident Evil!!!!! its the best survival horror game
    Well for Dino Crisis, its also good but it lacks something.
    And if you beat it, the game will be like a normal and very easy game.
  • I definetly like DC2 better than the res series but not DC1, ...sigh... DC2 was the last game I played before my PS1 died.
  • I like both capcom and SNK! And I like both Resident Evil and Dino Crisis! I won all the games in them series!