Buy Games, Sell Games. Surprise.
  • Have you ever, bought a Psone game, for 44 for dollars above, or 30 dollars, or even 20 dollars and then, when you beat it or get tired of it, you go to a nearby store and try to sell it? But the store keeper says "it will be 4 dollars for this game".
    :tired: "what?" :rules: "it will be 4 dollars for this game".

    Well, so i had to deal with that, but then, when i was going to buy my Metal Gear Solid game, which was 24.99) i brought along a couple of game sto sell. They where:

    Grind Session (no case, scrathed from behind, and no cover) which cost ME over 24 dollars.
    Mortal Kombat 4 (got it for free with even worse conditions)
    Nascar99 for N64.
    Gta1(in better condition than grindsession but everything else applies).
    Crash Bandicoot 3
    And Shogun Total War Warlord edition.

    Grindsession had no value. Mortal Kombat, Nascar and GTa where $1.13 each. Crash and Shogun wher 10 dollars together. For a total of 13 dollars. Sure those 13 dollars helped me because i only had to pay 12 dollars for my game (somehow the game was 25 dollars MGS when its 0.15 tax).

    Well, i really, really hate that. My friend sold his MGS2 sons of liberty game for like 30 bucks but he bought it for like much more. Yes it is used...but MY GAMES WHERE IN PERFECT CONDTION (shogun and crash at least) and i only got 13 misley dollars for games that if i would had bought them togethere would had been a good 78 dollars!

    Well, tell me what yo think.
  • I have had the same problem in some cases, but one time i was trading in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and i traded it in for like 30 dollors, and its on the Dreamcast. That is a rare game, so im starting to think they may get the buy cost based on rarity.
  • Yes rarity is a major factor in that industry and also think about what they sell the games for they hafta make some money to pay their employees.
  • bear in mind that stores that take trade-ins are taking risks that the games won't work. Most gamers i know don't seem to know how to keep CDs and DVDs in working condition for longer than a week, which is why i don't lend my games out anymore.
    You can rent games instead of buying, but i tried that, and i prefer buying since i keep games for months before i trade them in. My last trade-in i got $100+ for the 15 games i traded in and got 2 new games and 2 used games.

    You can save a little money by waiting at least 6 months after a game comes out, then you can find them for half the original price or less. Take care of games you have and you'll get more for them when/if you trade them in.
  • Yes, ive always taken care of my games so that may have been another reason why i got more for mine.
  • buying games with the intent of reselling them always seemed a loosing game to me. i don't pay for a game unless i intend to keep it (at least as long as i keep the system, that is)
  • When selling games to used game stores one has to keep in mind both the fact that they need to make their profit on the resale of the games so naturally they won't give as much as you may want.Also,some games are worth more/less depending on how the game did saleswise when new,current availability (if they already have several used copies kicking around they may not be as obliging to take yours) and condition.Most times you are better off selling privately either through an online auction,local classifieds or just put signs up around the neighborhood advertising your games for sale-you get the price you want and have the cash to get that next game.
  • What about buying used games from the retailer or some other video store. I bought GTA VC used at a videostore for over half off what it is still listed at new at wallymart. It had the map and instructions and came with a warranty guaranteed to work.

    Can't beat that!

    Plus I have bought several games at online auctions for a fraction of what they are still selling for on the shelves.

    That old buyer beware is still a great saying!! Be careful on what and where you buy your items from. I paid good money for a GTA VC walkthrough and maps through an an online auction and found out I could have downloaded the maps and walkthroughs for free. My fault for not doing my research!
  • Thats why its good to check out different websites with online guides.
    These are some good ones:

    URLs deleted as they didn't comply with forum rules.

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    they are really good at guides and you mays find what you want depending on the game. :fight:
  • Unless you can't wait to have it and buy your game new, play it to death, then sell it early, the resale value plummets drastically, especially sports games. We're on a budget around here so I'm much more selective than I used to be and brand new off the shelf games are a thing of the past (wife,two children and mortgage). It's definitely better to have some patience and buy a reasonably priced used copy than to rent it. Cheaper in the long run. I'd much rather keep my old games than do a 4 for 1 trade also. What really put me off trading was having a game store refuse to even consider trading. I can see it if they have many copies of a particular game already but to simply refuse is maddening. I traded in four for 1 and went back two days later and saw something I really wanted, brought two more in to trade and was told by another person that those old games aren't accepted anymore. I no longer do business with that shop. I still check around for PS1 games and the pickings get slimmer and slimmer.
  • I know It sucks, I tried to sell my brothers games which were in perfect condition and I got about 10 buck for my trouble, it cost more in gas to drive to the store then I got for the games, Thats so sick!!! :stink:
  • I know what yuoi're talking about but here's the trick. If you want to get the most money for the game make sure that it has no (or very few) scratches, the cover, the cse is whole and you still have the booklet. If the game meets all those criteria and the dealer is fair then you'll get a decent price. If the case is damaged the price may go down a little ditto for no cover. Some dealers will take games without the booklets but at a reduced price, others won't. If the game is pretty scratched then depending on the dealer you might sell the game cause quite a few dealers take the condition of the CD to be how much it crashes or doesn't work. Follow those simple guidelines and you'll get the best price for your game. Oh and shop around. Don't automatically assume that one shop will be better than the others. Inquire as to how much you'll get and then go for the best deal.
  • Ic, yeah they didnt let me link.
    Those tips are really helpful thanks to all. I think i've followed those guidelines before but my disc is always scratched.
    I even sold some gay N64 game but it was the game alone. I got it for free so i sold it for 1 dollar, what it was worth. Call me dumb but thats me.
    I dont know, maybe im not going to the right stores or soemthing, i have at least 3 stores near my area. Theres one opening just 2 blocks from me.
    Im searching all around my comunity. Thanks to all.
  • Originally posted by Darkraven17@May 27 2003, 04:28 PM
    Grind Session (no case, scrathed from behind, and no cover) which cost ME over 24 dollars.

    Grindsession had no value.

    Well, to be honest i'm not suprised... would you buy a game that was scratched, in no case and with no cover...? You especially wouldn't if you were a shopkeeper trying to sell it on...

    I guess the lesson here is to look after your games, and keep them in a good condition, with the original case.
  • i also think that they are over priced :cry: :cry: