Faviorite Pc Games
  • I was just wondering what everone's fav. PC game was. Be it offline or on, I dont care.

    I will list a few of my own:

    Quake 3 Arena
    Counter strike
    Unreal Tournament
    Tribes 2

    Just a few I can remmember
  • My two favourites of all time are: (Dumroll please!)

    Quake 3 arena (and on the internet)
    The sims :woot:


    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • Here it goes!!

    Cossacks: european wars
    Sudden strike
    Counter strike
    Battle Realms

    I'll post it when I remember some more!!!
  • My favorites have to be Blizzard's Dioblo and Warkraft series. End of storie. Hands down. Has to be.


    I dare you to respond to that just try :fight:
  • Mine are easy.

    Diablo I & II
    Dungeon Seige
    Championship Bass
  • I don't play that many, but my favorites are
    Sids Meir Civilization 3
    Sim City
    GTA 3 and Vice City (soon)
    Almost all Command and Conqer(mispelled)

    That all I can think of~!~ :fight:
  • well on the pc i would say championship manager and gta liberty city
  • Freespace 1,2
    Fallout 1,2

    Those are the only games I play all the time.
  • Arent CounterStrike and HalfLife the same?
    well i heard today they wherent so i think that Counterstrike is a bit cooler. Carmaggedon? a bit shallow. The others are good but i preffer CounterStrike (IT HAS cool patches).
  • Championship Manager, all the way. The fact that 1 month of my life has been spent playing that game, is actually rather worrying :D Although may i add, CM3... not the new CM4, which is actually awful.

    Worthy mentions also go to,

    The Sims
    Theme Hospital
    SWAT 3
    DOOM (yes, i still play it!)

    In fact, they're the only games i have on PC! All great though.
  • Yeah Outcast has the right idea, Diablo 2 all the way!!!! :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • The Sims
    Dogz 5
    Deer Avenger 3 (Love that game)
  • my favorite PC game of all time would have to be starcraft love that game. :peace:
  • Yup! my all time favorite too is Starcraft!!!!! its the best strategy game ever.

    my other favorites are

    Diablo II
    The Sims
    Battle Realms
    Warcraft III
    Counter Strike
  • Here is my ten cents (my two cents is free)... and in no particual order the winners are...

    Warcraft III
    Civilisation III
    Red Faction I and II
    Master of Orion II
    Diablo series
    Pong :punk:
  • Rpg's Are the Best

    Baldurs Gate 1&2
    Neverwiter Nights
    Fallout 1&2
    Icewind Dale 1&2
    Diablo 1&2
    Black & White

    These Are Thee Games You Should Buy

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