• Where do you get gamesharks???

  • fart, what do you mean, do you want gameshark codes, if so just ask what game you want them for and I or another member will find them for you but if you want a gameshark cartridge then you can buy them at your local game store or electronics store. :thumbsup:

  • you can get a game shark any where you go but if you wount game shark codes look on the back of the game shark box
  • Well,how much would they cost ???
  • Gamesharks are normaly $39.99 but sometimes they go on sale. That's when i'd purchase mine if i were you. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Is that US money or AUS money ???
  • Sorry, that's us. I guess it would be like $70 for you guys.
  • Look around wherever you happen to get your games,fart-they should have the Gamehark CDX (that's the one to look for for the PlayStation/PSOne) in the game accessories area.
  • dont worry fart i live in the u.s. and thay cost $39.99 the same as u.k. if you get game shark cdx you will get a movie w/ the game shark on how to hack youre owne game shark codes where and all that kool stuff you will likea game shark
  • man do i want a gameshark but in india the Cdx is'nt availible!!!!
    wah.........wah...shu..sniff.......sniff :nono: