Favourite School Subject
  • my favourite school subject is science whats yours
  • Chemistry,Physics,Math,English,Free P.E.
  • blimey gabriel is there any thing you don't like
  • Originally posted by chelseafc@May 25 2003, 09:32 AM
    blimey gabriel is there any thing you don't like

    German was not my best language.
  • I like math just as long as it isn't linear algebra. I also dig experimental analysis.

    Never were a big fan of History nor Geography.
  • I would have to say that the favs would be math(loved my algebra, trig, and calculus....though hated Geometry) and my Electronics course(though that was at a technical school.....it counts enough for me. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Design technology is the only subject I look forward to. All the rest of them are crap, except one or two good PE lessons. Art used to be ok, but i don't do it anymore
  • My favorite classes are my tech classes too. From my normal subjects i would have to say science.
  • Does lunch count?? :feedme: Well besides lunch I love history its just so fascinating :peace:
  • Maybe dagger! hehehe
    I like recess, lunch breaktime whatever! heehehe
    l love English and History. In math, my fav is geometry.
    I hate Calculus!!!!!!! its very difficult. I cant stand it any longer
  • Geez, its been awhile....... but I guess mine would of been, Art History and History. :clap:
  • Well at the moment I like itc and p.e because i'm good at those and i enjoy them! :woot: :woot: :woot:
  • I like gym and math! Those are my favorites!
  • My fav school subjects are Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Biology but I really didn't like German or English cause they suck BIG time.
  • My favorites are Math and Chemistry.
  • Gimme Science and Math.
  • my fav subjet at school is maths because it is fun :) :)
  • Originally posted by sjh@May 28 2003, 04:25 PM
    my fav subjet at school is maths because it is fun :) :)

    Okay if you where doing the same math I'm doing you wouldn't think it was "fun".

    My fav subject is History
  • English..English...English. Creative writing and analyzing literature..not much more there that I can't love.

    Believe it or not, I also actually like grammar.
  • My fav subjects are Legal Studies and Information Processing Tech in that order. I spose English is ok.
  • My favourite school subject is P.E. (Physical Education) as you obviously get to play loads of sport! :) However the theory side isn't so great, it's still a fun subject.

    I also like maths... not to be confused with finding maths fun, i like it because i'm good at it! I like I.T. aswell, however we didn't get a chance to take it for a GCSE, i'm still taking it up for an A Level though.

    Expanding on the subject slightly, my least favourite subject, has to be Science! That can probably be put down to crap teachers and a total non-understanding of the subject.

    God i can't wait till my exams are over... :unsure:
  • My favourite subjects, well, there are so few of them... Anyway, the subjects that fall under favourites are:
    Information Processing and Technology, Indonesian, Physics (okay, maybe not so much the actual learning stuff, but the people in the class) and Chemistry.
  • Well seeing as how in a few weeks I shall be 40 it only seems fitting that I have a mid life crisis and start reminiscing over my schooldays!

    My best subject was physics - adored it! But I also loved English and History.

    And I still do!

    Nowadays I adore teaching history and I even like maths!
    Never thought I would say that!
    I love teaching art too - kids are so creative!

    Wish we had had ICT when I was at school but sadly we didn't even have a photocopier!

  • You know what, Id have to say U.S. History. Only because it turned me into a president freak. Keep posting, stay cool.
    Rufus 3000

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